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Badami Tour Packages

Discover the vivid and rich history of the Chalukya period and delve into the culture of ancient southern India at this unique destination.

Badami Cave Temples need no introduction, while the town of Badami itself is a serene destination located in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. It is known for its culture and heritage that dates back to 540 AD. The architecture, art, and culture from this period make their presence felt with gusto and you will be able to see several examples showcased at the Badami Cave Temples and at various places around this small town, which has preserved these mementos from a time long past.

One of the most famous destinations here would be the Badami Banashankari Temple, which forms a major part of Badami Tourism, is counted among the most well-known Hindu shrines in Kolkata, and is said to have been built sometime around the 7th century AD – The Kalyani Chalukya Period. Most of the Badami Cave

Badami Travel Packages

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Hampi Badami Chikmagalur9 Days₹59,000
Hampi Badami5 Days₹36,000

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Get to know more about Badami before booking your tour packages

Badami is a district in Karnataka located in the northern region of the state. Famous for its ancient architecture and rock sculptures that you can check out at the ancient caves and temples, it isn’t difficult to see why the town is famous for religious tourism. However, the tourist places in Badami have a lot more to offer than just the temples.

Badami Fort, which was built in the year 543 AD by the Chalukya King, Pulakesgi, rests on top of a cliff along with two Shivalays that were constructed in the 5th century AD. The fort also has 2 watchtowers by its side, which were constructed in the 14th and 16th centuries. The fort and the architecture that surround it are considered to be great destinations for not just history buffs, but for all kinds of travellers. Tourism in Badami has a lot to offer to anyone who visits this quiet town in Bagalkot.

Experience Badami

Badami Tourism is mainly based on religious travel and this can majorly be attributed to the Badami Banashankari Temple. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Shakambhari who is said to be a form of Goddess Parvati. The temple is one of the very important religious shrines for Hindus. The name of the Banashankari, or the Banashankari Amma Temple, comes from the Sanskrit words ‘Vana’ and ‘Shankari’, which translates to the “Goddess of the Forest”.

The Badami Banashankari Temple was built in the 7th Century with a typical Dravidian architecture style, which over the years has been accented with Vijayanagar and Islamic architectural overtones in the various processes of renovation that took place over the years. Being home to several heritage sites that include numerous temples, the Badami Fort, and other attractions, visiting the best of the Badami tourist places takes you back in time as you witness the vivid art and architecture that is simply from another era. For your next vacation, book a Badami trip online at cost-effective prices from Veena World. This will be a vacation that you will remember for years to come!

Things to Do in Badami

Visiting the famous Badami tourist places offers an experience that is a blend of history and culture, and there are several attractions in the town that you can check out, including the various temples. If you are looking for the right itinerary for your trip, here are some of the best Badami tourist places that you can consider adding to your tour package:

  • ● Badami Fort:

    The Badami Fort was built in the 5th century, by the Chalukyas who ruled over most of the south-west region of the sub-continent. Over the years, the fort has been refurbished and renovated by the then-ruling kings, which added quite a few elements from their periods of the rule as well. You can notice some signs of Vijayanagar architecture in a few areas, whereas some others reflect the Islamic style of architecture from the Mughal period. Visiting the fort is like opening an old page in a history book, and the experience is truly priceless.

    ● The Banashankari Amma Temple:

    The Banashankari Amma Temple is dedicated to a form of Goddess Parvati, who according to the local beliefs, is the custodian of the forests where the temple is located. The temple was built in the 7th century with the typical Dravidian form of architecture, which has evolved over the years to include elements from the Islamic and Vijayanagar styles as well. With these different styles of architecture amalgamating to evoke a sense of harmony, for ages, the temple has been maintaining a tradition of unity with the festival of Banashankari Jatre, which is a religious-cum-cultural celebration held every year in the months of January or February.

    ● The Badami Cave Temples:

    Counted among some of the first Hindu temples in the Deccan area, the Badami cave temples are a complex of four independent cave temples for Hindu and Jain faiths. These cave temples are a stellar example of Indian rock-cut architecture, especially the Badami Chalukya architectural style, and each temple showcases intricate carvings and depictions. While three of the temples are dedicated to depictions of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva in their various avatars, the 4th temple is dedicated to Jain Tirthankaras. The cave temples of Badami have also played a role in transforming the Malaprabha River Valley into a destination for temple architecture which ended up influencing several Hindu temple components later, in other parts of India.

    ● Agastya Lake:

    Agastya lake is a sight to behold during the morning hours. This is a huge lake that is located beneath the cave temples of Badami. It was constructed in the 5th century and is considered to be a holy destination as people believe that the waters of the lake have healing powers. The cave temples are on the south-west part of the lake and the fort crowns the north-west end, while the eastern banks of the lake are dotted with Bhoothanatha Temples. Surrounded by these historical mountains and offering breath-taking views of the hills, a visit to the lake should definitely be included in your trip!

Best Time to Visit Badami

Badami is located in a semi-arid region and thus, in the summers, the weather and climate may not be suitable for you to enjoy the destination to its fullest.

On the other hand, from October to April is a period when you would most enjoy a visit to Badami. The weather is pleasant, and the heritage sites can be explored comfortably without the fear of rains or the scorching heat of summer putting a damper on your plans. For the best cost-effectively priced Badami tour package online, Veena World has a range of options for you to choose from!

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