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Land of the Lord, the cult and the Ocean, this city holds the stature of the venerated Char Dhams of India, and keeps winning hearts with its mysticism.

There are so many hidden gems in India, Puri being one of them. Located in the eastern Indian state of Odisha, Puri bustles with backpackers, pilgrims, and travelers all year round. To fully discover the rather underrated city of Puri, you must choose an online Puri tour package and explore the city to witness serenity from up close.

Puri has something for everyone. Surfing and swimming for the water babies, peaceful stroll by the beach for those looking for respite, the adrenaline-charged experience with the humongous crowd at Rath yatra, and delicious delicacies of Odisha for the foodies to savour. In all, the city of Puri has all the making of a fulfilling trip.


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Still cant find what you are looking for? Please feel free to Contact Us, Write us an Enquiry.

Still cant find what you are looking for? Please feel free to Contact Us, Write us an Enquiry.

Puri offers the perfect little escape you want every now and then; as a city providing myriad experiences, Puri is an ideal place to blow off some steam!

About the Destination

Puri is where you will find an interesting amalgamation of Hindu pilgrims, foreign travellers, and tourists from all over the country. Being one of the holiest pilgrimage spots in India, the city must be visited for the stupendous Jagannath Mandir, popular Rath Yatra, and its peppy, sandy beaches. Blessed with a breathtaking shoreline, Puri offers you speed boat rides and surfing. For a thorough exploration of the tranquil city, take a Puri tour package online at Veena World. That will help ensure that you don’t miss any of the important highlights.

Experience the holy city of Puri

Being a highly favoured destination of tourists, there are many reasons why you should visit Puri:

    Jagannath Mandir

    Jagannath Mandir is dedicated to Jagannath, an incarnation of Vishnu. Constructed in 1198, a total of two walls surround the temple. On visiting the temple, you see a 58 m-high flag-hugged sikhara with the wheel of Vishnu on its top. Jagannath Mandir is undoubtedly one of the top tourist places in Puri that should be on your list. Moreover, a Puri holiday package lets you opt for a Jagannath Mandir tour as well during your trip to Puri.

    Puri Beach

    The Puri Beach with its splashing waves on the golden sands provides the right amount of rejuvenation. You get to experience water sports on the sunlight-tinted waves, and can easily go for a quick swim or a calming stroll at the beach.

    After you have soaked up the sun, you can go on a 30 km drive to the Chandrabhaga Beach or the Konark Beach which once spread up till the Konark temple but now has slowly moved away. After you laze around at the beach, you can then head to the famous Sun temple which symbolizes the heritage of India. Dedicated to the Sun God, the temple showcases immense artistic magnificence. On visiting the temple you see three images of the Sun god positioned in a way that it receives sun rays at all three times - morning, noon, and evening.

    Narendra Tank

    The locals take a dip in the Narendra Tank on a daily basis. Being the largest holy tank in Puri, the tank has a tiny temple that you can go to by crossing a narrow footbridge. At the time of the Chandan Yatra festival, Jagannath’s replica deity is given a ritual bath here in the tank every year.

    Markandeya Tank

    A place where Lord Vishnu was once said to be present in the form of a ‘neem tree’, the Markandeya Tank is one of the most popular tourist places in Puri. It is a bathing place for locals and is a great place to explore given the amount of interest it draws.

    Model Beach

    Offering a 700m stretch of land, the Model Beach is part of an initiative for beach tourism. The stretch of land is clean and fine, offering a picture-perfect ‘let’s go to the beach’ vibe. You can relax by the beach under the palm umbrellas or get sun-kissed in the sun and take home a beautiful tan.

Things to do in Puri

    Rath Yatra

    Your trip to Puri is incomplete if you do not witness the Rath Yatra. The sight alone is exhilarating when you see gigantic wooden chariots carrying Lord Jagannath, sister Subhadra, and brother Balbhadra being pulled from Jagannath Mandir to Gundicha Mandir. With thousands of people at that very spot, the glimpse of the massive chariots is a view that is hard to miss.

    Puri Beach Festival

    Make sure you tailor your Puri trip around the time the Puri Beach Festival takes place. Here you get to see some striking installations by sand artists right by the beach. The festival is a concoction of food, song, dance, and cultural activities offering you a unique type of indulgence.


    Do not forget to have ‘Chhena Poda’, a delectable delicacy of Odisha during your stay in Puri. Apart from this, you can try out seafood and local thalis. If the Puri trip package you’ve booked online lets you experience the local sights, then make sure you enjoy some lip-smacking delicacies during your tour around the city.

Best time to visit Puri

Though the city can be visited throughout the year, July to March is the ideal time to visit Puri. As the summers are very hot in Puri, and the monsoons are characterized by thunderstorms and heavy rainfall, people prefer visiting Puri in winters. The ideal way to visit Puri is to go for sightseeing tour packages that make it very easy to tour the city. By analyzing your budget requirements and preferences, you can go through the cost or price of Puri sightseeing tour packages at Veena World and book a package accordingly.

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