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Spend your vacation in the embrace of Slovakian beauty where the country proudly boasts about its majestic history

The beauty that you can witness on your Slovakia tours dates back to years and years ago. That being said, even the history of the country predates to the time when it was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary. It was the year 1993 when Slovakia was formed as one of the newly independent countries of the world. Though the country has spent a large portion of its time being a part of another larger country, Slovakian culture is not something to be missed during your tours of Slovakia. You will come across many traditions and a culture that has been highly influenced by its central European neighbours when you decide to book cost-effectively priced Slovakia tour packages online from Veena World.

Slovakia is a landlocked country and has ports on the Danube River that lie in the capital city of Bratislava. With a total area of 18,928 square miles, i.e. 49,035 sq. km, the country is bordered by five countries, namely the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, and Austria. Slovakia has some amazing destinations that give its visitors a vacation to remember, making Slovakia holidays and packages quite popular among travellers. Be it the natural beauty or the heritage buildings, the sight is a treat to behold and with the availability of online cost-effectively priced Slovakia tour packages, you can easily book a trip to this amazing country and enjoy a good vacation with your loved ones


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About the Destination

With its elevation running from a low range of 308 feet (94 meters) at the Bodrok River to a high range of 8,711 feet (2,655 meters) at the Gerlachovsky peak in the High Tatras, the country has a vast and varied topography for its given area, which you can explore with the right Slovakia vacation packages. As mentioned before, Slovakia, before the year 1993, was a part of the Kingdom of Hungary and has a history that the people of the country proudly speak of. The journey to Slovakia’s independence was full of struggles, the pride of which can be felt in the very atmosphere of the country. During Slovakia tours, you will also come across a heritage that predates to the Palaeolithic era. Slovakia along with Bohemia, Moravia, Czech Silesia, and Carpathian Ruthenia was collectively known as Czechoslovakia. It was on 1st January 1993, Slovakia and the Czech Republic were divided into two different nations, making the former a newly formed independent country. This bifurcation is an event that the country remembers very well and is called the Velvet Divorce.

Since Slovakia lies between the temperate and continental climate zones, it is advisable to choose a holiday package to Slovakia in accordance with the weather or season that suits you the best. Primarily known for its mountain ranges, Slovakia lies between the latitudes 47° and 50° N and longitudes 16° and 23° E. One of the most popular ranges in Slovakia is the Tatra Mountain which comprises of 29 higher peaks which range higher than 2500 metres, i.e. 8,202 feet. Your vacation packages to Slovakia will include a tour to the High Tatras as the place is quite popular for adventurous activities like hiking, trekking, and skiing. Having said this, it also houses some of the most beautiful and scenic valleys of Slovakia, making it a worthwhile addition for Slovakia tours. Adding to this, the country also houses many naturally formed caves which are open for public viewing. Quite interestingly, five of these caves are listed under UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Adding to this, your Slovakia tour itinerary should also comprise of a stop at the beautiful rivers and national parks that the country houses.


Experience Slovakia

As mentioned before, the culture that you will be able to witness on your Slovakia holidays and packages has seen an influence from its neighbours. Having said this, even the consequences of the world wars, conquests, and political configurations have highly influenced the ethnic groups and cultures prevalent in the country. The origin of Slovakia’s locals dates back to the 6th and 7th centuries when the Slavic people settled around the Danube River. The people of Slovakia are known as the Slovaks and are said to belong to the peasant class. Their connection with their ethnicity remains intact till date and one can get a glimpse of that during their tours of Slovakia. One of the best things that you will come across during your stay is the family bond that the Slovaks share. The people of this country celebrate all the functions and festivals closely with their families. Adding to this, you will also come across many Slavic, Austrian, Hungarian, and German traditions that surround the country’s culture on your Slovakia vacation packages.

If the official language of the country is spoken of, the Slovak language, also known as Slovakian, happens to be an Indo-European language that belongs to the West Slavic group of languages. The West Slavic languages comprise of the Czech, Polish, Kashubian, and Sorbian dialects. Having said this, Slovakian did not exist as a written language until the end of the 18th century. It was during that time when a Roman Catholic priest, named Anton Bernolak made efforts to create a literary dialect of the Slovakian language. Anton Bernolak based the literary creation on the dialect of Western Slovakian and came up with phonetic spellings. He published the language in 1790 in his book named “Grammatica Slavica”. In the year 1843, the language was further developed because of an agreement on the codification of the Slovakian language.


Things to Do in Slovakia

With the beautiful mountain ranges, naturally formed caves, and majestic heritage buildings, there are a lot of places in Slovakia for sightseeing that you can explore with your online tour package to Slovakia. Here is a list of some of the top places to visit that you can include in your Slovakia tour itinerary: -

  • Spis Castle:

    Starting with a beauty from the 12th century, this place is a must-include in your holiday package to Slovakia. It is located in the eastern part of the country and is designed with Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance architecture.
  • Slovak Paradise National Park:

    Another place that your Slovakia vacation package must include is the Slovak Paradise National Park. This one of the most popular from the nine national parks that the country houses. Established in the year 1988, this national park is a great place for hiking and spotting many species. The park also houses scenic lakes, waterfalls, canyons, and a dense variety of flora and fauna.
  • Grassalkovich Palace:

    The official residence of Slovakia’s President is yet another place that you would like to include in your Slovakia tour itinerary. It was opened in the year 1760 and is located in Bratislava. The architecture of the palace gives out authentic European vibes and has been inspired by the Baroque style of architecture.
  • Michael’s Gate:

    One of the oldest town buildings of the country, this place will help you connect with Slovakia’s culture in its own way. Having said this, Michael’s Gate is also a hub for bars and pubs, with many local and international cuisines available at stalls and cafés in its periphery.


Best Time to Visit Slovakia

As mentioned before, the country experiences temperate to continental weather conditions. So, if you are planning to book a Slovakia tour package, here’s a brief overview of the different seasons to help you choose the right time to visit the country:

Summers (May to September):

Known to be the peak tourist season, summers in Slovakia are filled with fun. If you want to enjoy a good music festival or participate in adventurous activities like hiking and trekking, this is the time for you. Since it is a peak season, hotel bookings might be on the higher side; hence it is advisable to book your holiday package to Slovakia in advance for cost-effective prices.

Winters (October to March):

If you love snow and want to spend some amazing time with your loved ones, planning your Slovakia tour itinerary for the winters would be a great idea. The country offers amazing winter sports and skiing is one of the most popular. The country’s landscapes during this time are a heavenly sight for the eyes.

With natural beauty and a majestic history to its name, Slovakia is becoming one of the favourite destinations for travellers. Now, with customized and price-friendly online Slovakia vacation packages by Veena World, you can spend a memorable holiday with your loved ones.

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