The Land of The Rising Phoenix, redefining modernism and traditions in harmony, with a hold on ancient wisdom and an array of innovations!

Tokyo is a wonderful fusion of old and new, past and future, tradition and technology! Don’t be surprised if you find hi-tech futuristic innovations harmoniously flourishing along with ancient Japanese temples. Maybe that’s why the city reflects the country’s strong hold on its present and rises like a phoenix every time it faces nature’s harsh calamities. Tokyo is slowly and steadily becoming a traveller’s preferred choice for its wondrous landscapes, stunning mega cities, sacred temples, profound history, impeccable etiquettes and an exquisite food culture that is unlike any other country in the world. Tokyo travel package quenches the curiosity of exploration of every kind of traveller! It stores multiple surprises to encourage the choice of off-beat travel. Veena World offers the amalgamation of such unique experiences into carefully crafted Tokyo holiday packages. The handcrafted Tokyo tour package from India are intricately tailor-made to provide you a perfect vacation. So, get ready for a journey to the capital of the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ and discover a new dawn of experiences along with our Tokyo tour package from India! Be a part of an unforgettable travel story with us and relish our legacy to travel, explore and celebrate life.

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One of the best places to visit in Japan is the capital city, Tokyo. Derived from the word ‘to’ and ‘kyo’, it literally translates into ‘east capital’. Tokyo is a mega metropolis of contradictions! While on one hand, you will find sprawling skyscrapers, cutting edge architecture and technology, on the other hand you will come upon ancient shrines and temples, gigantic gardens and traditional houses. With a population of over 13-million people, this city is unusually calm and efficient. Here the trains are always on time and if they happen to be late (which is a rare occurrence) they are only delayed by a maximum 18 seconds! Very popular with tourists, Tokyo is best known for its fine-dining restaurants (it is the city with the most Michelin starred restaurants), the best shopping experiences, bustling nightlife, the famous anime-pop art and culture. Just like there is no best time to visit Japan, there is no particular preferred season or time to visit Tokyo; you can visit this metropolis all-year round along with Veena World’s online Tokyo travel package! It is often the preferred choice for couples who wish to have a unique honeymoon experience and you would not be surprised if Tokyo found its way and became part of their Tokyo holiday packages. Your choice stands as our priority, may it be for adventure or for leisure, for some special reason like honeymoon or just a short escape travel, for a desire to travel alone or with family and all of it is made possible with Veena World!

The Geography and Seasons

While there is no best time to visit Tokyo as such, the country of Japan has four beautiful seasons that can be explored with our Tokyo tour package from India available online. Namely, winters which are dry and cool and are observed in January and February. The heart-warming spring is lovely which can be experienced in March, April and May. The sun-kissed summers are followed with hot and humid climate of June, July, August, September and October. And autumn, is the best season of the year, which falls on November and December. If great travel is what you are after, then any time can be the best time to visit Japan with our affordably priced Tokyo tour package.

The Culture

Even though Japan is a relatively small country, the depth of its culture and colour is immeasurable and can be experienced along with any of our online Tokyo tour package. The wonder of Tokyo lies in its unique blend of traditions, combining true multicultural modernity with ancient heritage. Explore the culture and people of this land, along with our affordably priced Tokyo tour package from India, known for displaying the true specimen of the harmony of modernism and ancient roots blended together. This land is so famous for its food that you will encounter delicacies almost in every corner of this land. The true culture and tradition is even reflected in their one-of-a-kind cuisine which can be experienced as part of our Tokyo holiday packages.

The Experience

Along with our affordably priced Tokyo vacation packages, experience an exciting, thrilling ride on the world famous Japanese bullet train to Tokyo. Mount Fuji known to be Japan’s tallest peak and an active volcano, lets you enjoy the spectacular views of the mountain and can be an interesting part of our Tokyo tour package from India available online. The leisurely stroll around Lake Hakone or Lake Ashi is something that brings you closer to nature with any of our Tokyo tour package.

The Highlights

You can explore the highlights of the land of Tokyo along with Tokyo holiday packages available online. Visit Yamashita Park which is a famous and a symbolic garden in Yokohama and Royal Park Tower. An exciting journey through Bullet train to Tokyo is a whole new experience that can be discovered along with our Tokyo vacation packages. Mt. Fuji 5th Station awaits you to let you enjoy the spectacular view of Mt. Fuji. Stroll around the splendid Lake Hakone or Lake Ashi. Visit Palette Town which includes Toyota Mega web and Venus Fort. Later pass by Rainbow Bridge along with a visit to Asakusa Temple Complex along with Nakamise Shopping arcade. Get chance to take a Photo stop at Imperial Palace. Explore Shinjuku Garden and in the evening visit Tokyo Tower Observatory deck to get an amazing view of the city and enjoy a photo stop at Sky tree.

Exploration of Tokyo can be customized into beautiful handpicked experiences that redefine your Tokyo tour package. Enjoy shopping for world famous brands in Ginza, explore the technological or electronic shops in Akihabara or visit restaurants and night life in Shinjuku. Visit Tokyo Tower and climb to the main observatory 150m (476ft) high for a panoramic view from Japan's second tallest structure. Proceed to Imperial Palace Plaza, Asakusa Kannon and Shopping at Nakamise, Akihabara via Ueno. Get a chance to experience Helicopter cruising as you head to Urayasu Heliport by private vehicle! Enjoy the aerial spotting of Tokyo Tower, Sky tree, the Ferris wheel at Odaiba, and the Rainbow Bridge all lit up in beautiful colours. Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony experience at Koomon tea house. Get ready for Atakemaru Cruise with unlimited food and drink. Enjoy Tokyo bay cruise on a Japanese-style ship with Japanese meals, performances in traditional Japanese garments and views of Tokyo bay including Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge. Later the cruise ends at Hinode Pier. Mt. Fuji and Hakone await you! Upon arrival to Mt. Fuji start with Fuji Visitor Center, Mt. Fuji 5th Station, and enjoy Lake Ashi Cruise. Enjoy the beautiful Mt. Komagatake Ropeway. Experiences like these add a whole new vision to your Tokyo tour!

This land is truly a walk through timeline which takes you to the future and to the ancient times, all at the same place. Japan is definitely a destination which will help you weave in some wonderful memories to be cherished for a lifetime! Veena World has a focus of innovating and building an unrivalled Tokyo travel package. We bring together everything best available, for a one of a kind memory and travel story that can be shared with your loved ones. Raise your spirits for the most affordable and memorable ‘Far-East Asia’ trip!

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