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Rameswaram Tour Packages

The amalgamation of land and oceanic beauty and India’s bridge over the Indian Ocean; Rameshwaram is a surrealistic and mystifying destination!

A Rameshwaram tour will take you to an unspoiled and quiet town that lies in the southern state of Tamil Nadu and is a part of the stunning and alluring Pamban Island. While the town is the most definitely the utmost edge of the Indian land, it is nonetheless well-connected to the rest of the country via the famed Pamban channel, which you may opt to travel by with your Rameshwaram tour package on your next vacation. Sri Lanka’s famous Mannar Island is also only about 1,400 km away from the town of Rameshwaram. 

Regarded as one of the holiest places for Hindus and a must-visit ‘Dham’ during the holy pilgrimage or the ‘Char Dham Yatra’, a Rameshwaram tour package will let you explore the town that holds great eminence and significance in Indian history. Most of the cost-effectively priced Rameshwaram tour packages available online revolve around the pilgrimage sites in the town. However, it would be naïve to think that the tourism of the town revolves around these sites alone! It is believed that the town is the place from where the Hindu Lord Rama, also considered as Lord Vishnu’s seventh avatar, built the bridge that led to Sri Lanka to free his captured wife Sita from the Lankan King, Ravana. In fact, the word Rameshwara translates to “the place where Rama worshipped Eswara”, but the town goes further than just its religious sites and history. Rameshwaram is blessed with surreal scenery and extraordinary sightseeing spots. In fact, Rameshwaram sightseeing tours are quite famous throughout the Southern part of India.

Rameswaram Travel Packages

Rameswaram PackagesDay/NightPrice
Cultural Tamil Nadu12 Days₹71,000

2 Rameswaram Holiday Packages

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2 departures available

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Cultural Tamil Nadu

12 Days
11 Cities


per person on twin sharing
12 Days
11 Cities
Kanchipuram (1N)
Trichy (2N)
Madurai (1N)
Rameswaram (2N)
Thanjavur (2N)
Pondicherry (2N)
Mahabalipuram (1N)
Road Trips

The Great Indian Peninsula Road Trip

50 Days
45 Cities
Dwarka (2N)
Somnath (1N)
Diu (2N)
Coming Soon
50 Days
45 Cities
Dwarka (2N)
Somnath (1N)
Diu (2N)
Bhavnagar (1N)
Surat (1N)
Mumbai (2N)
Alibag (1N)
Murud (1N)
Dapoli (1N)
Ganpatipule (2N)
Goa (3N)
Gokarna (2N)
Udupi (1N)
Bekal (2N)
Cochin (1N)
Alleppey (1N)
Thiruvananthapuram (2N)
Kanyakumari (1N)
Rameswaram (2N)
Pondicherry (2N)
Chennai (2N)
Nellore (1N)
Vijayawada (1N)
VIzag (3N)
Brahmapur (1N)
Puri (2N)
Digha (2N)
Sunderbans (2N)
Kolkata (2N)
Velankanni (1N)
Bhitarkanika (1N)
Araku Valley
Borra Caves

Get to know more about Rameswaram before booking your tour packages

Named after the Hindu Lord Ram, the town of Rameshwaram is a living memoir of the great Hindu epic, the Ramayana. Situated on a beautiful island on the Indian Ocean, the town attracts a number of tourists to book a Rameshwaram holiday package and visit the town. You will find people visiting Rameshwaram throughout the year, thanks to the tropical climate it enjoys. Besides the religious and historical significance, Rameshwaram is also quite blessed when it comes to the astonishing natural beauty.

Many people book a Rameshwaram travel package for pilgrimage purposes, but that in no way means that you can disregard the beauty of the town. The enticing blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the mystifying ambience of the coast will surely call out to the explorer in you. Distanced from the hustle and bustle of a megalopolis by the Pamban channel, a Rameshwaram tour for your next vacation will offer you an experience that you will cherish all your life.

Experience Rameshwaram

The town of Rameshwaram has held great significance in India’s history, especially in regard to the country’s trade engagements with other countries. The island town used to be a stopping point for travellers who set out to Ceylon, now Sri Lanka. Even the Khilji family in Delhi has been associated with Rameshwaram’s history. Rameshwaram sightseeing tours are so much more than cherishing the beautiful historical landmarks in the town; they will also help you discover the great historical importance that Rameshwaram has held for all these years.

The 16th century was the time when the Vijayanagar kings ruled in Rameshwaram. They did so till 1795, which is when the town was taken over by the British East India Company. The influx of such diverse cultures makes Rameshwaram quite an eclectic town, which is something that you can observe in the local population’s daily traditions and also in the town’s distinctive architecture when you visit with your Rameshwaram tour package on your vacation.

