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Experience great scenic bounty and rich biodiversity at the perfect retreat where you can be one with nature.

Periyar lies in the Idukki district of Kerala and is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the state. It is also home to the Periyar National Park in Kerala, which is famed for being a home to numerous species of animals. You can also make Periyar National Park bookings online to enjoy a comprehensive tour of South India’s famous wildlife sanctuary. The park lies in the Cardamom Hills and Pandalam Hills of the Western Ghats. In addition to this tourist place in Periyar, there’s the Thekkady-Periyar village that is popular for being a haven for natural spices, including cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, clove, and nutmeg.

Tourism in Periyar is thriving thanks to the mesmerizing natural beauty of the destination. The lush green trees, serene countryside, rich plantations, thick jungles, and the very atmosphere of Periyar make it a great destination. You can look through Periyar tour packages for your next vacation.

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You can book Periyar tour packages online if you plan to visit and explore the popular Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. Being home to numerous animals, this wildlife reserve is an indispensable part of any Kerala tour package. Go through the detailed information about the price and itinerary for Periyar vacation tours offered by the Veena World to choose a package that suits you best.

About the destination

Periyar village is largely characterized by its great animal population, spice-scented plantations, and the unending chain of hills. The Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary is especially regarded as one of the finest wildlife reserves of the nation. No Periyar tour package is complete without a visit to this national park, which is home to multiple endangered species, including white tigers.

The village of Periyar mainly comprises of hilly towns and picturesque plantations, which feature beautiful trails for mountain walks and treks. With the tour packages offered by Veena World, you too can explore the best Periyar tourist places at great prices.

Experience Periyar

Like many other destinations in the state of Kerala, Periyar boasts of extremely rich culture and heritage. The culture of Kerala is deep-rooted and varied and dates back thousands of years. As a reflection of the rich culture of Kerala, several distinguished cultural centres can be found near Periyar where shows of Kathakali dance are regularly held. Near Periyar, you can also visit places where martial art shows on Kalaripayattu are held. Kalaripayattu is famed as being one of the oldest forms of martial arts on the planet.

On your Periyar tour, you will also have the chance to enjoy some traditional, authentic South Indian dishes. Most of the local snacks are cooked in fresh coconut oil here. In addition to the typical Idli, Dosa, and Kappa, rice and curry are the staple diet of the locals of the Periyar region.

Top Things to Do in Periyar

As mentioned before, online booking for a Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary tour package is an extremely popular practice among tourists. On a visit to the sanctuary, you get the chance to view diverse species of flora, fauna, and avifauna. This national park covers an area of 925 sq. km. and serves as a home to many endangered and endemic species of flora, mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Here are some of the key highlights of the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary:


    By booking a Periyar tour package online for visiting the wildlife reserve, you get the chance to spot the magnificent Bengal tiger. Nilgiri Tahrs, stripe-necked mongoose, Nilgiri marten, Indian elephants, wild pigs, Travancore flying squirrel, jungle cat, sloth bear, and Nilgiri langurs can also be found here.

    Reptiles and Amphibians:

    About thirty species of snakes can be found at this natural reserve, including the striped coral snake, Malabar pit viper, and the king cobra. The amphibians that you can spot here include the Malabar gliding frog, fungoid frog, and Asian toad, among others.


    Periyar National Park is a treasure trove for bird-lovers. The Sri Lanka frogmouth, Nilgiri wood pigeon, Malabar grey hornbill, and the blue-winged parakeet are some species that inhabit the park.


    Rosewood, Jamun, sandalwood, and tamarind trees are commonly found here. Agricultural plantations of cardamom, tea, and coffee are also done at the park.

    Some of the top activities that you can indulge in at the Periyar National Park, Kerala are:

    Clouds Walks:

    These are three to four hour-long guided walks that take you to the various tourist spots in the park. There are a number of vantage points in the park from where you can enjoy an excellent 360° view of the enthralling grasslands.

    Jungle Patrol:

    Going on a patrol in the Periyar Tiger Reserve during the nighttime can be an extremely thrilling experience. These patrols are guided by trained guards. As this park is considered to be an eco-development zone, tourists are expected to be extremely disciplined when going on such patrols.

    Periyar Tiger Trail:

    This is a specialized trekking and camping program. Periyar Tiger Trail covers an area of about 20 to 35 km. When walking along this trail, people may encounter wildlife species like Nilgiri langur, giant squirrel, and Indian elephants.

    Bamboo Rafting:

    The activity of bamboo rafting takes place in some of the lushest areas of the Periyar National Park. The rafting tours ideally last for several hours and provide travellers with great views of the mist-clad hills.

The Best Time to Visit Periyar

Tourism in Periyar is active throughout the year, as Periyar National Park is one of the few wildlife sanctuaries that are open during the monsoon months as well. Here is more on the climatic conditions prevalent in the area to help you plan your vacation and Periyar tour according to your comfort:

    Summers (April–July):

    The summers in Periyar are quite mild. This period can be considered for visiting the renowned Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve, as many rare animal species can be spotted here during the summer months. To do that, booking for Periyar wildlife sanctuary in advance is ideal. The climate is pleasant and dry, and the temperature tends to range from 29° Celsius to 35° Celsius.

    Monsoon (July–August):

    The entire Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve is brought to life by the droplets of rain during the monsoon season. You will have some great opportunities to engage in trekking, wildlife safaris, and boating during these months. The temperatures during the monsoon season range from 22° Celsius to 32° Celsius. The monsoons are considered to be the ideal time to view elephants at the sanctuary, as the herds tend to spend a lot of time in the water.

    Winter (October–March):

    The days are extremely pleasant and sunny in Periyar during the winter months. The temperature here during this time tends to be around 20° Celsius. These months are great for boating or for going on a Periyar National Park safari.

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