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They say, "There is no Wi-Fi in the mountains, but you will find a better connection."

It's about time you answer the call of the mountains, and we are with you every step of the way. If you are craving crisp fresh air, love being close to nature and are longing for a challenge then look no further. We invite you to enjoy the view from the top, cherish a walk along trees, valleys and river streams, camp under the stars and live out of a haversack. Just make sure you are physically fit, fall in the age group of 15 - 55 and yearns to improve your stamina & immunity. We are eagerly waiting to be a part of your journey. Let’s get going and discover the great outdoors.

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Hampta Pass Himachal Trek8 Days₹25,000

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8 days
8 days

Hampta Pass Himachal Trek

8 Days
5 Cities
Treks & Hikes




1N Chandigarh
1N Kalath
1N Uchung Bihadi
2N Bhalu ka Ghera
1N Kalath
1 departure for the tour


per person on twin sharing basis

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Treks And Hikes Frequently Asked Questions

Hiking is a long walk on trails and is easy. Trekking is a long uphill journey on foot that could last several days and hence is difficult and likely to be tiring. Mountaineering is a sport/activity of climbing mountains that requires special equipment, skills and training.

The idea of a Trek maybe intimidating to many people as it involves risks and challenges. Having said that, anyone who is physically fit and mentally prepared can participate in a trekking expedition. Around 75% of our trekkers are beginners, yet they do it comfortably. Once you book, we provide you guidance about how to prepare for the trek and once it begins, our Tour Manager is with you throughout and there are local experts at every level.

Every mountain range has various trek routes at different gradients and altitudes. Everyone cannot participate in all types of treks as it depends on the fitness level of the person and the difficulty level of the trek. Therefore, you should study the difficulty level / rating of the treks and choose the one that is best suited to your fitness standards. Trek ratings / difficulty levels are based on the pace at which the trek is to be completed, highest altitude on the trek, altitude at which trekking is done each day, number of trekking hours per day, gradient / terrain / climate / temperature on the trek etc. Based on these factors, treks are classified as Easy (Level 1), Moderate (Level 2), Difficult (Level 3).

  • Easy (level 1) – ‘Easy’ indicates that one is able to walk with their back pack for 2-3 hours with occasional breaks. Hence, it is expected to be suitable for everyone. The terrain on such treks is only slightly uneven and they are at relatively lower elevations. These treks are ideal for beginners.
  • Moderate (Level 2) – ‘Moderate’ level treks typically involve 4-6 hours of hiking per day while always carrying a backpack and there is an ascent of 1000-2000 feet each day. Previous experience of trekking and good physical condition are required for ‘Moderate’ level treks.
  • Difficult (Level 3) – ‘Difficult’ level treks typically involve 6-8 hours of hiking per day while always carrying a backpack and there is an ascent of 2000-3000 feet each day. These are recommended for regular trekkers who have excellent hiking skills and are in great physical shape.

Trekking expeditions are specially designed for physically fit travellers / trekkers in the age group of 15-55 years.

There will be 20 – 25 travellers in one trekking expedition.

The trekking expedition will be guided by both, Veena World Tour Manager and an expert local trek leader.

It is common to have altitude sickness during a trek as we are new to such heights and our bodies may not get adjusted immediately. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, lack of appetite, exhaustion, muscle aches, rapid pulse even at rest and insomnia are some of the symptoms of altitude sickness. We should anticipate these and be calm, maintain a slow and steady pace, drink water at regular intervals, keep away from smoking & consuming alcohol and avoid having heavy food and sleeping pills.

Fitness levels differ from person to person and is therefore difficult to judge if one is fit for a particular trekking expedition. Just as an indicator, we can say that if you can jog or run 5 KM in half hour or walk continuously for 10 KM (with 3-4 short breaks) and if you can hold your breath for 30-40 seconds you can be a trekker. Having said that, you should consult a medical practitioner to check your fitness levels before joining a trekking expedition.

If you have already done mountain treks in the recent past and if your medical practitioner has confirmed that your fitness levels are good enough, you can join the trek. For beginners who wish to join the trek it is necessary that s/he undergoes a check-up from a medical practitioner; some treks may require a medical certificate to be carried with you which shall be mentioned in the itinerary. Also ensure that you have a regular practice of walking, jogging, running and breath control exercises.

