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Top 9 Mesmeric Beaches in Venice for an Amazing Beach Vacation

8 mins. read

Earning the sobriquet ‘The City of Love’, Venice is one of the most romantic places in the world. Located in the northeast region of Italy, the capital of the Veneto region – Venice is famous for its mesmerizing backdrops, Venetian Gothic architecture, and gorgeously hypnotic beaches. The city is also quite famous for its interconnected canals and gondola rides; it is a place that you see in your magical dreams. With waters shimmering, die-heartedly romantic, and beautifully chaotic – Venice is truly the land of diversity, history, art, and more. The palaces and other outstanding architecture that the city houses are so aesthetically appealing, they will blow your mind. These structures along with the Churches reflect the magnificent past of the city. Honestly, Venice is full of breathtaking places and as a tourist; you will have one hell of an amazing time there. However, if you are looking forward to a romantic or a serene vacation, the beaches in Venice is where you should spend your time.

If you closely look at the map of Venice, you will realize that there are over 100 small islands. Each island has a different charm, which can leave you completely enthralled. Because of its unique setting, Venice houses a number of beaches that are simply gorgeous. The beaches are very close to one another, with long stretches especially around Lido Venice and Lido di Jesolo. We have picked the top 9 beaches where you should definitely go and have lots of fun.

1. Caorle


A little coastal beach town near Venice, Caorle houses some of the most beautiful beaches of North Italy. The 15-kilometre stretch of the long beach can be divided into two parts – one belongs to Ponente and the other belongs to Levante. Some of the most attractive beaches in Caorle are Eastern Beach, Porto Santa Margherita, Western Beach, and Duna Verde. Visiting the beaches in Caorle will truly give you a wonderful experience.

2. Bau Beach di Caorle

Bau Beach di Caorle

The only beach in Venice that allows dogs to go for a swim, Bau Beach di Caorle isn’t to be missed. Here, you can merge the pleasure of a beach holiday with the happiness of relaxation with your four-legged friends. Right from changing rooms, beach umbrellas, to sunloungers and showers for dogs – the beach is well-equipped with excellent services. Oh the swimming area for dogs that we mentioned before, the Bau Beach di Caorle has a dedicated lane for dogs, which is reserved and bounded by buoys, where they can swim. No wonder, why Bau Beach di Caorle is known as one of the best beaches near Venice.

3. The Beaches of Ponente and Levante

Levante beach

There are many places to visit in Venice and the Ponente and Levanto beaches are amongst them. To the west of Caorle, you will find Ponente Beach, which has a stretch of 1.8 kilometres, starting from the historic centre to the mouth of the River Livenza. The Ponente Beach is between Caorle and Porto Santa Margherita, with the stretch of the sea characterised by the floating platforms. To the east, you will find Levante Beach, which is a 2.7-kilometre-long beach, starting from the historic centre to the Falconer area. The Levante Beach has a beautiful white oasis that is well complemented by the large white gazebos and sun loungers. Both these beaches in Venice are supremely alluring!

4. Lido di Venezia Beach, Venice

lido di venezia beach

A 12-kilometre long beach, just 3-kilometre away from the city of Venice, Lido di Venezia is yet another breathtaking beach that this romantic city houses. It has sections belonging to the private resorts, where you can rent sunbeds and parasols. However, towards the end of the Lido beach in Venice, you can find some free sections as well. With a sandy coast, clean blue waters, and the quaint aura of the old town of Venice, the Lido di Venezia beach is a must-visit place for you.

5. Alberoni Beach

Located in the southernmost strip of Lido di Venezia beach, the Alberoni Beach, Venice is a hidden treasure that has managed to stay off the radar, despite its supreme beauty. Surrounded by dunes and pine trees, the soft sand of the beach, stretching for miles gives you the perfect experience of rejuvenation and serenity. Alberoni Beach has some decent bars on the coast, where you can grab a bite, drink, and also rent sunbeds or parasols.

6. Cavallino Beach


One of the many beaches in Italy to earn the Blue Flag label, Cavallino Beach is your place to go for a time full of tranquillity. Blue Flag label is given to the exceptionally clean beaches and the Cavallino Beach is one such recipient. It is a 15-kilometre long beach, stretching between the Cavallino Lighthouse and Punta Sabbioni (the main access point of the Venetian Lagoon). The sand is white with streaks of golden hues, the shore descending into the sea, and the music of the water ripples in the quiet aura – this beach in Venice can soothe your mind effortlessly.

7. Rosolina Mare Beach

Rosolina Mare Beach

One of the most charming beaches in Venice, the Rosolina Mare Beach is located towards the southern area of the city on a peninsula. Stretching over a distance of 9-kilometres, surrounded by sand dunes, the beach also has ponds and a captivating natural environment. That said, you can also take part in various activities here like cycling, volleyball, horse riding, etc. The Rosolina Mare Beach is a favourite beach amongst the locals of the Veneto region and is a must include in your Venice tour package. Apart from the Rosolina Mare Beach, you can also explore the Coastal Botanic Garden of Puerto Calero, the church of San Antonio, and so on in the region.

8. Lido di Jesolo

Lido di Jesolo

Also known as Jesolo Lido, it is a famous Italian summer getaway, having a sandy beach of 15-kilometre. Sprawled across the entire Lido di Jesolo region, this beach near Venice is mesmeric and gorgeous, where you can spend some quality time with your loved ones. The Jesolo Lido region has over 400+ hotels, villas, and camping sites that you can explore as well. There are also many beach clubs where you can have some gala of a time. Apart from spending time at this Venice beach, Lido di Jesolo has excellent shopping centres and restaurants where you can relish some lip-smacking Italian dishes.

9. Eraclea Mare

Located in proximity to Jesolo Lido, Eraclea Mare is the best beach beauty near Venice, with lush greenery and golden sand dunes. It is one of the best places for families, with a watchtower, sunbeds, umbrellas, and more. At the Eraclea Mare beach too, you can take part in various activities like horse riding, volleyball, etc. Apart from this, you can also explore the beautiful galleries in the town and try the exquisite restaurants that are located near the beach.

The Ca Pasquali Beach, Ca Savio Beach, and Burano Beach are the other three top beaches in the city that you have to visit without fail.

Beaches are always fun; they are the combination of alluring beauty and a peaceful aura. When you see the water rippling, the sun setting down, and the endless long stretches accompanied by coconut trees, you feel a different level of satisfaction and contentment in you. And with Venice – one of the most romantic places in the world, the experience becomes even more enthralling.


October 18, 2021


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