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Khajuraho Tour Packages

If you have an inclination for architectural heritage and spirituality, Khajuraho is one of the best places to go thanks to its majestic sites and mesmerizing architecture.

About 175 kilometres from Jhansi, in the Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, there is a group of monuments called Khajuraho Group of Monuments. This group includes some of the most famous Jain and Hindu temples that are the UNESCO world heritage sites as well. The temples are famous for their Nagara architecture, and erotic sculptures. On your Khajuraho trip, you will realize there are a plethora of prominent places that are worth exploring and can be a perfect getaway for someone having an interest in architectural monuments. 

Make sure that your Khajuraho tour itinerary covers all the historic places, as the art here dates to 950 AD which can be a delightful sight. With the erotic theme of the temples covering less than 10% of the art, Khajuraho can be an ideal destination for newly married couples with Khajuraho honeymoon tour packages. Apart from this, your Khajuraho tour can be a memorable experience that is worth giving a shot. Whether you are an art lover or not, the temples of Khajuraho are going to, anyway, soothe your eyes with the intriguing designs and carvings on the walls. If you plan on visiting Khajuraho, make sure you have a comprehensive Khajuraho sightseeing itinerary because all the attractions in Khajuraho can be intriguing and mesmerizing for the travelers. So, either you can craft your own itinerary or check out the Khajuraho holiday packages for customizable packages. And before you depart from your respective city, make sure you are carrying a camera because the pictures you take here are going to be phenomenal.

Khajuraho Travel Packages

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Khajuraho Frequently Asked Questions

We help you prepare for your trip and ensure an effortless and enjoyable travel experience.

Yes. If you don’t want to choose any of the pre-designed Khajuraho tour packages, you can also book a customized holiday to Khajuraho. Here, we give you the option to plan a holiday as per your personal preferences. From choosing your preferred type of accommodation to the mode of travel, deciding the trip duration to picking your day-to-day travel itinerary, you get complete flexibility with Veena World.  

To explore a city like Khajuraho, group tours can be a great option. By travelling with other like-minded people, you can create memories that can be cherished for a lifetime. This not only gives you a sense of security but also elevates your overall travel experience. Veena World offers a wide range of Khajuraho group tour packages that you can choose from. All these packages come with the assurance of 24x7 travel-related assistance, for the entire duration of your tour. 

Being home to several exquisite temples, Khajuraho is among the most sought-after tourist destinations in India. Known for its stunning sculptures, this place represents ancient Indian art in a way that no other place can. Other than this, with a number of magnificent forts and awe-inspiring museums, there are plenty of options for sightseeing in Khajuraho. Veena World offers a large collection of thoughtfully designed packages that you can choose from and make sure that all the major tourist attractions get covered on your changed.

Home to a number of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, Khajuraho has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Featuring a number of stunning sculptures and several other historical structures, this place is also one of the seven wonders of India. Here is the list of must-visit places that you should definitely include in your Khajuraho sightseeing itinerary:

•    Lakshmana Temple

•    Kandariya Mahadeva Temple

•    Dulhadev Shiva Temple

•    Matangeshwar Temple

•    Ajaigarh Fort

•    Adivart Tribal and Folk Art Museum

Yes. Being a popular tourist destination, Khajuraho is absolutely safe for couples, families, and solo travellers. However, there are a few basic travel-related precautions that you should take, such as not going to secluded places at odd hours, not carrying any valuables while heading out for sightseeing, etc. If you choose to book one of our Khajuraho tour packages, you get the assurance of complete assistance. You can reach out to our team whenever you face any issues, and we will be there to help you out.  

Khajuraho, a heritage city of India and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is not only famous for its Group of temples, but one can easily see the reflections of the traditional taste of MP in its food also. Some snacks like 'chaats,' 'bhajiyas', 'jalebis,' 'dal bafla' are some of the popular items, but one of the most famous food items you must not miss during your Khajuraho tour is Kachouri. These fluffy, fried dough balls are stuffed with spiced lentils, herbs, and other vegetables. Paired with sweet and spicy chutneys, Kachouri is the quintessential local breakfast bite. The streets of Khajuraho come alive each morning as vendors begin frying up fresh, hot Kachoris to kickstart the day for locals and tourists alike. 

The ideal time to visit Khajuraho is from October to March when the weather is pleasant and cool. Winters bring delightful weather ideal for sightseeing in Khajuraho. This is the peak tourist season as the monsoon rains have ended. Avoid April-June as it can get sweltering. The monsoon months of July-September can disrupt your travel plans due to heavy rains. 

The nearest airport to Khajuraho is Khajuraho Airport, which is located just 5 km from the Western Group of Temples. This domestic airport has daily flights connecting Khajuraho to major cities like Delhi, Varanasi, and Agra. The airport is small but well-connected. Suppose you are coming from abroad for your Khajuraho tour. It's better to fly into Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai or Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, from where you can take a connecting domestic flight to Khajuraho Airport. 

