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Taiwan Tour Packages

Steeped in traditionalism, guarded by spiritualism, bestowed by nature, and embossed with modernism, Taiwan is a seamless fusion of the old, new, and ultra-modern.

Planning your next vacation? Check out Taiwan travel deals for an unforgettable experience! The island nation of Taiwan is a generous destination that offers a number of wondrous vistas, a luxuriant culture, and lively traditions. A Taiwan holiday package can take you crisscrossing across mountains or to green volcanic arcs, with classic landscapes waiting to be explored around every corner. On Taiwan tour packages you can explore some of the most stunning Chinese temples or experience nature’s creations with jagged mountains, plunging cliffs, majestic gorges, and expanses of dense jungles covering the land.

Booking Taiwan holiday packages is more than just exploring the destination as you will first-hand be able to experience the closeness that the Taiwanese people share with nature and their ancient traditions. It is almost a spiritual emotion that you will witness. This unique potpourri of traditionalism and modernism is what the world is taking note of and what has led to the ever-increasing popularity of Taiwan city tour packages among a number of tourists. If a unique destination with a completely different experience to offer is on your mind, then Veena World has just what you need. Explore our range and find the perfect Taiwan tour package from India for a vacation that you won’t forget. Veena World has numerous specially curated itineraries that you can choose from. From customized adventure packages to Taiwan tour packages with airfare included for the budget traveller, Veena World has all you need to plan the perfect trip.

Taiwan Travel Packages

Taiwan PackagesDay/NightPrice
Korea Taiwan7 Days₹2,15,000
Japan Korea Taiwan12 Days₹3,30,000

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Korea Taiwan

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Tour includes

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Korea Taiwan

Get to know more about Taiwan before booking your tour packages

With a Taiwan tour package from India, you can stop worrying about the hassles of trip planning and look forward to a great holiday. Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China, is a state in East Asia. It is bordered by China, the Philippines, and Japan. It was also called Formosa because of the Portuguese rule in the 16th century. This country has been ruled by many dynasties, most notably the Qing Dynasty, remnants of which you will be able to see even today when you visit with your Taiwan travel package. In the subsequent ages, it was under Portuguese and British colonial powers and ultimately under the Japanese. Beneath the modern and glamorous façade lies a tumultuous past, especially with China which continues to this day. However, despite all the skirmishes, Taiwan has emerged as a vibrant democracy that prides itself on its liberal society and welcomes all tourists that visit with Taiwan tour packages. The descendants of the Han Chinese immigrants from Qing China between 1661 and 1895 make up for an estimated 84% of the population of Taiwan and Mandarin is the most widely spoken language.

Experience Taiwan

Setting aside its past, Taiwan has emerged as one of the newest holiday destinations in recent times. Tourists on Taiwan tour packages are especially enchanted by the amalgamation of the old and the new. The Taiwanese people are proud of their distinct culture and heritage, something that will be abundantly clear to you when you visit on your Taiwan vacation packages. A Taiwan city tour package, based on the itinerary you choose, will let you visit several ornate ancient temples that uphold a religion that is a mix of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism, in addition to housing numerous local deities. World-class museums preserve and protect centuries-old artefacts and relics that are the foundation of modern Taiwan. But don’t worry, taking a Taiwan tour package is not just about history and tradition but also about the glitz and glamour of an increasingly urbane society. You can head out and have a gala time in the town at the many high-end nightclubs and classy restaurants here as well. However, the real heart of Taiwan beats in the streets which are always bustling with activity and not to mention the lip-smacking array of street foods such as Tainan milkfish and shrimp rolls, especially in the night markets, all of which you simply have to explore on your Taiwan tour package from India. And just when you feel the need of enjoying a quieter time, you can head to the beautiful Sun Moon Lake and spectacular Kinmen Island. A trip package to Taiwan, if you are up for it, can include a hike on some trails that can be traced back to the colonial times and will be quite an enjoyable experience for you.

Veena World can assist you in planning the perfect trip to Taiwan. Whether you are planning a family trip or a solo trip, or you wish to book a Taiwan group tour package, Veena World has highly customizable options for you to choose from.

Things to Do in Taiwan

The opportunities that you will come across on a Taiwan travel package are endless. There's such a huge array of things to do and see that you will be spoiled for choice. Nature, adventure, leisure, glamour, and spiritual experience, there is so much to experience that you will need to put in due thought before you choose an itinerary for your Taiwan tour package. To help you out, here is a list of some of the best attractions in Taiwan that you can consider:

  • Taipei: The capital of Taiwan has all the frills of a megapolis, with its skyscrapers and hi-tech transport system and is the economic and cultural hub of the country. It also boasts of a thriving art scene with many art galleries displaying traditional and contemporary art pieces. The Taipei Zoo, Botanical Garden, and Raohe Street Night Market are all great additions for Taiwan vacation packages. But if there's one place that definitely demands a visit, it is the Bao'an Temple. Its stunning ornate craftsmanship and architecture celebrate local designs and the temple has also been awarded the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award for the restoration work that has been undertaken here.
  • National Palace Museum: This museum located in Shilin displays a Chinese art collection that is considered to be the largest and finest in the world and if you are a history buff, you should definitely add this place to your Taiwan holiday package. The National Palace Museum is an excellent place to learn about the rich culture, heritage, and history of the country. This collection consists of painting masterpieces, world-renowned Chinese ceramics, precious artefacts made and adorned with priceless gems, ancient texts, and calligraphy samples others.
  • Kinmen Islands: A favourite spot in any Taiwan trip package, the Kinmen Islands are known for their magnificent natural beauty, while Kinmen National park is a treasure trove of lush dense forests, stunning beaches, spectacular views, and native wildlife. Another thing that tourists are drawn to here is the historical architecture with many charming old buildings that draw your attention.
  • Alishan National Scenic Area: A great addition for your Taiwan tour package from India, this is an absolute must-visit area for all nature-lovers. The Alishan National Scenic Area seems to have come straight out of a dream sequence. With not one or two but twenty-five mountains, their peaks covered in mist, numerous hills, valleys, and breath-taking views that stretch to the horizon., the area is quite a magical place. And while you are here, do not forget to sample a steaming cup of tea from the native Tsou people who are master tea makers.
  • Tainan: Tainan was the capital of the erstwhile imperial kingdom of Taiwan. Tourists and people on Taiwan group tour packages flock here to explore the imperial as well as colonial remains, especially in the Anping District. Like many other cities, this city too boasts of many museums, most notably, the Chimei and Koxinga Museums. Charming old temples, a 17th century Fort Zeelandia built by the Dutch East India Company, and the chaotic and colourful night markets are some of the highlights here.
  • Sun Moon Lake: Tourists, especially honeymooners, visit this place to experience the magical serenity that the lake and its surroundings offer. You can either opt for a delightful boat ride over the lake or a thrilling bike ride in the nearby hills. The natural scenery is spellbinding and is a great inclusion for your Taiwan holiday package.

Best Time to Visit Taiwan

March to June are the spring months in Taiwan and are considered to be the ideal months to visit the destination as they are perfect for sightseeing and outdoor activities and you can find several travel deals for Taiwan as well. The summers from June to September could prove to be hot and humid with frequent typhoons and thunderstorms. The winter months of December to March are the low tourist season and this could also mean great deals on airfare for Taiwan tour packages. So, you can choose a time to travel accordingly.

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