Things to Do in Rameshwaram

Visit Ramanathaswamy Temple: 

The Ramanathaswamy Temple is one of the most famous temples and sightseeing spots in Rameshwaram. What makes it special is the fact that in a town where most temples are dedicated to Lord Ram, this temple is dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva. The reason behind this is that it is believed that Ram worshipped Lord Shiva, who is also known as the destroyer, to clear himself of the sin of killing Ravana.The temple houses, not one but two lingams (symbols of Lord Shiva), one that is said to have been brought by Lord Hanuman from the Himalayas, and the other which is believed to have been created by Sita out of the sand after the delay in the arrival of the first lingam. The temple has excellent architecture and is incredibly beautiful. Your cost-effectively priced online Rameshwaram travel package from Veena World will acquaint you with this beautiful temple and much more.

Wash Away Your Sins at Agnitheertham:

Plan your Rameshwaram tour itinerary to include this activity as well. Take a dip in the 23 theerthams (holy water bodies) that are all situated in and around Ramanathaswamy Temple, as this practice is considered to be an integral part of washing away one’s sins. Every theertham is located inside the premises of the Ramanathaswamy Temple except for the Agnitheertham. Situated at the sea, only a few hundred meters from the temple's east gate, many people bathe in this theertham while worshipping the Hindu deity.

Stand at the Edge of India:

Beyond the Dhanushkodi, Arichal Munai is technically the land border between the two countries of India and Sri Lanka. However, as the distance between these two countries is not more than 18 nautical miles, the international laws for a feasible boundary line have not been fulfilled. Which is why the governments of both countries agreed upon an imaginary one. The chain of limestone shoals, popularly famed as Adam's Bridge, extends entirely till the Sri Lankan coast. Standing at the edge of India is quite a surreal experience that you can enjoy on your Rameshwaram tour.

Take a Train Ride Over the Pamban Bridge:

Connected by the two noteworthy bridges, Pamban Rail Bridge and Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge, Pamban Island is a scenic place, to say the least. What’s more is that you can choose to enjoy a train ride on the Pamban Rail Bridge on your Rameshwaram holiday package, which is an exceptionally exciting experience!

Fun Fact:

The Pamban Rail Bridge is India’s oldest sea bridge and was successfully built in 1914. The Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge, which became functional in 1988 is India’s second longest sea bridge.

Learn How to Kitesurf:

It might come as a surprise that a town that is nationally acclaimed for its religious tourism is also one of India’s best kitesurfing destinations. You can book your Rameshwaram trip package for the kitesurfing season which comes shortly after the wind flow during the monsoons. You can enjoy flying kites or witness the kitesurfing; the event is just as grandiose as it is fun. However, if this isn’t one of your interests, you can indulge in water sports like snorkelling, stand-up paddle boarding, or kayaking.

Best Time to Visit Rameshwaram

When it comes to the weather conditions in Rameshwaram, the town is blessed with a tropical climate all throughout the year. What it means is that despite the fact the seasons may vary greatly, the temperatures mostly do not. This makes Rameshwaram sightseeing perfectly enjoyable all through the year. You have the freedom to choose your Rameshwaram tour itinerary online for your vacation for any time of the year; something most tourist destinations can’t offer! Although, it may be said that you will be able to enjoy your trip much more if you plan to visit Rameshwaram between the months of October and April.

To help you pick the best time for booking your Rameshwaram holiday package, here’s a season-wise description of Rameshwaram’s weather:

Winters (December - February):

Winters in Rameshwaram attract the maximum number of visitors. Although you must keep in mind that this time is best suited only for a Rameshwaram tour and not for pilgrimage. During winters, the town is blessed with chilly yet pleasant winds that make the atmosphere that much more amicable. Your Rameshwaram tour package shouldn’t cost much this time of the year either.

Monsoons (July - October):

Monsoons in Rameshwaram bring in temperatures that are quite similar to those during the summers. August to October is a period that offers a good climate for you to explore Rameswaram as the drop in the temperatures makes the stay quite comfortable. What’s more, your Rameshwaram trip packages are also priced a lot more competitively during this time of the year.

Summers (March - June):

Summers in Rameshwaram are typically hot and dry. The temperatures range from 27 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius. However, this is also the pilgrim season; which is why you should, if you can, book your Rameshwaram tour package for some other time. The town is extremely crowded you will most likely get caught between processions and chants held throughout the town.

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