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Thanjavur Tour Packages

Art, religion, and architecture are some of the tenets of a growing and progressive civilization, and Thanjavur, with its temples, in Tamil Nadu is a stellar example of the same.

Once the capital of the great Chola empire, this destination has marked its place prominently with the numerous structurally and aesthetically brilliant Thanjavur temples. It is a major pilgrimage destination in South India with pilgrims flocking from all over the world, which speaks a lot for the popularity of our cost-effectively priced Thanjavur tour packages available online. Thanjavur cannot really be described as only a temple city, as grand palaces, a library, an art gallery, parks, and churches all add to the adventure of exploring the city with affordably priced online Thanjavur tour packages. Thanjavur tourism leaves visitors to the place spoilt for choice with a wide array of things to do in and around this ancient city. For the most suitable tour to Thanjavur at the right price, you can explore Veena World’s customized and specially curated Thanjavur tour packages. From the Brihadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur to the Shwartz Church, you can choose Thanjavur tourism packages based on the cost and the itinerary being offered for a trip that will help you create memories for a lifetime.

Thanjavur Travel Packages

Thanjavur PackagesDay/NightPrice
Madurai Rameswaram Thanjavur5 Days₹35,000
Highlights of South India8 Days₹57,000

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Madurai Rameswaram Thanjavur

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Tour includes

5 Days
1 Country
4 Cities
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Coimbatore (1N)

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Thanjavur Frequently Asked Questions

We help you prepare for your trip and ensure an effortless and enjoyable travel experience.

You can book Thanjavur tour packages with Veena World. Mentioned below are a few guidelines for you to keep in mind before booking your travel package: -

a.    Check if you need a Visa: That is because you would have to wait a week to 15 days to get your Visa. Apply for it a month prior to your date of departure.

b.    Try to have a budget to avoid being extravagant.

c.    Make an itinerary of the places you want to visit so that you can book your package accordingly.

d.    Exchange your currency beforehand so that cash in hand is not an issue during the trip. 

Yes, it is absolutely safe to travel to Thanjavur. People here are welcoming in nature and helpful to tourists who need navigation. However, like any travel destination you have to be cautious and alert. Avoid going to secluded areas at night and adhere to local customs and traditions. With low rates of petty crimes, Thanjavur tour packages are safe for solo female travellers too. All you have to do is, be vigilant.

We understand your sentiment when it comes to booking a travel package for your vacation. It is thoughtfully planned and needs to be worthy of your time and money. Our tailor-made travel packages are designed in such a way that you can focus solely on making great travel memories. We have a wide range of tour packages for Thanjavur. Thus, Veena World covers most of the destinations that Thanjavur is famous for. Or you can speak to our travel experts to build the perfect package.

Yes, it is definitely worth visiting Thanjavur. The city is known for its rich history, temples, palaces, art & architecture. It is one of the major pilgrimage destinations in South India. Thanjavur tourism leaves visitors in awe. Tourists of all age groups can indulge in activities they may find interesting. In its serenity, the temples of Thanjavur are a must-visit destination for those who appreciate life and see it as a gift. Share this gift with your friends & family by booking Thanjavur tour packages with Veena World. 

Thanjavur is a popular tourist destination that can be visited throughout the year. However, winter is the best time to visit Thanjavur. Exploring a city is much easier when the weather is pleasant. The months from December to February are the best time as you can see tourists from all over the world flock to Thanjavur. Around this time of the year, Thanjavur is a haven for birds migrating in for winter making it a good spectacle. To know more about the city, speak to our travel experts for tips and build the perfect Thanjavur tour package.

With its famous splendid temples, grand palaces, and stunning landmarks, Thanjavur is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to explore the cultural and historical treasures of South India. You can plan your Thanjavur tour package and include these popular attractions in your itinerary:

●    Brihadeeswara Temple

●    Airavatesvara Temple

●    Gangaikonda Cholapuram

●    Adi Kumbeswarar Temple

●    Arulmigu Sri Oppiliappan Temple

●    Garbarakshambigai Temple

●    Suriyanar Koil

●    Swami Malai Temple

●    Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan

●    Mahamaham tank

Definitely, Thanjavur is a family-friendly destination. You can visit the famous temples and historic monuments with your family and learn about the ancient history. You can also enjoy many family-friendly and kids-friendly activities on the Thanjavur Tour package like visiting the popular temples, taking part in their festivals, stalling around the beach and enjoying lip-smacking street food.

