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A hill station that has the potential to captivate the hearts and minds of tourists visiting the state; come explore Meghalaya like never before.

Meghalaya is one of those states in India that houses some of the most beautiful treasures of Mother Nature. Surrounded by lush green trees that are well-complemented by the pleasant climate – the state truly is heaven on earth. A tour to Meghalaya experiences a lot of rainfall now and then that makes the greenery even more vibrant. In addition to this, the state houses a plethora of gorgeous waterfalls that offer alluring sights along with interesting history. Those visiting the waterfalls will surely get hooked to the enchanting views and you can include several activities like trekking, boating, water rafting, flying fox, ziplining, and so on in your Meghalaya tour packages.

Meghalaya also offers a plethora of attractions where tourists can camp and gaze at the beautiful night sky with twinkling stars. In addition to all these tourist spots, you can also enjoy the city life that is very different yet happening than the city life in the other parts of the country. Meghalaya also offers places that are of historical importance and you will be intrigued to learn the history associated with the beautiful tourist attractions. With customizable Meghalaya packages available online, make your vacation full of enjoyment and fun. The beautiful views of the lush greens, the clear yet mesmerizing sky, and the wonderfully pleasant weather – Meghalaya is a state where once you set your foot, you will be taken to a different land altogether.


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Still cant find what you are looking for? Please feel free to Contact Us, Write us an Enquiry.

About the Destination

With the sobriquet of ‘Abode of the Clouds’, Meghalaya is a heaven for nature lovers. 

The state is perched in the Himalayan range of North-East India and is spread across an area of 22,429 kilometres square. The borders of the state are divided in such a way that to the North and East of its region, Meghalaya meets Assam while to the South, it meets Bangladesh – one of India’s neighbouring countries. Meghalaya is a state that is bestowed with breath-taking mountainous ranges, a plethora of beautiful lakes and mesmerizing waterfalls, naturally formed bridges, sacred forests, and much more. It is a beautiful place for honeymoon couples as well. So, the newlywed people, you can search for price-friendly Meghalaya honeymoon packages and have a gala of time there. The state, in short, is a complete package. Right from picturesque views of the fog-clad hills in the winter to the sights of vibrant greens in the monsoon; visiting Meghalaya will give you the vacation that you have always been waiting for.

Meghalaya has an interesting history as well. It is said that people have lived in the state since the Neolithic era. It has been a site of interest for archaeology lovers as well. The Neolithic sites have been discovered in the high-elevation areas of the Khasi Hills, Garo Hills, as well as in some parts of the neighbouring states, where jhum or shifting cultivation is still practiced. Meghalaya has many highland plateaus that experience abundant rainfall and has rich soil. The state has been of utmost importance as it is said to be the centre of domesticated rice.

Meghalaya’s tour and tourism will also give you a glimpse of its history. It has an intriguing history from the era of the Mughal rulers. It is said that in 1304, after the Conquest of Taraf, Shah Arifin Rafiudding, who was a disciple of Shah Jalal, migrated to the Khasi and Jaintia Hills. He settled there and preached the holy religion of Islam to the locals. The Khanqah of Shah Arifin is located on the India-Bangladesh border at Sarping/Laurergarh; however, a part of the Khanqah that contains his Mazar is located on top of the Laur Hill, Meghalaya. Meghalaya tour packages are very cost-effective and with such an amazing history, they are completely worth the price.

Experience Meghalaya

The locals of Meghalaya are very friendly with the tourists. They are inhabited by three tribal groups, namely – the Khasi tribe, the Pnar Tribe, and the Garo Tribe. The official language of the state is English, therefore, none of the tourists needs to worry about communication. The state offers a very pleasant climate that makes the aura quite romantic. So, those planning to visit Meghalaya for a honeymoon should do so without any second thoughts. Search for Meghalaya honeymoon tour packages online and select the right option at the best rate. In addition to this, the lush greens and enthralling views make the state perfect for solo or family trips as well.

Surrounded by the heavenly beauties of Mother Nature, adventure junkies can take part in trekking and hiking through the difficult yet exciting terrains of Meghalaya. The state has several beautiful cities however, Shillong, Cherrapunjee, Mawsynram, Nongpoh, Tura, and Dawki are some of the most famous tourist destinations in Meghalaya that you must surely visit. Specifically, the Wards Lake, Elephant Falls, Lady Hydari Park, The Butterfly Museum, Mawsmai Cave, The Nonkhalikai Falls, Laitlum Canyon, and the Living Roots Bridge, are some of the must-visit tourist attractions in the state. The state is very budget friendly as well, so you don’t have to worry about the total trip cost of your Meghalaya vacation. Visiting this state will let you carry a big bag full of amazing memories but along with this, you can also take some beautifully made handicrafts, which are made by the locals of Meghalaya. The state, overall, is an amazingly beautiful and breath-taking place, where the wonders of nature amplify its picturesque views even more.

Things to Do in Meghalaya

When you visit Meghalaya, these are the things that you must include in your Meghalaya trip package –


The first stop in the state should be the alluring town that will make you fall in love with it. Shillong houses some of the best tourist attractions like the Laitlum Canyon, the Elephant Falls, the wonderfully structured Laithumukrah Church, the All Saints Church, and the Shillong Peak, to name some that must be included in your Meghalaya tour package deal. From the Shillong Peak and Laitlum Canyon, you will witness the most eye-pleasing sight of the city. While the Elephant Falls will make you witness the gorgeous cascade of water; Ward’s Lake and Lady Hydari Park will bring you closer to the beauty of flowers. In addition to this, if you want to shop for locally made items, then visit Police Bazaar in the evening. The costs of the items are very reasonable. If you are on a budget trip to Meghalaya, you can conveniently spend on shopping. The hype is worth it.


This is the city that will bring you closer to the beauty of Mother Nature through its waterfalls. Cherrapunjee was once the wettest place in the world because of the heavy rainfall that the city would experience. A few of the waterfalls not only offer breath-taking views but also an intriguing history that makes the visit even more enthralling. The Nonkhalikai falls, Dai-Thlen Waterfalls, Wah Kaba, Kynrem Falls, and the Nohsngithiang Falls are some of the waterfalls that you must include in your Meghalaya sightseeing package for spectacular views.

Water Sports at the Umiam Lake

Spread across an area of 10 km, the Umiam Lake is yet another must-visit tourist attraction. You will get this lake while entering Shillong near the Umroi-Shillong bypass road and the view is simply gorgeous. Locally, the lake is also known as Barapani, which means ‘big water’ in its literal translation. You can take part in various water sport activities. You can also add a stay at the Orchid Lake Resort in your Meghalaya holiday package for a splendid time.

In addition to this, trekking to the Living Root Bridge, exploring the Mawsmai and Siju caves, boating at Dawki, and visiting the cleanest village in Asia – Mawlynnong, are some of the other things to do in the state and must be included in your Meghalaya travel package.

Best Time to Visit Meghalaya

Meghalaya offers pleasant weather all through the year. Between April to June, the temperature ranges from 16-degree Celsius to 31-degree Celsius. This is also known as the peak season as most of the tourist visit Meghalaya during this time to relieve themselves from the scorching heat that other parts of India experiences. The Meghalaya tour cost during this time can be a little high but still very affordable. However, July to October is also a fairly good time to visit the state. If you like the winter season then, November to March is the time for you. This season is the best for those who want a cost-effective itinerary to enjoy Meghalaya’s tourism.

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