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Seven sisters of different traits, breathtaking in beauty, charming in grace; waterfalls, wildlife, natural wonders, North East is the place, where falls thunder

Consisting of 7 states, also called 'Seven Sisters', North East India can be a scenic treat for all the travellers. A trip to North East India will sweep you off your feet! Booking a North East India tour package can allow you to witness the charming region of rugged beauty, it’s a wonderland where glacial rivers flow through plunging Himalayan gorges, faith moves mountains on perilous pilgrimages to Tawang, rhinos graze in the swampy grasslands of Kaziranga and former head-hunters slowly embrace modernity in Nagaland. 

Explore this unexplored land with Veena World’s North East holiday packages and discover breath-taking beauty. India’s North East, called the ‘land of the seven sisters’, is a region that can be best described as virgin, wild and untouched. North East India comprises of seven states namely Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura. Each state is a traveller’s paradise, with picturesque hills and green meadows that shelter thousands of species of flora and fauna. Besides these, there are a number of wild life sanctuaries and national parks where rare animals, birds, and plants provide fascinating insight and experiences to travellers. Explore this mystic land with Veena World’s North East tour packages and discover beauty such as you may have never seen before!


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North East Jewels

I along with my mother enjoyed the thrilling North East Tour from 22nd October to 2nd November 2017.This was our first tour with Veena World and I would like to mention that this was one of our life's best experience with such a wonderful tour package!.. The tour was well Planned and very well managed by our tour Manager Mr. Santosh Ardalkar and support tour group Let's See member-Mr. Tapan Upadhay who were well mannered, informative and educative about places. Hatts Off to these guys , it was because of them that we were relaxed and well taken care of. The overall management of the tour like from food to Hotel stays, sight seeing, transport facilities including the drivers was EXCELLENT !!.. We are very much impressed by your service and are looking forward for many more memorable tours with Veena World and also would suggest our friends and relatives.

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Ms. Aarti Surve
Oct 22, 2017

North East Jewels

The experience of the tour was very pleasant. Hotel Stay, Food quality, everything was good. The programme was well managed. Tour Manager Mr. Mandar Bhave was an excellent and very experienced person. He had thorough knowledge of the geography of the whole area of the tour, as well as the cultural heritage of the respective States also. He was having very well coordination with the hotels at various places, and also with the local guide and even the drivers of the vehicles as well. We had booked for the tour from your Dombivali office. Ms Lata Salgaonkar, representative of your Dombivali office was very courteous and cooperative. She was very prompt in attending us when we approached your Dombivali office for booking the tour. Also, she gave thorough information of the entire tour at the time of booking. This was our second tour with Veenaworld. First tour was for Gangtok, Sikkim, Lachung, and Darjeeling in October 2016. That experience was also very pleasant. That is the reason why we booked our second tour also with Veenaworld only. Myself and my wife Smriti Dhat wish Veenaworld all the best in the days to come. Also please accept our best wishes for the Gudhi Padawa. May the new year bring you all the happiness and every success in the days to come.