Thanjavur is a vibrant city located in the southern part of India, known for its rich heritage in art, religion, and architecture. Ideally, 2-3 days are enough to explore all the major sights and attractions in the city. You can visit historic monuments in Thanjavur on day 1 and explore the ancient history. On Day 2 you can visit the nearest temples for blessings. And on Day 3 you can explore the streets and go shopping. In this way, you can enjoy all the activities according to your preferences. Make sure to book your Thanjavur tour package according to your planned itinerary or you can book your tour with Veena World and leave the rest to professionals.

Yes, Veena World offers this fantastic option for travellers who want a customized Thanjavur holiday. With this, you can plan your trip based on your preferences. Additionally, our customization feature allows you to select your preferred sightseeing options and experience the very best of Thanjavur with your loved ones. To build your customized holiday, please get in touch with our travel experts.

Yes, a group tour is the best option if you are looking for an exciting trip. You can consider a Veena World's Thanjavur group tour for the following reasons: - 

•    First, it's convenient. With a group tour, all logistics such as transportation, accommodations, and itinerary planning are pre-arranged, saving you time and effort. 

•    Second, socializing is a great benefit. Meeting and interacting with fellow travellers can enhance your overall experience. 

•    Third, group tours offer cost savings compared to individual trips, and the itineraries are designed to let you explore the best places and make the most of your group experience. 

•    Finally, Veena World group tours are fully managed by professional tour managers who can give you valuable insights throughout the trip and take care of all the arrangements.

Get to know more about Thanjavur before booking your tour packages

Thanjavur tourism takes you to a city that has come to be known for housing one of the best specimens of the building and structural prowess of the Chola dynasty – The Thanjavur Brihadeeswara Temple – and has also given the Indian civilization the intricate beauty of Tanjore paintings. It is believed that the city may have derived its name from a Mutharayar king, 'Thananjay' or 'Dhananjaya'. Legend also has it that 'Thanjavur' takes after 'Tanjan' who was an asura who was killed here. The Thanjavur district is also known as the granary of South India, as, owing to the fertile lands, Thanjavur also has one of the largest paddy cultivations in southern India, which has also played quite a role in helping increase the popularity of Thanjavur tourism packages. Do not forget to touch upon the myriad aspects of this mystery land on your Thanjavur tour.

Experience Thanjavur

Thanjavur Tourism revolves a lot around the art and culture that is prevalent in the region. The culture that you can witness with your Thanjavur sightseeing packages brings forth a traditional legacy and seamlessly amalgamates it into the modern era. Even the festivals may be considered as major tourist attractions of Thanjavur as they are celebrated with a lot of vigour and enthusiasm. The Natyanjali Dance Festival and Carnatic Classical Musical Festival are the most notable celebrations that you can experience with the right sightseeing package to Thanjavur and witness the unique culture of the area

Things to Do in Thanjavur

There are many places to visit in Thanjavur which are of great importance. Here is a list of some of the most famous places in Thanjavur to help make planning your tour of Thanjavur easy:

The Thanjavur Brihadeeswara Temple:

The Brihadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur is also known as Rajarajeshvara after the king who built it. This intricately carved temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a magnificently overwhelming structure. The city has become somewhat synonymous with this architectural marvel. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple in Thanjavur has been described by historian Percy Brown as 'a landmark in the evolution of building art in South India'. It was built in the 11th century AD by the great Chola king, Raja Raja Chola. The stone structure has hundreds of lingams carved into it. The inner sanctum of the temple has beautiful depictions of the Chola and Nayak reigns in the form of wall paintings. Although the original structure included a gopura, a huge tower, inscriptions, murals, and sculptures, much of the artwork was lost during the course of history. This Thanjavur temple now stands amidst fortified walls that were added later on. Take a moment to savour the brilliance of this place, a stellar example of Dravidian architecture. If you plan to visit this place around Mahashivaratri, you may witness the Brahan Natyanjali dance festival, a confluence of dancers from all over the country, which makes this a good time to book your Thanjavur tour packages as well.

