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Seoul Tour Packages

Epitomizing South Korea's history, present, and future; Seoul is the heart of South Korean culture!

A city with ever so many ultra-modern skyscrapers, palaces, Buddhist monasteries, and street markets full of delicious street food options; Seoul is the kind of place that will keep you on your toes with excitement and offer you the thrill of a lifetime, which also speaks for the immense popularity of online Seoul tour packages! Seoul, officially named as “Seoul Special City”, is the South Korean capital and has a harmonious population of people following multiple religions. It is a heart-warming and inspiring sight to find homogeneity in a population with such varied religious beliefs. Another of the highlights of Seoul tour packages from India is the congruity of novelty, modernity, and deep-rooted culture and traditions in its people; and with that, the gaiety and pizzazz one feels in the city on their Seoul holiday package is, quite literally, unparalleled.

Seoul is one incredibly important city in South Korea, and that is because the city has established itself as not only a cultural destination in the country but also as the commercial centre of South Korea and all over the globe. The city is embellished by numerous theatres and museums that encourage the preservation and growth of the South Korean culture. However, the amazement doesn’t end there, in fact, Seoul has so much to offer that one Seoul holiday package or a single Seoul tour will only acquaint you with the tip of the iceberg of all that Seoul has to offer. The city is set amidst soaring mountain ranges and grants an unmatched landscape for you to explore, which helps make Seoul a sightseeing wonder!

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Your online Seoul package from India will take you to a city that has a vivid and ardent past and a culturally and economically exalted present which are the perfect depiction of the South Korean prestige. No wonder, it is the political heart of South Korea.

The “Seoul Special City” is a vibrant and bustling city that is quickly gaining massive popularity as one of the best tourist destinations in South East Asia, with hugely celebrated names in the list like Hong Kong. Seoul has a tremendously rich history which can be observed through its many palaces, monuments, and landmark gates which were built by the dynasties that once ruled this city over the past centuries. The city neighbourhoods are as ebullient as you can imagine, buzzing all day with zeal and energy. You might as well just head to a bar, have a few drinks or instead ‘shop till you drop’. If you choose to do the latter, then you must visit the Myeongdong, a shopper’s paradise with almost all of the biggest fashion brands in the world! All done and said, there is no doubt that a Seoul tour package has a lot to offer.

If it’s the cultural brilliance that fascinates you, then your experiences at Seoul are going to as rewarding and satiating as they can be! The Jogyesa Buddhist Temple (centre of all Buddhist learning in South Korea), the Korean War Memorial, the Namsan Park, the N Seoul Tower, the Cheonggyecheon stream, and so many more are places that will give rise to intense emotions in you; emotions of peace, awe, and wonder, worth adding to your Seoul tour package itinerary for when you visit. So, if you are going to book a South Korean tour package from India, think glorious, think Seoul!

Experience Seoul

Which city in the world is fashion and technologically forward while being deeply traditional, houses many temples, palaces, mountain trails, and cutting-edge designs, all the while flourishing to a nonstop K-Pop beat? Seoul!

The “Seoul Special City” in the last decade alone, has established itself as a city where design matters. With all the hard work going into smoothening its architectural rough edges, Seoul has come up some of the most appealing urban ideals of architecture, culture, and design. One of the highlights that you can spot on your Seoul trip package is the natural forms crafted by glass, steel, and concrete at the splendid Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park and City Hall. Most of the Seoul trip packages include the Dongdaemun Design Plaza & Park as it is a one of a kind architectural marvel!

Besides the architectural wonders, Seoul is gifted with four guardian mountains that are impeccable sights you can enjoy on your tour of Seoul. The massive Pungsu-Jiri (Feng Shui) that has since long protected and nurtured the city. You will also come across a number of World Heritage Sites like the Jongmyo Shrine that lies in the alleys between the beautiful hanok (traditional wooden homes) in Bukchon and the marvellous Seoul City Wall.

Things to Do in Seoul

In the incredible “Seoul Special City”, you would run out of your touring days but not things to do. Here are some of the things you can do in Seoul, which you can add to your Seoul packages from India, which are sure to bring you tremendous excitement and immense joy:

• Walk along the Cheonggyecheon stream:

As a result of the massive urban development program in Seoul, the Cheonggyecheon Stream has transformed into an extremely pleasing sight of natural beauty and vast greenery. Out of the twenty beautiful bridges, the Narae Bridge and the Gwanggyo Bridge represent a butterfly in flight symbolizing the harmony between Seoul’s past and future. What’s more, visiting this incredible place on your Seoul trip package doesn’t cost you a dime!

• Experience the optical illusions at the Trick Eye Museum:

If whacky fun is what you are looking for, then the Trick-Eye Museum is the place for you. The museum’s optical illusions and 3D art will beguile you and force you to question whether anything around you in the museum is real or not. After all, none can deny how exciting it can be to be transported to a fairyland where not everything is driven by logic but is left to you and your imagination. By the way, this museum is also an art gallery. With paintings that have all been created using the trompe l'oeil technique, you will be fascinated by the 3D effects these 2D art pieces can create. The paintings here are interactive. What that means is that if you were to place yourself in the proper spot and pose in a particular way, you would find yourself to have become one with the original painting.

• Take a night tour and relish the traditional Korean food:

Experience the delectable, fascinating and exhilarating food culture that Korea possesses, and that too in the most authentic way on your Seoul honeymoon package! Try out the local food with all of its wonderful textures, tastes, and aromas. You would be taken on a 4-hour food tour where you will be guided through the mouth-watering culinary culture of Korea. The list of foods you can try here is outstandingly good and never-ending, the rarest of the combinations when it comes to eating out!

Tour Seoul with our best priced Seoul travel packages and do remember to:

• Enjoy a therapeutic spa session

• Ride the cable car to N Seoul tower

• Experience the Korea House DIY activities

• Cruise on the Hangang River Ferry(s)

• Go hiking

• Adventure at the wondrous Lotte World

Best Time to Visit Seoul

For booking your Seoul travel package, all seasons of the city are beautiful; the reason why there is no ‘best time’ to book your Seoul holiday package. However, here’s a season-wise description that can help you decide which time of the year would be most suited for you to book your Seoul tour packages:

• Winter (December - February):

This is the time when skiers, adventure sports enthusiasts, and the likes of them prefer visiting the city. The heavy snowfall that occurs during this time makes for an incredibly apt place for skiing.

• Spring (March - July):

With moderate temperatures and extremely pleasant weather, the spring season in Seoul accounts for a very romantic time to visit the city. As the verdant city is being given a makeover, lovers can find a lot of peace here. If you plan to book a Seoul honeymoon package the spring season would be a great time for you!

• Autumn (August - November):

The autumn season in Seoul stretches from August to November, giving the city incredible weather which both tourists and locals look forward to. If you’re travelling directly from India and plan a short stay in Seoul, autumn would be a good time to book Seoul travel packages from India.

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