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Mukund Dhat
Mar 23, 2019

North East India is the eastern most region located in the northern part of India, consisting of 7 states – Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Manipur and Meghalaya. Each of these beautiful states, although unexplored, has such amazing natural beauty and astounding scenic wonders that a trip to North East India leaves every traveller enchanted and enthralled. Separated from the rest of the country by dense forests and a unique never-before-seen culture, the ‘Land of the Seven Sisters’ stands out and invites every adventurer to set foot in this serene land to have the most memorable time of their life. Enjoy experiences such as rhinoceros safari at Kaziranga National Park, Assam or gaze at the breathtaking ‘Living Root Bridges’ of Meghalaya; stare in wonder at the natural phumdis of Loktak Lake, Manipur or enjoy the celebration of unique festivals in Nagaland. Every state amaze you and takes you on a journey that will be etched in your heart and mind forever and spending your holidays in North East can entrance you for the rest of your life. To ensure you always have the best experience whenever you travel to the North Eastern land, make sure you have a travel companion like Veena World, who always strives to give the best of everything! Plan your North East India sojourn with the help of our beautifully drafted North East India packages and find yourself in an unexplored paradise on Earth! Whenever one thinks about booking a dream vacation, hunting online for the best North East holiday package is not far from their minds. Travelling is known to bring people together as we grow with every tour! Our North East tour packages are a fit for every reason that crosses your mind if you are an avid traveller or simply someone who wants to sit back, relax and take in the nature around them. Every minute you spend in this land, even if it’s solo, connects you back to your true self; if it’s with family, there’s a celebration of togetherness! North East Holidays with your better half can get extra special with our customized online North East holiday packages available at an affordable price. Even our North East Honeymoon packages are designed in such a way that you not only get to bond better with your spouse but also get to explore the best of North East. The idea of travel, explore and celebrate is reflected in every tour that we undertake to the land of the seven sisters – North East India! Your choice stands as our priority, may it be for adventure or for leisure, for some special reason like honeymoon or just a short escape travel, for a desire to travel alone or with family and all of it is made possible with Veena World!

On the way to your next city, Shillong, visit the largest manmade lake of Northeast India – Umiam Lake. At Shillong, visit the Cathedral of Merry and explore Mawlynnong, one of the cleanest villages of not only the North East but also the whole country. Witness the balancing rock and the famous, Living Root Bridges that are man-made bridges over water made of tree roots. Also, explore the wettest place on earth – Cherrapunji where you can visit Ramakrishna Mission, Shillong Peak, Elephant Falls, Mawsmai Caves and Seven Sisters Falls. At Guwahati, visit the famed Kamakhya Temple - one of the 56 Shakti Peethas in the country and Umananda Temple situated in a small river island in Brahmaputra. You can enjoy a wonderful boat ride on the Brahmaputra River. This marks the end of the North East Jewels tour but there are several others where you can also visit cities such as Agartala, Imphal, Aizawl and Kohima with our North East Trip packages. What’s more? With our festival tours, you can also get a chance to enjoy the splendid ‘Hornbill Festival’ of Nagaland and the ‘Manipur Sangai Festival’ at Imphal. Many such delights await as you embark on a journey to the land of natural wonders and explore the amazing cities of ‘The Seven Sisters’ with our North East holiday packages.

The unexplored land of the North East stores a world of new experiences which await you with a whole new set of surprises and a North East tour itinerary is just what you need. This land will never disappoint you with its remarkable scenery and iconic cultural significances. To top it all, Veena World has a focus of innovating and building unrivalled tours to this region which can enhance and elevate your North East experience even more. We bring together everything best available, for a one of a kind memory and travel story that can be shared with your loved ones. The idea of travel, explore and celebrate is reflected in every tour that we undertake to the wonderfully enchanting ‘Land of the Seven States – North East India’.

The Geography and Seasons

The region of North East is situated in the easternmost part of North India, in the lap of the Himalayan mountain ranges. Given its unique location, the 7 states comprising of the North East region are host to a variety of terrains and topography. Almost the entire region is bordered by foreign countries; The Tibetan Autonomous Region of China lies to the north, while Myanmar is situated to the east. Bangladesh occupies the south-west; Nepal lies in the west and Bhutan in the north-west completes the picture. The total landmass covered by this region is almost 8% of the land of India and together the North eastern region forms one of the largest salient (slightly elongated piece of land from the mainland country) in the world. Abundant natural beauty along with dense forests, breath-taking waterfalls, diverse species of flora & fauna, and charming lakes are prominent attributes of this land that can be explored along with our well-planned North East tour itinerary.