Thanjavur Maratha Palace:

This palace complex is known locally as Aranmanai and is the official residence of the Bhonsle family. The Bhonsle family ruled Tanjore (old name for Thanjavur) from 1674 to 1855. This is a palace of epic proportions and a standing testimony to the opulence of the families that owned it. Forming an important part of most Thanjavur sightseeing packages, the palace complex consists of the Sadar Mahal Palace, the queen's courtyard, and the Durbar Hall. It also houses The Royal Palace Museum that boasts of spectacular artworks and inscriptions of a bygone era. Protected by towering walls, the palace has splendidly decorated rooms, never-ending corridors, walls and ceilings adorned with beautiful fresco paintings, and a spectacular display of stucco works and carvings. This museum, along with the Raja Serfoji Memorial Hall, is housed inside the Sadar Mahal Palace. In addition to these, the royal family's Chandra Mauleeshwarar Temple, Thanjavur, is also located inside the complex.

Saraswathi Mahal Library:

This library is no ordinary library, just as Thanjavur is more than a temple city. It takes on huge significance as not only is it one of the oldest libraries in Asia, but also prides itself as the preserver and protector of rare manuscripts and books. This library, located inside the Thanjavur palace complex, has a collection of rare palm-leaf manuscripts and papers written in Tamil and Sanskrit. These manuscripts cover a wide spectrum of topics, from literature to medicine. In addition to these, the library also has a collection of many Marathi and Telugu manuscripts. What started as a private library for the kings has now blossomed into an important site of historical knowledge and learning.

Gangaikonda Cholapuram:

Not just the Brihadeeswara Temple, but even the Gangaikonda Cholapuram has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple is a fine example of the Chola Dynasty's vision in terms of structural brilliance. The rulers of this dynasty were patrons of art and architecture and that is quite evident in these architectural marvels from the time. The name - Gangaikonda Cholapuram means the town of the Chola who took over Ganga (water from Ganga) or who defeated the kings near Ganga. This temple, built by the Chola king Rajendra Chola, has marked its place as a site of prime value in the annals of Tamil history.

Airavateshwara Temple:

It wouldn't be wrong to assume that Thanjavur's favourite deity is Lord Shiva, with numerous temples having been built in his honour. The Airavateshwara Temple is located in Darasuram and is named after Lord Shiva's white elephant, known as Airavata. Sage Durvasa had cursed Airavata and to get rid of the curse, Airavata prayed fervently to his saviour, Lord Shiva, here. Another legend traces the roots of this temple as being the place where the lord of death-Yama, prayed to Lord Shiva.

Schwartz Church:

Thanjavur is not just home to the numerous temples of note but has several other points of attraction as well. This church was constructed by the Maratha King Serfoji II in 1779 as homage to the Danish Christian missionary, Friedrich Schwartz. At the request of Maratha King Serfoji II, an Italian sculptor, John Flaxman, sculpted a white marble statue bearing the images of King Serfoji II and Father Schwartz. The installation depicts the death of Father Schwartz, giving his last blessings to the king.

Sivaganga Park:

Right next to Schwartz Church is Sivaganga Park. This garden lies within the Vijayanagar Fort. The sight of this garden is a joy to behold as it has been maintained perfectly. A square tank built in the 16th century is located inside the premises and is still in use. It serves as a recreational space and is a popular picnic spot. Among the popular attractions of this park are a toy train, a zoo as well as boating facilities. The park is open on all days between 9 am and 6 pm.

Phoompuhar Art Gallery:

To be in the midst of exploring with your Thanjavur tourism packages and not indulge your senses with some Tanjore paintings would be a mistake. The Phoompuhar Art Gallery not only exhibits but also sells a wide range of Tanjore paintings, murals, idols, etc.

Best Time to Visit Thanjavur

The summers (March-May) in Thanjavur could be very hot and dry but you can avail some great prices for Thanjavur tour packages at Veena World during this time. The best time to explore Thanjavur would be the winter season (December-February). The temperatures are moderate and quite conducive for a Thanjavur trip.

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