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The world has so much to offer that an entire lifetime is said to be not enough to explore it all! When that’s the case, why stop travelling in the ‘Golden Age’? The journey to your dream destinations is full of lively moments wrapped with rich experiences and ultimate peace of mind. Travelling along with Veena World’s Senior citizen tour packages holds a proud history of stories of people meeting likeminded, enthusiastic travellers that walk away as new families after holidays. Our senior citizen tour packages are comfortably paced with enthusiastic team of tour managers who promise an extra touch of personal care. Relive those special moments as you celebrate life along with the most interesting domestic and international tour packages.

Enjoy the benefits of Seniors’ Special tour packages which invite even the single travellers by offering a guaranteed partner without any single occupancy charges. What are you waiting for? Pack your bag with confidence and head for a new adventure, meet new friends and capture the most fascinating memories. Join our legacy to travel, explore and celebrate life!

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7 - 20 days

The world has so much to offer that an entire lifetime is said to be not enough to explore it all! When that’s the case, why stop travelling in the Golden Age? When the life is full of lively moments, why stop having the time of your life? Explore from our international tour packages for seniors online at Veena World, and get the best price quotes for them. Considering how price-sensitive this segment is, senior citizen tour packages prices are kept cost-effective. Set out with your trusted gang of friends from yesteryears to discover remarkable international destinations such as Bhutan, Japan, Switzerland, Bali, Europe, Australia, Russia, America, and Mauritius etc. These international tours from India provide you non-stop fun and entertainment along with ample time to unwind and soak in the beauty of the destinations you have the pleasure of visiting. Celebrate your Golden Age!! Veena Worlds special senior citizen tour packages makes you relive, those special moments as you celebrate life all over again. We offer the most interesting tour packages for senior nationals. Our tour packages for seniors available online, are comfortable, slow paced and with planned itineraries. We make sure you have all the fun and entertainment & also sufficient time to relax and soak in the surroundings. Travel with Veena Patil and her enthusiastic team of tour managers who promise an extra touch of personal care. Come with us, live the special moments and celebrate life all over again.

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The destinations that are included in our intricately crafted itineraries for you are Rajasthan, Mewad, Marwad, Rann Utsav Gujarat, Kerala, North East and Andaman! Special exploration of the best cities of India are handpicked for variety of tour packages for senior citizens. Right from Mount Abu, Udaipur, Ajmer / Pushkar, Ranthambore, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer (Tent), Bikaner, Mandawa, Jaipur, Bhuj, Tent City, Cochin, Munnar, Periyar, Thiruvananthapuram, Kaziranga, Shillong, Guwahati, Port Blair, Havelock to Neil Island! The options of Veena World’s senior citizen tour packages available online truly symbolizes the ideology of endless options available when the heart is full of the stubborn will to travel!

Explore unique temples and revive your spiritual calling with affordably priced senior citizen tour packages. Discover the historic revelations hidden in plain sight all across our country and take an unforgettable stroll to the past. The trip of the lifetime always awaits and keeps getting better with the next trip! Keep planning the travel, as the world is too huge for a lifetime. Explore the best of India with our affordably priced tour packages for senior citizens. Marvel at the different architectural wonders! Soak yourself into the symphony of the nature or raise your spirits for offbeat experiences! Whatever you wish for, India has everything to offer. Explore our specially hand stitched senior citizen tour packages and find your perfect fit. Leisure, nature, architecture, activities, cultural and traditional embarks await you in every day of our senior citizen tour packages. Experience the unique traditions and cultures of various regions of India. Indulge into special shows and traditional performances. Create remarkable memories along with our senior citizen travel packages.

Traverse into the lands of Royalty with Rajasthan. Feel the royalty and legacy of their reign. Let this sun kissed land add a spark on your Golden Age of travel along with our senior citizen tour packages to Rajasthan. Create memories in every corner of our prestigious country with unique experiences waiting for you. Feel the turquoise islands of Andaman and add a complete new shade to your life. The leisure and relaxation cannot get any better than Andaman along with our travel packages for senior citizen. Explore the Indian crown jewels of North East with unique destinations and most beautiful experiences. The Rann Utsav awaits to add in a special place in your travel plans along with our attractive options of online tour packages for seniors. Discover the southern charm along with our special tours to Kerala. Imbibe their culture and the land’s most spectacular experiences as a part of your unforgettable travel stories. While hunting online for best senior citizen travel packages, landing up to the best options of India is not a surprise, as this land is truly a haven for eternity!


The main highlights of the world include the best picks from all corners of the planet! Thailand, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Europe, Mauritius, Russia, Switzerland, USA, Scandinavia and Maldives are specially crafted with professional expertise to give you the trip you dream for without any limitation with Veena World’s senior citizen tour packages. Tour that involves some vigorous activities such as hiking or rock climbing, can be really tough choice. But when the life is full of lively breaths, why stop having the time of your life? Explore Thailand, adorned with a great coherence of history and ancient culture with modern luxurious living, spirituality and religion fused together with modern lifestyle along with our handcrafted senior citizen travel packages. Discover the happy country of the world hiding the simplest mysteries of happiness in every soul and every heart of its people. Bhutan, our neighbour, with whom we share the border is so strikingly different than us, that once we cross the border, we feel like we have entered a parallel universe. The fantasy land popping straight out of your favourite storybook as a child has successfully grasped the world’s attention since the beginning of the time, Europe welcomes you with our senior citizen tour packages. America is the land of young dreams! Everything is grand in this place, right from the grand landscapes to grand skyscrapers, it’s all about grand living! Experience the grandeur along with our USA travel packages for senior citizen. The variety of elements that this land has to offer, are countless. The beauty of this land is in perfect sync with the nature and the future bonded together. Sounds of ocean on the rhythm of waves, the symphony of Maldives is ready to resonate an unforgettable music for your unique getaway! Could leisure be any more perfect than the one we experience in Maldives, along with our senior citizen tour packages?

Veena World’s unique tour packages for seniors, especially handcrafted for you make it irresistible to choose from! If you’re looking for a perfect getaway the world awaits to surprise you. Lift up the spirit of exploration and a heart-warming symphony awaits to give you a perfect vacation to be selected from our specially crafted itinerary options. We use our passionate unrivalled knowledge to gift you a perfect trip to be cherished all your life! We empower you to make the most fascinating memories with us and relish our legacy to travel, explore and celebrate life.

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