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The United States of America are full of diverse cities and attractions and narrowing down the list of places to visit would be a hard task indeed. But when you sit down to choose vacation packages online, it is helpful if you know about which of the destinations are the most popular ones. America’s most populous and popular cities, New York is also called the “Big Apple” and is one of the most favorite international destinations among those who love to travel. New York is full of interesting places to see, admire, and take in, so make sure you opt for customized tour packages for exploring the Big Apple. The mild breeze flowing in from over the Pacific, the lure of international celebrities, and of course, Hollywood, should leave no doubt in your mind about including Los Angeles in your customized holiday packages. For long, Chicago has been known as the 'Second cities', coming right next to New York in terms of size. Almost considered as a beacon of the Midwest, Chicago offers visitors a beautiful skyline, amazing restaurants, shopping, activities and museums that can easily rival LA and NYC making honeymoon packages worth exploring. Capital cities, Washington is probably one of the most visited cities in the United States, especially in family tours and foreign tours. Witness the colourful history of the United States and check out Mount Vernon, home to George Washington's mansion. A USA tour package is incomplete without a visit to Vegas! Tourists go to Las Vegas mostly to try out their luck at the world famous casinos, but this cities is like a true desert oasis with top notch restaurants, blockbuster shoes, and world class shopping.


With fine weather, great beaches, gorgeous scenery, and amazing cuisines, South Africa has everything that a traveler could want, when they look for best holiday deals. From off-roading activities on a safari to diving with great white sharks, South Africa has so much to offer that it is hard to find another destination that offers such bountiful measure. When you sit down to choose from customized tour packages of Veena World, you would need some information about the best places to visit in South Africa. Whether you are opting for budget travel packages or for comprehensive South Africa travel package available online, the southwest tip of South Africa’s Western Cape Province, Cape Town, is undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination in Africa. With a well-developed infrastructure and a mild Mediterranean weather, Cape Town often serves as a base for exploring the nearby attractions that include a varied variety from the numerous diverse beaches to the rolling hills and valleys of the Wine lands.

Deserving a mention of its own and its inclusion in best holiday deals, Kruger National Park can be considered as the jewel of South Africa’s extensive national park system. The park covers a wide stretch of savannah and bush, and borders Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Drakensberg is a mountainous region and forms a boundary between Lesotho and South Africa, and is a destination that you must add to your list through Veena World’s affordably priced best holiday deals. A scenic stretch of road over the south-eastern coast of South Africa, the Garden Route extends from the Storms River in the Eastern Cape to the Mossel Bay in the Western Cape make honeymoon packages worth exploring. The best holiday tour packages online to South Africa offer you a chance to traverse this route, which brings in close proximity to diverse vegetation, and numerous lagoons and lakes that dot the coast. The second largest cities in South Africa, Durban is located on the eastern coast of the country forming a crucial part of the South African holiday packages. The cities is quite a famous tourist spot thanks to its close proximity to Johannesburg, subtropical climate, and scenic beaches. The economic heart of the entire continent and the most popular entry point into South Africa, Johannesburg has historically been known as the cities where money is found and where fortunes are made and is always worth a visit to experience the raw energy of the cities and its people with its foreign tours.


Whenever one thinks about booking the best holiday tour packages online, Europe is not far from their minds. With a plethora of exotic locations, Europe has something to offer to everyone. It has some of the top destinations that can be added to get the most out of your European sojourn. European civilization has revolved around Rome for thousands of years. Tourists from all over the world visit this wondrous cities to gaze at the historical ruins, the church, art and of course, the food which make a perfect part of family tours. The most popular attractions of this historical cities have got to be the Colosseum and Vatican cities. When visiting Dublin on budget travel packages, witness the resilient spirit of the Irish and visit the Kilmainham Gaol which stands as a sombre reminder of the country’s struggle for independence. Legend states that Athena, the goddess of wisdom had competed with Poseidon, for becoming the patron god of this cities. London is the New York cities of Europe, and a highlight destination in Europe tour packages. The popular attractions here include the British Museum, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye, which are part of our European vacation packages.

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