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Varied landscapes, beach towns, cosmopolitan vibes, and much more come together to create the Indonesian experience!

Tour Indonesia to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime with your loved ones or book an Indonesia honeymoon package from India to give the right start to your married life! Indonesia tourism packages from India are a popular choice among all kinds of travellers and it’s not hard to see why. A union of around 17,000 islands has bestowed Indonesia with a spectrum of myriad hues, landscapes, stunning natural beauty, and starkly different but implicitly cohesive cultures and religions that make a tour to Indonesia a once in a lifetime experience. An Indonesia tour package has everything from the ancient Hindu temples of Prambanan to the Grand Istiqlal Mosque of Jakarta, from the pristine beaches of Gili Islands to the party district of Kuta. Indonesia comes through on all your expectations and more!

This is a great destination for honeymooners too. An Indonesia honeymoon package lets you create beautiful memories with your partner. Whether you want an adventurous or a relaxing honeymoon, Indonesia honeymoon packages from India will be a great choice and can be designed according to your preferences. At Veena World, you can find many online options for Indonesia tour packages cost-effective prices for the perfect trip. Book the one that suits you and get ready for a memorable tour of Indonesia.


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Still cant find what you are looking for? Please feel free to Contact Us, Write us an Enquiry.

Still cant find what you are looking for? Please feel free to Contact Us, Write us an Enquiry.

About the Destination

Indonesia is officially known as the Republic of Indonesia. This Southeast Asian country is located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia happens to be the world’s largest island nation with more than 17,000 islands. It is not only the fourth most populous country in the world but also the largest Muslim majority country. Its neighbours are Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, and India.

The name Indonesia is believed to have come from the Greek words ‘Indos’ and ‘Nesos’ which translate into the ‘Indian Islands’. Archaeological and anthropological evidence points towards human inhabitants living in the region as early as 43,000 BCE. Hinduism and Buddhism flourished from the 7th century CE. Islam started to spread in the 13th century. In the 16th century, the Portuguese colonizers were the first to arrive in the country, followed by the Dutch and the British. All these influences are evident when you are on your Indonesia tour package and mingle with the locals.

Being located along the equator, the climate in Indonesia remains relatively the same throughout the year. This tropical climate of the country is the main reason behind the great variety of biodiversity found in the region, especially in the regions of Sumatra, Java, Borneo, and Bali. The population in Indonesia is a mix of around 300 distinct native ethnicities, Javanese being the largest ethnic group. The national language of Indonesia sees influences of its Dutch, English and Portuguese colonizers, in addition to Malay, Sanskrit, and Hindi influences. Indonesia has six officially recognized religions - Islam, Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. With so many aspects regarding culture and heritage, Indonesia travel packages make for an interesting experience. And the best way to witness the true nature of the country would be to avail one of the Veena World’s Indonesia tourism packages from India available at cost-effective prices.

Experience Indonesia

An online Indonesia holiday package from India is a great way to explore the many places that are well-known for sightseeing in Indonesia as you discover this beautiful country inside out. An Indonesia trip package enamours its visitors with stunning natural scenery thanks to the numerous islands, mountains, lakes, wildlife, colonial ruins, and ancient traditions. All these make this place a great destination. You can not only book an Indonesia holiday package for your family and you but may also consider Indonesia honeymoon packages for newlyweds. You can easily check out the prices of Indonesia honeymoon packages online at Veena World to find the one that suits you best.

Veena World is the perfect partner for you to explore the country’s various colours through our customized Indonesia holiday packages from India. Indonesia is a kaleidoscope that lures visitors to take a peek inside its heart and that is what makes a tour to Indonesia such an awe-inspiring experience.

Things to Do in Indonesia

If you are confused about what to include in your Indonesia trip package, here is a list of the best places for sightseeing in Indonesia. Veena World has the perfect Indonesia holiday packages from India that you can browse through to find the perfect itinerary for an Indonesia tour that includes all the places that interest you:

    • Bali:

    Bali has become synonymous with Indonesia tourism packages from India and why not? This primarily Hindu island draws scores of tourists every year. From the beaches to an electrifying nightlife in Kuta, from the stunning natural beauty of Nusa Dua to the active volcano of Mount Agung, from the coral reefs of Tulamben to the mountain peaks of Kintamani, from the many ancient Hindu temples at Tanah Lot to the simple Balinese life in Ubud, Bali is a gorgeous destination that combines adventure, leisure, spirituality, and a party atmosphere all in one. Bali is a popular inclusion for many Indonesia travel packages.

    • Jakarta:

    This 14th-century city is now a bustling megacity. The culture of this city is quite intriguing. Amidst modern skyscrapers and mind-boggling traffic, there emerge little glimpses of its colonial past as well as its Islam-influenced architectural gems. When in Jakarta on an Indonesia tour package, do not forget to visit the National Monument of Indonesia, National Museum, the spectacular Mesjid Istiqlal, Glodok which is the Jakarta Chinatown, the adventure-filled theme park of Dunia Fantasi, Merdeka Square, and the Jakarta Cathedral.

    • Gili Islands:

    The Gili Islands are a great inclusion in an Indonesia honeymoon package for they have so much to offer that you can explore with a special someone. Check out the price of an Indonesia honeymoon package on Veena World to ensure you enjoy a great honeymoon in the country. These islands are home to some of the most picturesque beaches in Indonesia. Sunbathe by the ocean or engage in some deep-sea adventures such as snorkelling or diving, or if you are up for it go and explore the place on a kayak. A visit to Gili Islands makes an Indonesia trip package totally worth it.

    • Komodo National Park:

    The Komodo Dragons are known to be fierce and deadly and they are best left alone. Watch them move around in their natural habitat at the Komodo National Park. The area in and around the national park is one of the most biodiverse in the world and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. This makes the National Park a must-visit destination for any Indonesia package from India.

    • Tana Toraja:

    Located in South Sulawesi Province, a visit to Tana Toraja on your Indonesia travel package from India is a great way to witness the authentic and unadulterated way of the Torajan people. The most striking feature of this place is the architecture of the traditional boat-shaped houses called Tongkonan.

    • Kalimantan:

    Exploring this destination on your Indonesia holiday package is like witnessing an unspoiled nature’s canvas. Everything looks pure and pristine. This region is also one of the most biodiverse regions on earth and is home to orangutans, exotic birds, Sumatran rhinos, pygmy elephants, and many other native species. Apart from the wildlife, you can’t help but get bowled over by the stunning natural beauty, a part of which comes from the majestic mountain ranges, best witnessed through Veena World’s Indonesia travel packages.

    • Lake Toba:

    Indonesia is full of natural wonders and Lake Toba in North Sumatra is a glittering example. This lake sits atop a super-volcano and a deadly eruption thousands of years ago created a crater here. Take some time to absorb the beauty of the place and wonder about the mysterious ways in which nature works when you book your Indonesia holiday package.

Best Time to Visit Indonesia

The best time to plan for an Indonesia travel package from India is during the dry season which is from May to September. The weather is warm and tropical during this time. During the wet season, the influx of tourists is less, and this could mean that you can avail an online Indonesia package from India at an attractive price.

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