If peace had a colour, wouldn’t it be white? If snow had a home wouldn’t it be Interlaken?

Interlaken, the heart of Switzerland, is the true soul of an idealistic vacation to this land! Interlaken is Switzerland’s true identity for its picturesque landscapes and postcard perfect locations. The city is known to have stitched into the dreams of many; sometimes even like a Bollywood dream! This land of crystal clear lakes quenches the thirst of every kind of traveller! It stores multiple surprises to encourage the choice of off-beat travel. Combining different experiences together to explore all of its most voted attractions and the must sees’ of the world into Interlaken package holidays lets you frame your flawless vacation. Here at Veena World, connecting these core vivid nature of travellers to their dream destinations is made possible with our Interlaken tour packages. These are intricately handcrafted to gift you and your family, the experience you have dreamt of! Special Interlaken honeymoon packages customized to give you and your better half a perfect vacation. The geographical significances of this terrain are remarkable. All the aspects that make a trip unique, boast as the prominent features of this land. Be a part of an unforgettable travel story with us and relish our legacy to travel, explore and celebrate life.

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Interlaken crowned by the three mighty mountains, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, is the starting point for numerous adventurous and leisurely activities. This paradise at the heart of the Switzerland is the core of every trip to this country. This land has mesmerised so many ideologies for being a perfect location that even Bollywood couldn’t escape the picture perfect city of Interlaken! A lot of Bollywood movies were brought to life in the mountains of Interlaken! Whenever one reads about Interlaken, coming across its undeniable identity of being the land of ‘crystal clear lakes’ is something that will be observed in every writing. It is so true and is witnessed boldly in this land. The entire ambience and atmosphere of the place, brings a cold yet comfortable breezy chill that makes it a perfect heavenly destination for a perfect European sojourn! Interlaken, the heart of Switzerland, is the true soul of an idealistic vacation to this land! When you think of perfect landscapes and perfect destination to experience the heavenly pristine snow, Switzerland is not far from the picks. Interlaken is the Switzerland’s true identity for its picturesque landscapes and postcard perfect locations. Interlaken is known to have stitched into the dreams of many; sometimes even like a Bollywood dream! This land of crystal clear lakes, has a complete package to quench the thirst of every kind of traveller! It stores multiple surprises to encourage the choice of off-beat travel. Whenever one thinks about booking a dream vacation, hunting for Switzerland tours specifically for Interlaken, is not far from their minds. Here at Veena World, tours are intricately tailor-made to provide you a perfect vacation. Travelling is known to bring people together as we grow with every tour. The handcrafted Interlaken package holidays available online are made with a motto to celebrate the bond of the family. The idea of travel, explore and celebrate is reflected in every tour that we undertake! Your choice stands as our priority, may it be for adventure or for leisure, for one country special or two or even multi country, for some special reason like honeymoon or just a short escape travel, for a desire to travel alone or with family and all of it is made possible with Veena World!

The Geography and Seasons

Interlaken located on the alluvial land called Bödeli, takes its name from its geographical position between the lakes; Lake Brienz to the east and Lake Thun to the west. The Interlaken package holidays available online, let you experience the significantly different seasons than that from India. The white snow-capped mountains often stand out as the highlights in every trip to Interlaken. The climate of Interlaken make it a perfect choice for aimless walks, trekking, mountaineering and adventure activities.

The Culture

Europe is a land of rich culture and history. Our online Interlaken tour packages explores the in-depth flavour of true Europe that echoes in the cobblestoned streets and lanes of Interlaken. It’s an architectural gem with multi flavoured cuisines at each sector and can be explored along with our Interlaken honeymoon packages available online. Europe also holds the most popular identity affiliated to wine and beer, with its beautiful wineries and breweries. Few of these famous ones can be explored in Switzerland. Interlaken tour packages give a beautiful glimpse of the continent with a precise balance of art, culture and history; thereby, letting you see the soul of Europe!

The Experience

Every destination’s charm thrives on the experiences that it beholds for the visitor. The traveller in you should be content with the experiences planned and offered in our affordably priced Interlaken tour packages. At Veena World, we believe to give every individual the trip they dream to have! A special tour with your better half can get extra special with Interlaken honeymoon packages available online. Discover Europe’s peace and tranquillity as a life defining adventure. Europe has so much in its bounty, that it’s perfect for a family vacation. A family getaway can be made exceptional with an Interlaken trip. With an eccentric range of ultimate relaxing destinations, which can be added with your Interlaken trip, our Paris and France holidays will leave you spoilt for choice. Historical and cultural uniqueness makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and you can explore few of such special picks in this land. Celebration of eternal love in the city of romance with our affordably priced Interlaken honeymoon packages is every lover’s dream. All of such one of a kind experiences in the world, graced as a part of this country’s legacy can be lived with your Switzerland trip! Europe being the pioneer left its lineage in many countries including our own. The classic link felt by us, can be a part of your experience too as we travel from the country’s financial centre to the land of the snow.

The Highlights

Interlaken’s Jungfraujoch is Europe’s highest mountain. One of the most interesting experiences is of Lauterbrunnen by train to board the cogwheel train to Mt Jungfraujouch, Europe’s highest railway station. Visit the Ice Palace and experience panoramic views from Sphinx Observation terrace overlooking Altesch Glaricer known to be the Europe’s longest Glacier. Visit MT Schilthorn by cable car and enjoy the beautiful view of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau which is a popular UNESCO World Heritage and more than 200 other summits. You can get a chance to get spectacular views from a revolving restaurant. Also enjoy stunning views from The Piz Gloria View platform, visit The Bond World 007, and get a remarkable view of the entire mountain panorama as well as heady views into the depths from the Skyline Walk. All of such unique experiences handpicked and customised to uplift the Interlaken experience altogether. This destination has so much resemblance to serene white and can add a beautiful shade to your new journey along with your partner with our affordably priced Interlaken honeymoon packages.

Interlaken being the wish list destination of every traveller, choose a perfect match like Veena World to make your travel dream come true! This land will amaze you with its remarkable scenery and cultural differences. Veena World has a focus of innovating and building unrivalled tours. We bring together everything best available, for a one of a kind memory and travel story that can be shared with your loved ones. Interlaken is an all year round destination with so much to offer every time that travelling here once wouldn’t be enough! Raise your spirits for your fantasy of Europe, as the fairy-tale of Interlaken is waiting to come true!

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