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Top 10 Beaches in Mauritius to See on Your Next Trip

Reading Time: 9 minutes With a coastline stretching over 330 km, Mauritius is perfectly accentuated by white sand beaches, azure lagoons, coral reefs and some of the best places to visit in Mauritius. Mauritius is a volcanic island situated close to Madagascar’s shores, an absolute treat to the onlooker’s eyes. Known for its beautiful […]

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10 Best Hotels to Stay in Mauritius

Reading Time: 12 minutes Mauritius is an incredible island surrounded by a beautiful coastline, white sandy beaches, wildlife, and adventure activities. It is a place where the palm trees lean over the white sandy beaches and emerald oceans, and where the word ‘vacation’ comes into life. Mauritius is an island of the Indian Ocean […]

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Visit these places in Mauritius for a memorable trip

Reading Time: 9 minutes Lying in the Indian Ocean, 800 kilometers east of Madagascar, Mauritius is like a piece of heaven on earth. Popular for its sapphire waters, white-powdery beaches, and luxury resorts, Mauritius is a great place to visit for anyone with a love for nature and exploration. From long and peaceful nature-walks […]