We make the best use of natural daylight on trek. Your day starts bright and early with bed tea/coffee followed by time to get ready for the trek. After breakfast we start our daily trek and depending on the itinerary we will come back to the campsite for lunch or have a packed lunch en-route. Depending on the trek, we will enjoy some fun filled activities at the campsite in the evening. After dinner we recommend everyone to hit the bed early and get a good night’s rest for the next day.

As per the level (1/2/3) of your trek, you will walk for 4-7 hours at an altitude of 1000-3000 meters. Depending on the gradient of the trek, you will climb 100-350 meters per day.

India is such a diverse country that every month you have an opportunity to go trekking in the mountains. Some of the popular treks are Markha Valley Trek, Dodital Trek, Great Lakes of Kashmir Trek, Bijli Mahadev Trek etc. We generally arrange trekking expeditions as per favourable seasons. In Aug and Sep 2021, we have organised various treks in the Himalayas i.e. in Ladakh, Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand and Sikkim Darjeeling. As the season changes, we will arrange for treks in more regions. You may go through Veena World website for more details.

We are equipped to handle emergencies as all our trekking expeditions have qualified and certified mountaineering instructors, trained guides, well stocked first aid kits. Also ‘doctor on call’ service is available in most places.

If any trekker needs emergency departure from the trek, then it can be done in coordination with the state authorities’ rescue team; also helicopter can be arranged at an additional price.

Yes, trekkers shall carry their personal belongings on their own; hence we request you to bring only a backpack not weighing more than 8-10 KG. Still if required, a porter or a mule can be arranged for you at an additional cost. Trekking essentials provided by local suppliers like mattresses, tents, food (ration) etc. are carried by local porters.

We provide mineral water bottle or arrange potable water from a nearby stream or source. Every trekker must carry 2 empty water bottles or a water bladder. Local guides will advise you from where to refill the bottles. You may bring water purification tablets as an additional precaution.

We advise our trekkers to be free of phones and gadgets as far as possible as we truly believe that trekking should be experienced in its entirety without disturbances. And that’s why we say, “There is no wifi in the mountains, but you will find a better connection”. At the same time, you can connect with your family and friends while at resorts as many of them have internet facility. In remote areas with poor connectivity, our team will be in touch with the local trek leader and we shall convey the well-being of the guests on trek to their family.

Most of the camp sites, tents and resorts are equipped with clean toilet facilities. In a few remote places we may have to manage with available alternatives.

Though the locations are remote, we try to provide nutritious, energy boosting food for our trekkers. A typical meal plan: Morning Tea/Coffee, breakfast, lunch, evening tea/coffee with snacks, dinner including soup and dessert at most of the places. Eggs & non veg dishes will be provided as per the availability. We try to use locally available produce to have fresh ingredients for your meals and also to support the local farmers.

We arrange accommodation in tents at campsites, huts, home stays and comfortable resorts wherever available. Generally, there are 2-4 travellers in one room/ tent. For single travellers Veena World gives a guarantee of a room sharing partner (same gender). Single or separate room/tent facility can be made available at an additional cost and would be subject to availability.

Yes. Men and Women trekkers are provided separate rooms/tents.

The type of vehicle used depends on the number of travellers and road conditions at the destination. We generally use SUVs / Tempo Travellers / Mini or big buses.

The price is all-inclusive with return air travel, road transfers, accommodation, meals, trekking permits/fees, services of Veena World Tour Manager and an expert local trek leader. It does not include expenses of personal nature and additional expense incurred due to any emergency or force majeure situation. We request you to read details of the tour on our website for additional and complete information.

Yes, we highly recommend you to buy special travel insurance at an additional price before joining the trek. We can assist you for the same or you can buy it from any other recognised travel insurance company.

Every trekker must carry any one of the identification documents - Aadhaar Card / Voter’s ID card / Driving License / Student ID card, while travelling within India. Currently there are other requirements like vaccination certificate, negative RTPCR report from an ICMR approved lab, e-pass, Aarogya Setu app on mobile etc. For few treks physical fitness certificate from a medical practitioner and signing of indemnity bond are also mandatory.

Yes, we provide a Veena World certificate to every trekker who successfully completes a trekking expedition with us.

Yes, there are shops at the destination from where you can buy/rent necessary trekking equipment. However, we recommend that you come prepared with requisite items and not rely on local buying/renting in the last minute. Trekking goods are easily available in shops such as Decathlon, Wildcraft, Woodland, Columbia Sportswear, Amazon etc.

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