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South Korea Tour Packages

Let the magic begin when South Korea allures you to unravel its deepest secrets and bust myths. The place will make you go speechless with its beauty, charm, and vast culture.

South Korea is an eternal enigma in most people’s minds and to delve into its heart to discover it fully, a holiday in Korea is the ideal way. A South Korea tour package lets you witness towering mountains, mighty seas, glorious valleys, numerous islands, and flourishing biodiversity. It is as if God spared no expense in bestowing this country with an abyss of glory and splendour. And each of its gems attracts millions of tourists every year for a South Korea holiday. But a South Korea tour package is so much more than just the abundant natural beauty. 

Famous cities like Busan, Seoul, and Incheon welcome its visitors with open arms, with its traditional Korean hospitality, sprinkled with a good dose of modernity, making their South Korea holidays an affair to remember. On your holidays in Korea, you will come to see that this place is a great amalgamation of traditional Korean values and a modernistic perception of the future. And a great way to discover this melting pot is to opt for one of the many online South Korea tour packages from India at Veena World. A holiday in South Korea can either be enjoyed as part of a South Korea group tour or as a dream South Korea honeymoon package from India. Whatever be your inclination, Veena World has the best package deals to Korea available at great prices.

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Get to know more about South Korea before booking your tour packages

South Korea is a developed East Asian country, known officially as the Republic of Korea. On your holidays in Korea, visit its capital, Seoul, which is a major global city and is the fourth largest metropolitan economy in the world. This is one of the many reasons to include Seoul when opting for one of the South Korea tour packages. The Korean Peninsula, of which South Korea is a part, has been inhabited since the Paleolithic age. At a later age, this country was ruled by many monarchies of which the most notable ones were the Han Dynasty and the Goguryeo Dynasty.

Nothing could be more intriguing than delving into the revolutionary past of Korea with South Korea holiday packages. South Korea has seen a lot of struggle and has been engaged in many wars and battles. A reminder of these times can be explored on your Korea tour package to make for an interesting South Korea trip package. As per the Cairo Declaration, Korea was separated into two entities in 1948- North Korea and South Korea. But despite the trying times, this country has managed to claim its position as a global superpower, and your South Korea holidays can be an opportunity to experience this place.

On your South Korea holidays, do not miss the Korean Peninsula which extends from the Yellow Sea to the west, and the Sea of Japan and Korea Strait and the East China Sea on the south. The country’s population is fairly homogenous with ethnic Koreans representing about 96% of the populace. Although the majority of the people do not identify with any religion, Christians and Buddhists make up for the remaining. Experience this diversity with well-planned South Korea holiday packages.

Experience South Korea

One of the main reasons for the purity of the Korean culture is that the population is so homogenous, and it is evident when you embark on a South Korea tour package from India. And this can be done as part of online Korea group tours as well as individual South Korea holiday packages. Seoul is perhaps the most visited tourist destination in South Korea. On your South Korea tour package, you will find how beautifully the ancient and the modern co-exist. This developed country has world-class infrastructure and metropolitan cities. Cities like Busan, Seoul, and Incheon have stamped their authority and power on the world map by hosting global events like the Olympics, Asian Games, FIFA world cup and many Global summits. A Korea tour package lets you feel the pulse of this country. Just like the South Koreans love their festivals, they love their K-POP music and drama series. This makes for an exciting Korea tour package from India.

Your holidays in Korea will allow you to experience the contemporary vibe that the big cities radiate, while the other parts of South Korea captivate you with the mélange of natural beauty, a variety of spectacular landscapes, a treasure trove of rich cultural heritage and world-renowned cuisines. All this and more aboard Veena World’s online South Korea vacation packages and South Korea travel package. Be it a group tour package to Korea or an individual South Korea holiday package, Veena World caters to every budget at a great price.

Things to do in South Korea

Solo-trips are good, but the fun increases when you book group tour packages to Korea and enjoy the magnificence of South Korea with your group of friends. Holidays in South Korea are like no other and so are the Korea tour packages. As you will experience on your Korea tour package from India, there’s a staggering variety of things to do and see in South Korea.

  • Seoul:

    This dazzling metropolis stuns you with how the futuristic skyline merges with the silhouettes of the ornate temples, spectacular palaces, and delightful pagodas. While on your South Korea Travel Package, the National Museum & War Memorial lets you know the country’s history, the secret garden at Changdeokgung Palace will tantalize your senses, the Gyeongbokgung Palace will ensure a tryst with royalty and the quaint Bukchon Hanok village surprises you with the serenity of the pagodas. For the nature lovers, the Bukhansan National Park is the place to witness the many species of flora, fauna, and wildlife of this biodiverse country. The city is at its party best at night when K-Pop music at the many pubs, bars, and restaurants show off its glitzy side. Shop for souvenirs at the now-famous Gangnam shopping district. Seoul is a complete destination in itself for group tour packages to Korea as well as individual package deals to Korea.
  • Jeju Island:

    Hold your breath for we are now visiting one of the New Seven Wonders of the World-Jeju Island. It really is a slice of paradise with nature gifting the place with one of the most beautiful sceneries in the country. Imagine yourself up at sunrise at the glorious Hyeopjae & Hamdeok beach, with the sun peeking from behind the Seongsan Sunrise Peak, the cascading Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls building up the anticipation and the surrounding forests, volcanic craters and lava caves adding to the magic, this is how Jeju Island feels like on a holiday in Korea. Make sure that you get package deals to Korea and visit Jeju Island.
  • Busan:

    Known the world over for hosting the largest Asian film festival, Busan is a hotspot for tourists who love to explore the Haeundae Beach (with the Sea Life Aquarium and Folk Square), the outstanding Buddhist temples, the majestic mountains, and all this while without foregoing the pleasures of an urban city. On your package deal to Korea or group tour package to Korea, do not forget to sample the fresh seafood produce while absorbing the sights and sounds atop the Diamond Bridge.
  • Gyeongju:

    What makes South Korea tick? What are its origins? Where do its heritage and culture come from? The answer lies in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gyeongju which you will discover on your Korea tour package. It is like an open-air museum, with historical relics and artefacts littered over this coastal city. While you are here, Anapji pond, Tumuli Park and the splendid Seokguram Grotto are definitely worth a visit.
  • Pyeongchang County

    This place is unique as it is a haven for tranquility seekers and adventurers alike. Plan a trek along the Taebaek Mountain slopes or at the Odaesan National Park. Go skiing at the many ski resorts. But if you would rather enjoy a peaceful walk amidst the beautiful landscapes and pay obeisance at the Buddhist shrines along the way, the opportunities are endless on a Korea tour package.
  • Seoraksan National Park:

    It is like an untouched lunar landscape with pristine valleys with the majestic snowy Seoraksan Mountains watching over. Add to it a vast expanse of pine trees, one of the most sought-after hiking trails in the country, the famous rock formation of Ulsanbawi Rock and the oldest Buddhist Seon temple in the world- Sinheungsa. Seoraksan is a must-visit place on your South Korea tour package.

Korea tour packages from India are designed in such a manner that you get to visit all the important places in Korea. Your South Korea trip package is incomplete if the itinerary does not have the aforementioned places in it.

Best Time to Visit South Korea

Autumn (September-November) and spring (April-June) are considered to be the best times to plan a Korea tour package from India or a Korea group tour visit as they offer warm, sunny days with clear blue for an excellent holiday in Korea.

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