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8 Most Beautiful Temples to Visit in Singapore

Reading Time: 10 minutes Singapore has a strong multi-cultural past with people from China, India, Malaysia, and other Countries in Asia living peacefully here. Around 10% of Singapore’s total population consists of Indians, the majority of whom believe in Hinduism. This explains why there are scores of Hindu temples in Singapore. Since the majority […]

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Maitri Antarctica: A Research Station of India

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ever since India has become independent, it has continued to prove its mettle in various fields such as sports, space, science and more. One such matter of pride for India has been the Indian Antarctic Program. The Indian Antarctic Program is a multi-institutional program set under the National Centre for […]

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10 Solo Travelling Benefits to Find Yourself

Reading Time: 6 minutes All through our lives, we go through various experiences. Experiences that shape our lives, mould us to be better people and allow us to have a zest of life. One such experience is travelling alone. Or as it is popularly known in pop culture – ‘Solo Travel’. Solo travel is […]