Once in a Lifetime

A country that each one of us aspires to visit at least once in a lifetime, the United States of America boasts of astonishing skyscrapers, natural wonders, dazzling casinos, famous museums, renowned monuments and much more. Enormous and staggeringly diverse, America harbors an astounding collection of natural and cultural wonders, teeming city streets, mountains and forests covering vast strips of the continent.

You can choose any kind of holiday for yourself in this country, which is forever reinventing itself -- get high on culture touring the world's best museums and art galleries located in America's impressive cities. Get close to Nature in the Rockies or at any of the well-managed National Parks. Set the night on fire at the nightclubs across America or get on a winning spree at the casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Tour the Native American reservations and take a peek into a different culture, a different world-view. No other country offers such a vivid potpourri of people, cultures, places, religions, cuisine, art or history as America does -you may tire of the assortment of experiences but you will never be bored!

Here’s an overview of the best places to visit in America:

New York
New York City is larger than life. The city is called many names – the City of Dreams, the City That Never Sleeps, the Big Apple. It’s the melting pot of America, condensed in 468 square miles (1,213 square kilometers) and five boroughs, home to 8 million people speaking 800 different languages. From the sensory overload of crowded Time Square to hidden quiet corners of Central Park, the hipster hangouts of Brooklyn to the high-rises of the Upper East Side, from Chinatown to the Russian enclave of Brighton Beach and everything in between, in NYC, it doesn’t matter what subway stop you get off at, as there’s always something interesting to discover.

Niagara Falls
Whatever superlatives you choose, you won’t be able to keep the word from your lips at Niagara Falls. For here, great muscular bands of water tumble over a precipice like liquid glass, roaring into the void below. In terms of sheer volume, more than a million bathtubs of water plummet over the edge every second. Niagara Falls is actually two sets of falls: the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side. The best way to see Horseshoe Falls is either via the Maid of the Mist boat, which takes you right up to Falls through the turbulent waters of the American Falls. Another way is to take the Journey Behind the Falls, in which you’ll walk through tunnels onto an observation deck to get a wet but up-close view of the Horseshoe Falls or go to the Cave of the Winds for an up-close view of the American Falls. On land, you can see Niagara Falls from the Skyline Tower on the Canadian side or from the Observation Tower in Niagara Falls State Park on the American side, just north of the American Falls.

Washington DC
In 1790 Congress chose an area donated by Maryland as the seat of their new government. In 1800 they moved to the new city named after the first president, George Washington. There’s a bit of the entire world in Washington DC. Fast shedding its staid, conservative reputation as the center of politics in America, this powerful city is home to a thriving arts scene and the cultural expressions of a wildly diverse population. The city offers visitors a large number of impressive museums, memorials and monuments such as the 555ft tall Washington Monument.

Once a quiet farming town, Orlando now welcomes more visitors than any other place in the state. While it's quite easy to get caught up in the isolated worlds of Disney or Universal Orlando, squeezing in one more ride, one more show, Orlando has so much more. Lovely pockets of tree-lined neighborhoods, established communities with an entrenched sense of history and community, a rich performing-arts scene and several fantastic gardens, parks and museums in and around the city encourage a slower, lazier pace.

Miami definitely counts as one amongst America's most glamorous and exotic cities. Miami's charms lie in its beautiful beaches, its amazing architectural heritage and its tremendous ethnic diversity. Home to a large Hispanic community, Miami seems more Spanish than American at times. A favored destination, Miami plays host to rich and famous celebrities as well as scores of cruise-ship travelers, enticing them with a heady cocktail of exotica, sun-kissed beaches and warm and friendly people.

San Francisco
San Francisco has a unique character with very distinct neighbourhoods, like SoMa, Chinatown, Japantown, Castro and Mission district. San Francisco has an atmosphere of genteel chic mixed with offbeat innovation and a self-effacing quality. Its hilly streets provide some gorgeous glimpses of the sparkling bay and its famous bridges. The treats of San Francisco are not just for locals. The basic pleasures of life here - wonderful food, sparkling nightlife and those glorious views - are for everyone. Watch the white fog fill the Golden Gate as the sunset lights up the windows across the bay, and prepare to leave a piece of your heart behind.

Las Vegas
Nicknamed the Entertainment Capital of the World, it is situated in the Mojave Desert of Southern Nevada. The city features many mega-hotel/casino complexes decorated with lavish care and attention to detail creating a fantasy-like environment. The casinos often have names and themes that evoke romance, mystery, and exotic destinations. Not so long ago, people came to Las Vegas for the gambling and buffets. Today Las Vegas is all about serious fun - from big-name shows and events to after-hours night clubbing. Las Vegas is also a popular destination for family trips and fine dining.

Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon in Arizona is full of spectacular scenic views. Picture dramatically layered pieces of colorful rock, striking red rock gorges, sandstone spires, red wall cliffs, jagged slopes and a landscape that makes you feel like it could swallow you whole. You can take a small flight over the Grand Canyon, which gives a spectacular view of the Canyon and the Colorado River.

Los Angeles
The city of Los Angeles or known simply as LA is the most populous city in California. Fondly called as the City of Angels, LA is surrounded by vast mountain ranges, valleys, forests, beautiful beaches along the Pacific Ocean and the nearby desert. Starlit and moonstruck, LA beguiles scores of curious tourists, hopeful starlets and wannabe rock gods every day. But there's a lot more to it than the siren call of fame and fortune. LA is a thriving, multilayered city filled with world-class everything: museums, music, food, architecture, movie stars. Hollywood and Disneyland are givens, but LA's hidden enclaves have a surprising subtlety and flavor which flout the stereotypes.

When it comes to travel, America floors you with its staggering range of possibilities. Not many other countries have so much natural beauty – mountains, beaches, rainforest, deserts, canyons, glaciers – coupled with fascinating cities to explore, an unrivaled music scene and all the things that make travel so rewarding (friendly locals, great restaurants and farmers markets, and a burgeoning microbrewery scene). It’s a country you must visit at least once in a lifetime and when you do, you would realise that America is so vast visiting it once is not enough to explore it in its entirety. Get planning your American holiday and enjoy this melting pot of wonders & entertainment.

Team Veena World