Of hills, valleys and rolling tea estates, a heavenly green that leaves you in nature’s divine embrace!

Munnar is the heavenly hill station located in the Western Ghats mountain ranges of God’s Own Country – Kerala. The most prominent feature of Munnar are the rolling green tea estates that dot the hills, mountains and horizons of this quaint and picturesque hill town. Munnar travel packages provide the amazing opportunity for travellers to take in and savour nature’s amazing creativity here. It’s as if time stands still and you are left with no choice but to be one with nature at this breath-taking destination! It is a treat to the eyes, mind, heart and soul; a feeling which can be experienced with our Munnar holiday packages. Such a peaceful encounter with nature is every honeymooner’s wish which can be achieved with our Munnar honeymoon packages. Lush green plantations, misty mountains, scenic views and just the two of you. Now doesn’t that sound romantic and just the way you would like it to be on your honeymoon? Mesmerizing would be the word if we ever have to describe Munnar! A heaven hidden in God’s own country, it is one of the best honeymoon destinations and offers some delightful Munnar honeymoon packages to go around with your significant other.

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Green as far as the eyes can see! That would be the most appropriate and perfect way to describe this hill station getaway of Kerala. Nestled in the Western Ghat mountain ranges, Munnar offers such splendid views and a pleasant climate that compliments the aesthetic of the beautiful tea town that it is often popularly referred to as the ‘Kashmir of South India’. No trip to Kerala would be complete without a delightful escape to Munnar! Such is the beauty and popularity of this hill station that has enthralled and encouraged all kinds of travellers to have it on their bucket list. At Veena World, we believe in matching the interests of our travellers to their dream destinations and that is exactly what we achieve through our Munnar tour packages available online at an affordable price. A new beginning to the journey with your significant other could get even more special at such an incredible destination along with our Munnar honeymoon packages. Lush green plantations, misty mountains and heavenly scenic views, go on to make Munnar the honeymoon capital of Kerala. Mesmerizing would be the perfect word if we ever have to describe this scenic hill station! A heaven hidden in God’s own country, Munnar is one of the best tourist places in Kerala and has beautiful quaint spots to go around with your special someone. Experience this ‘joie de vivre’ at God’s Own Country with our very special online Munnar honeymoon packages available at an affordable price. Your choice stands as our priority, may it be for adventure or for leisure, for one country special or two or even multi country, for some special reason like honeymoon or just a short escape travel, for a desire to travel alone or with family and all of it is made possible with Veena World!

The Geography and Seasons

Owing to its strategic location in the Western Ghats at a respectable height above sea level, Munnar falls into the category of being a hill station and enjoys a pleasant and cool climate throughout the year. Also, one of the prime factors it is Kerala’s most favourite and most popular tourist destination. It is a haven for honeymooners who wish to create memories for life and enjoy the tranquility of this place along with our Munnar honeymoon packages. Even then, ideally the best time to visit Munnar would be during the winter season (December – February) and the rainy season (August – October). You get a chance to enjoy wholesome sightseeing and various activities like boating, rock climbing, rappelling and trekking in the winter season. The rainy season on the other hand is very quiet, as most tourists avoid Munnar during rains. You can enjoy a beautiful and a quiet time with your loved one during the rainy season! Blessed with serene beauty and breath-taking views, the hill station of Munnar is one of the best tourist places in Kerala for all kinds of travellers.

The Culture

Vasco da Gama’s discovery of India for the western world began with his first step in Kerala. God’s own Country and the amazing destinations that it has to offer, leaves so many visitors spellbound and wanting for more; a fact which is evident from many of our Kerala and Munnar holiday packages available online at an affordable price. The record has peaked and Kerala has managed to top the tourism numbers every year. Kerala manages to satisfy all the desires to escape into pure nature. With the classic backwaters and leisurely feels of the destination, it has always been the traveller’s favourite choice! Munnar has its own charm with the rolling hills, emerald-green tea plantations, vibrant locals, ethnic culture and delicious cuisine. Soaking in the flamboyant vibes of this destination is a whole new meditation of the mind, body and soul! Being a prominent part of Kerala, Munnar too, celebrates the dynamic culture of this state. Right from their natural landscape, cuisine, tradition, culture, fabrics, ritual or beliefs, they all are portrayed in the lifestyle of the people living here. Their traditional music and dance adds a different aura altogether to any honeymoon trip, where enthusiastic couples look for a touch of art and culture as part of their Munnar honeymoon packages. The cuisine especially stands out with their prominent use of coconut in all their delicacies. The secret recipe of their sea-food cuisine is well known and quite popular. Many Munnar holiday packages available online highlight the traditional folk dance, Kathakali and traditional martial art, Kalaripayattu as part of their tour experience!