This region experiences a sub-tropical climate with abundant monsoons that help enrich the natural diversity of the seven states. From mountains, valleys, plains, and plateaus, the North East has everything, and each element plays an important role in determining the weather of that place. The hilly regions of Arunachal Pradesh experience a cooler climate while the Brahmaputra valley in Assam is one of the warmest places of the region. Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is one of the wettest places in the world (receiving maximum rainfall) whereas some regions of the Tripura state, experience high temperature summers. The hilly areas of Manipur, Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Mizoram have cold winters and pleasant summers. A trip to North East India allows one to behold and experience the perfect blend of seasonal experiences that are strikingly different than any other destinations. Explore this diversity with our North East tour packages and experience the amazing seasonal changes on your own!

The Culture

North East India is home to a diverse and profound culture owing to the large number of tribes that live here. Every tribe has their own unique way of living and their own cultural identity, not only among the seven states of North East but also among all the regions of India. Their dressing style, eating habits, traditions, customs, festivals, and even their local dances are distinct from one another and go a long way in making their overall culture deep and profound. Get a chance to experience all this when you travel along with our North East travel packages. Numerous art forms along with the different festivals celebrated in these regions such as Bihu, Jhum Cultivation, Ke Pemblang, Nongkrem, Durga Puja and Karchi Puja, are some of the most important aspects of the social-cultural life of the people of North-East. There are dance forms such as Garia, Bizu, Hai Hak, and Manipuri which are also an integral part of their culture and are a treat to watch when performed in groups during festivals and special occasions. And a North East package from Veena World lets you experience all of it!

North East packages available online are framed with professional expertise and they reflect the accuracy of the land’s culture as the tour’s main highlight. Our North East packages allow the explorers to witness the pure reflection of the vibrant culture. Their traditions and lifestyle have a different aura altogether which add in a new charm in the North East holidays available at an affordable price. These north eastern states of India which are a pure delight for the mountain and nature lovers, have inspired some of our well-assorted North East tours as well. The North East Tour Itinerary designed by Veena World will allow you to experience the simplicity of this land while the people will leave you spellbound and encourage you to travel here more often!

The Experience

Traveling to a destination and actually exploring it, gives you the real essence of being one with that place! It is easy to read, to listen and to talk about the cultural aspects, the traditions followed, the natural landscapes or the sightseeing highlights of a particular place but to actually be there and live those moments, is the only experience which can be etched in your memory forever. Our North East tour packages available online at an affordable price cover this very aspect of the travel experience. With family tours, you are bound together as one family and explore these amazing destinations together, all the while having unique experiences and making memories on the road. Similarly, speciality North East India Tour Packages have a range of unique experiences where you and the special group of people you are with, can be amazed by the wonderful nature and the cultural activities in your tour! Both these experiences are so different and unique from each other, yet they come together in harmony and form an integral part of our North East travel packages to elevate your travel and sightseeing experience altogether.

The Highlights

As part of our North East Trip packages, we cover some amazing destinations and beautiful cities which let you explore the true meaning of nature in its purest form! On our North East Jewels tour, you can experience the cities of Guwahati, Kaziranga, Tezpur, Shillong, Bomdila, Mawlynnong, Tawang, and Cherrapunjee. Begin your North East journey with Guwahati in Assam and then head to Tezpur. Get a chance to enjoy a thrilling white-water rafting activity at Tezpur. Head to Bomdila and visit the splendid Bomdila Monastery followed by Monpa village at Dirang, Sela Pass & Sela Lake, and the Jaswant Garh Indo Chinese War Memorial. Once you enter Tawang, enjoy the pristine beauty of nature and beautiful landscapes. Visit Peng Teng Tso Lake, Ani Gumpha, Tawang Monastery (2nd largest monastery in Asia), Tawang War Memorial, and enjoy a spectacular light and sound show here. Also, get a chance to visit Urgelling Monastery, Narunang waterfall at Jang, and Kiwi Garden. At Assam, explore the wonderful Kaziranga National Park – home to the largest population of one-horned rhinos in the world. Go on a jeep safari to the central range of the national park and get a chance to witness different animal species that inhabit the park. Also, visit the Kaziranga National Orchid Park. Indulge in Assamese culture, as you enjoy a spectacular Bihu dance with our North East India packages.

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