Yes, the iconic Khajuraho temples are open to visitors. The Western Group of temples, which is the most famous one containing monuments like the Kandariya Mahadev Temple and Lakshmana Temple, is open daily from sunrise to sunset. The Eastern and Southern temple groups have more flexible timings and are open to the public. Only the inner sanctum of the temples is closed for rituals during certain times. Do remember to dress conservatively as these are living temples. The sound and light show in the evening is also open and worth watching. With our Khajuraho holiday packages, Khajuraho temples are a must-visit attraction when illuminated at night. 

The Kandariya Mahadeva Temple is considered the most remarkable and largest temple in the Western Group of Khajuraho temples. Built around 1030 AD, this Shiva temple soars 31 meters high and is known for its ornate carvings and sculptures depicting gods, goddesses, celestial maidens, and couples in intimate poses. The carved stone spires and intricate architectural symbols make it a prime example of the Nagara style of temple architecture. No Khajuraho tour package is complete without a visit to gaze in awe at the exquisite carvings of the Kandariya Mahadeva temple. It's a must-see highlight when visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site of Khajuraho.

Get to know more about Khajuraho before booking your tour packages

In the backdrop of the Vindhya Range of mountains, is the famous city of Khajuraho which is known to house some of the best Hindu and Jain temples of India. Khajuraho sightseeing is becoming popular amongst travellers having varied interest. Being one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Khajuraho draws the attention of travellers from different parts of the world. The marvellously designed temples, beautiful rock carvings, and artefacts that date back to 950 AD garner a lot of attention. Khajuraho tour can be one of the best ways to get a better understanding of the ancient mysteries and art, as each piece here unravels a new mystery. 

Experience Khajuraho 

Basically, the entire Khajuraho site is divided into two parts; one is the western group of temples where you can find the famous Devi Jagadambi Temple, Varaha Temple, Chausath Yogini Temple, Chitragupta Temple, and many more. The other part is known as the eastern group of temples where you can find temples such as Ghantai Temple, Brahma Temple, Parshvanatha Temple, and many more. If you are planning your Khajuraho trip, it would be better to craft your itinerary keeping these two groups in consideration. It will allow you to invest an adequate amount of time to each heritage site. Or you can simply book Khajuraho tour packages after checking out the rates of Khajuraho packages. This will help you with planning and having a hassle-free trip to the city. 

Things to Do in Khajuraho

Here are some of the best sites that you should not miss out on while taking a trip to Khajuraho: 

1. Kandariya Mahadev Temple: One of the best sites in Khajuraho is the Kandariya Mahadev Temple that displays over 800 enchanting sculptures. Out of all the temples situated in the city, this one is the most refined and impressive in terms of design and art. And this might be one of the prominent reasons for this temple being a popular Khajuraho sightseeing spot. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. The Shiva Linga, located in the sanctum, is surrounded by 646 statues that enhance the beauty of the temple by many folds. 

2. Matangeshvara Temple: When it comes to Matangeshvara Temple, one might not find it intriguing enough because of the design or sculptures, but the thing that this temple has and none other in entire North India is the 8-feet tall Shiva Linga made out of yellow limestone that you can witness with your Khajuraho package. According to the history of this place, it is said that the temple was built during the Chandela Dynasty by Chandra Dev. Make sure your Khajuraho package includes this temple so that you don’t miss out on the rich history of Matangeshvara Temple.

3. Lakshmana Temple: Magnificent is the one word that can describe the surroundings of the Lakshmana Temple. This temple is the part of the western group of temples and known to be the largest as well as oldest of them all. People often find themselves enjoying Khajuraho sightseeing activity around this temple because of the serenity of the place. If you visit this temple, you will be awestruck witnessing the mesmerizing and captivating work of art on the temple walls and its platform.

4. Javari Temple: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Javari Temple is also a masterpiece that is situated in the eastern group of temples in Khajuraho. The architecture of the exterior and mind-blowing interior carvings on the temple’s wall will leave you spellbound and astonished for sure. If you are choosing this place as your honeymoon destination be sure you opt for the Khajuraho honeymoon tour packages and do check that Javari tour is a part of the package. There is no point of visiting the eastern group if you miss out on this temple.

5. Panna National Park: If you were thinking that Khajuraho is only famous for its temples, then you need to check this place out. Panna National Park was founded in the year 1981 to protect the endangered tigers. It is the fifth tiger reserve of the state and twenty-second in the country. Panna National Park is just about 40-50 minutes’ drive from the town of Khajuraho and a must-visit place during your Khajuraho trip. 

6. Raneh Falls: If your Khajuraho tour itinerary does not have Raneh Falls in it, your trip to Khajuraho will be incomplete. Another beautiful and enticing sightseeing spot for the adventure enthusiasts as well as nature lovers is the Raneh Falls. Reaching to the falls is easy because it is just about 30 minutes away from the temple city of Madhya Pradesh. Once you are done with your Khajuraho tour, you can check out this serene and scenic place, and enjoy having a picnic here. 

Best Time to Visit Khajuraho

You can plan your visit to the city of Khajuraho throughout the year, but if you visit during summers, you might find fewer people as compared to any other season throughout the entire year. This is because Madhya Pradesh experiences a high temperature during summers and most people choose to stay away. The best months to visit here is between July and March, so you can check out Khajuraho tour packages in these months.

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