The Experience

Traveling to a destination and actually exploring it gives you the real essence of being one with that place! It is easy to read, to listen and to talk about the cultural aspects, the traditions followed, the natural landscapes or the sightseeing highlights of a particular place but to actually be there and live those moments, is the only experience which can be etched in your memory forever. Our Munnar tour packages available online at an affordable price cover this very aspect of the travel experience. With such tours, you are bound together as one family and explore these amazing destinations together, all the while having unique experiences and making memories on the road. Similarly, Munnar honeymoon packages have a range of unique experiences where you and your partner can be amazed by the wonderful nature and get to know each other better! Both these experiences are so different and unique from each other, yet they come together in harmony and form an integral part of our Munnar tour packages to elevate your travel and sightseeing experience altogether.

The Highlights

The highlights of this green and clean land has vivid ranges; right from the stunning views of rolling tea plantations right up to the abundant and diverse wildlife of Kerala. Our affordably Munnar holiday packages are formulated with handpicked experiences and attractions that justify the title of Munnar being known as the ‘Kashmir of South India’. We experience the delights of Munnar along with other popular Kerala destinations such as Cochin, Thiruvananthapuram, Periyar and sometimes, Guruvayur. The highlights of Munnar include a visit to the spectacularly scenic Mattupetty Dam near Sunmoon Valley. Here you can enjoy a splendid speedboat ride that gives you a complete 360 degree view of your peaceful surroundings. A treat for your eyes and senses!

Go around the beautiful town and witness the breath-taking and world famous tea gardens of Munnar. Imagine the wave of brilliant green tea plantations in front of you in a series of rolling hills that fills your eyes and complete your horizons! The view instantly instils a sense of calm and peace to any observer and this is exactly what you experience as you watch this amazing emerald green tea landscape unfolding in front of you. Also, get a chance to buy different kinds of flavoured teas at a Tata Tea Outlet. Later visit the beautiful Echo Point where you can yell, scream and shout to your heart’s content to experience the echo phenomenon against the serene hills and mountains. Munnar tour packages would not be complete without the inclusion of the unique Eravikulam (Rajamalai) National Park where you get the opportunity to witness the Nilgiri Tahr – a goat type creature that is only endemic to these hills, Nilgiri ranges and some parts of Tamil Nadu. The town is also home to a ‘Tea Museum’ which is worth a visit due to the history and legacy it narrates of the tea plantations of Munnar right from the British era. At Veena World, we handcraft all these experiences in our Munnar honeymoon packages to give you and your partner the experience of a lifetime. The crown jewel of Kerala, Munnar is woven into an exclusive experience that will stay in the memories of our travellers for years to come along with our online Munnar tour packages, available at an affordable price.

Kerala is a perfect specimen of how the humankind can artistically co-exist with nature by complimenting each other so beautifully! A trip to this land not only lets you witness this coexistence, but also lets you create memories that are inclined to the core nature of the earth and yourself! Munnar leaves so many visitors spellbound and manages to satisfy all the desires to escape into pure nature. With the classic leisurely feels of this destination, it has always been the traveller’s favourite choice for a honeymoon, a leisure holiday, a backpacker’s adventure or a family vacation with your loved ones. Veena World has a focus of innovating and building such unrivalled tours. We bring together everything best available, for a one of a kind memory and travel story that can be shared with your loved ones. The idea of travel, explore and celebrate is reflected in every tour that we undertake to Munnar. So, pack your bags, raise your spirits and get ready for one of the most memorable trips of your life!

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