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Guruvayur is derived from the word ‘Kuru’ which means ‘the sea’.

The town is located on the central-western shore of the state of Kerala, the place stands up to its name. Built around the Guruvayur Temple in Kerala, the town spans about 12 square kilometres and houses a number of important Hindu pilgrimage sites, including the Mammiyoor Shiva Temple.

The Guruvayur Temple of Kerala is an important and revered place of worship for the Hindus of Kerala and therefore there are several Guruvayur tour packages that are organized each year for this holy destination. The central shrine at the Guruvayur Temple of Kerala was re-built in the year 1638, and it stands testament to the Dravidian architectural styles of the south. The mystic history of the region can be witnessed in the outer structures and shrines of the temple. Another main attraction in the Guruvayur sightseeing experience is the Punnathurkotta Elephant Palace. The palace is home to over 65 elephants all of whom are in the service of the Kerala Guruvayur Temple and are forbidden to be put to any other task.

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About the Destination

The main attraction of the town is, of course, the Guruvayur Temple of Kerala, which was rebuilt in the year 1638, but is believed to be over 5000 years old. Legend has it that when the mystical city of Dwarka was submerging, the two idols that are present today in the Guruvayur Temple were brought in from Dwarka and placed at the location where the temple is today. The legendary status of the temple roots from this folklore which continues to entice tourists and pilgrims alike to the mystical grounds of the temple with cost-effectively priced Guruvayur tour packages.

The Guruvayur Temple as seen today is a primary destination for anyone interested in the complete Guruvayur sightseeing experience. It was reconstructed in the year 1638 AD. The shrine faces the east and houses 2 gopurams, or towers, on each east and west side of the central Nalambalam. The Deepstambham on the East side is 24 feet high. Along with this, one of the highlights of the sightseeing at Guruvayoor Temple is the 70 feet tall Dwajasthamba, which is a flagpole that is completely covered in gold.

The Arthasarth temple, Mammiyoor Temple, and the Elephant Palace are among the other Guruvayur tourist places that you may visit.

Experience Guruvayur

A quaint town in the central shores of Kerala, Guruvayur offers a perfect window into the shore life near the Arabian sea. The town is populated by people of the Hindu, Catholic, and Islamic faiths. Although the town is small in terms of its number of residents, the population of tourists keeps the town busy throughout. The town of Guruvayur enjoys steady winds from the Arabian sea that are met warmly at the shores of this tropical haven.

Guruvayur also happens to be one of the most important destinations for devotional tourism, as the Temple of Guruvayur along with Mammiyoor Shiva Temple are highly revered destinations for devotees.

  • All in all, a Guruvayoor tour package booked online would take you through a town of mystical origins and splendid natural destinations. The experience of visiting Guruvayur is one of its kind and can be enjoyed to the fullest with a cost-effectively priced Guruvayoor tour package online for your next vacation. Veena World has a number of options when it comes to packages to the town of Guruvayur.

Things to Do in Guruvayur

To help you plan the perfect vacation in Guruvayur, here are the best places to visit that you can add to your itinerary:

  • • Visit the Guruvayoor Temple:

    The Guruvayoor temple is a beacon for the Hindu religion in the southern parts of India. The entire town is built around the temple and it really is the most important of destinations to cover in your Guruvayoor sightseeing itinerary. The temple, according to famous folklore, is believed to be around 5000 years old. And the mythology around it suggests that the idols of Lord Vishnu that are present in the temple belong to the mythical city of Dwarka, where Lord Krishna once resided. In modern history, the temple is documented to have suffered damage during the Dutch wars and was rebuilt in the 1638 AD. Currently, the temple is operated under the guidance of the government of India. There are no charges for visiting the temple.

    • Visit the Punnathurkotta Elephant Palace:

    The Guruvayoor temple is served by as many as 65 elephants at a time. These elephants are highly trained in their respective tasks and are forbidden to work for anybody but the lord. These gentle giants are housed in the Punnathurkotta Palace, which is one of the most famous Guruvayur tourist places. Here the Elephants are taken care of, fed, and bathed. The palace is open for tourists to visit for a small price where they can interact with the Elephants and experience the might of these strong creatures.

    • Mammiyoor Shiva temple:

    The Mammiyoor Shiva Temple adds on to the enigma that you get to experience with your online Guruvayoor tour package. According to beliefs, Guruvayoor originally used to be a Shiva temple, which lord Shiva himself moved to house the Vishnu idols and relocated himself. The Mammiyoor temple is only about 500 meters away from the Guruvayoor temple and is famous for its large murals.

    • Devaswom Museum:

    The Devaswom Museum is located at the Eastern gates of the Guruvayoor Temple and houses several intriguing articles such as temple materials, antique items, mural paintings and it is also where valuable offerings to the temple are housed.

Best Time to Visit Guruvayur

The Autumn season is the best time to book your trip to Guruvayoor. Although the temple can be visited at any time during the year, the best experiences are to be had in the later parts of the year. It is ideal to visit the town during the annual Guruvayoor festival, which usually happens around the month of February to March.

Many people also visit Guruvayoor during the months of April and May, which are generally the summer months. To avoid the crowd, you can avoid visiting in these months or during the festival of Onam.

The summers in the region are hot and dry, which may make it a bit difficult for some people to enjoy the destination. It is also a good idea to visit during the winter months from November to February.

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