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Azerbaijan Tour Packages

Experience the mulberry groves, vineyards and epic mountain ranges of this hidden gem, perfectly blending the colours of its geography between Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Located on the tip of Asia, Azerbaijan is bordered by – Russia, Iran, Armenia and Georgia. Primarily known for its oil export, it does fall under the radar of many passionate travellers. Unknown to many, this nation has been referred to as the “Land of Fire”, as a natural gas fire named “Yanar Dag” –burning mountain blazes on the hillside of the Caspian Sea near Baku. The trip usually starts by landing in Baku, which feels like stepping back in time. The city comprises the majority of historical treasures. For individuals/groups considering an Azerbaijan tour package from India, there are direct flights from New Delhi to Baku, with the country accepting the majority of the tourists via E-visa.

Azerbaijan Travel Packages

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Azerbaijan Frequently Asked Questions

We help you prepare for your trip and ensure an effortless and enjoyable travel experience.

Ideally, a minimum of seven days must be set aside to explore multiple travel destinations around Azerbaijan. Most travellers choose a week-long vacation, as the duration is enough to see some of the best parts of the country. Some of the most popular destinations that you can explore on your tour are Absheron National Park, Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, The Caspian Sea, and many other tourist attractions. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the most suitable Azerbaijan travel packages from Veena World.

Yes, to visit Azerbaijan, you must have a visa. Consider booking an Azerbaijan package via Veena World to simplify your travel plans. Moreover, our visa executives will also provide guidance and assistance regarding visas, ensuring a hassle-free journey. Whether you're interested in exploring Baku's very modern architecture or experiencing the rich culture of Azerbaijan, Veena World's packages can make your journey memorable. Rest you can explore our website for more details on Azerbaijan packages and travel services.

One of the easiest ways to book a tour to Azerbaijan is simply to select the ideal Azerbaijan tour package from Veena World. Our experts will handle everything related to travel, including itineraries, transportation, accommodation, meals, and more. You just need to book a package that suits your budget and preferences. At Veena World, we make sure to make your vacation memorable. So, explore our Azerbaijan tour packages from India, book your ideal package, and kickstart your tour preparation today.

An Azerbaijan Tourism Package from Veena World typically includes a range of services to make your journey memorable. You can expect expertly crafted itineraries, comfy accommodations, transportation, guided tours, and appetising meals. Additionally, we also offer visa assistance, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Veena World's Azerbaijan tourism packages from India are designed to offer you the best of this captivating destination, allowing you to explore its culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities with convenience. 

Azerbaijan is considered an all-year destination with each season offering extremely unique experiences. Still, March to June and September to October is the best time to visit. You can also participate in celebrating the Persian New Year during the annual March Novruz Bayrami Celebration. No matter the season, our all-inclusive tour packages to Azerbaijan ensure that you get the best out of your tour.

Located on the west coast of the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is often referred to as the Land of Fire because of its mud volcanoes. Being a perfect amalgamation of nature, adventure, and culture, this country has a lot to offer. Ranging from scenic natural wonders to magnificent architectural marvels, and iconic monuments to engrossing museums, you will have plenty of options. Some of the major tourist attractions that should definitely be on your itinerary while exploring Azerbaijan travel packages are:

•    Flame Towers

•    Highland Park

•    Bibiheybat

•    Atashgah Fire Temple

•    Fountain Square

•    Maiden Tower 

•    Heydar Aliyev Centre

•    Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

•    Agh Gol National Park

•    Goyazan Mountain

Yes. Being a popular holiday destination, Azerbaijan is considered absolutely safe for tourists, even if you’re travelling solo. However, it is always best to take certain precautions to ensure your own safety during the tour. Some of them are not carrying any valuables or large amounts of cash with you and not going to secluded places at night. Another important thing is to keep your travel plans and accommodation details to yourself. By booking an Azerbaijan package with Veena World, you also get the assurance of 24x7 support. You can reach out to our team for any kind of assistance that you may require for the entire duration of the tour.

Azerbaijan is a country that is known for its liveliness, vibrant culture, and world-class music. What better way to experience all of this than by attending the amazing festivals that take place throughout the year?! Regardless of the time of year you’re booking your Azerbaijan holiday package, you will have plenty of festivals to attend. Some of the most popular ones are the Baku International Jazz Festival (October), Goychay Pomegranate Festival (late October/early November), International Mugham Festival (March), Gabala Music Festival (July/August), and Maiden Tower International Art Festival (July).

If you are also finding yourself lost in the sea of options and don’t want to go with a pre-designed holiday package, we’ve got your back. With Veena World, you can book a customized holiday for Azerbaijan with personalised itineraries. Here, you get complete flexibility to choose things like the duration, destinations and activities, type of accommodation, etc. After all, nothing can revitalise your mind and body better than a vacation designed according to your specific requirements.

Yes. While planning a tour to a place like Azerbaijan which has so many unique things to offer, you can definitely opt for a group tour. Travelling with a group will not only elevate your overall travel experience but also give you a few new friends. We, at Veena World, ensure to cover some offbeat places as well, which are often ignored by tourists. You can explore our wide range of options and choose an all-inclusive Azerbaijan group tour that suits your personal preferences. Our expert tour managers make sure that you enjoy every bit of your tour while leaving all worries behind. You can reach out to them anytime for any queries that you may have.

Officially known as the Republic of Azerbaijan, it is renowned for spa, religious and health care tourism, with Shahdag Mountains remaining one of its key highlights, widely popular for winter sports such as skiing with state-of-the-art facilities. The capital itself – Baku, is a mix of ancient core, surrounded by 19th-century Parisian-style architecture, and has a modern side to it with its futuristic building on continuous expansion. Visit the palace of Shirvanshahs, rich in artefacts that were discovered in the 15th century. Next on the list is the ancient Muhammad mosque which dates back to the 11th century and depicts its heritage and the classic architecture of that era.  Since the country boundaries the Middle East in the south, there is a subtle touch of Iranian culture, as you will find shops of Persian rugs (carpets) at various locations. The city has two places to explore its heritage – the National Museum of History and the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum. Book an Azerbaijan holiday package to witness the best things this destination has to offer.

Experience Azerbaijan

After exploring Baku for some time, it’s time to head out on the long highway running on the banks of the Caspian Sea, with a brief visit to Upland Park – is a perfect spot for photogenic travellers as it offers a perfect view of the sea on the one side and the view of the city of Baku on the other. Heading, straight on the bank beside the Caspian Sea, you’ll visit the Flame Towers built in 2012 that display a digital graphite of flames. Also, the tower has a restaurant on the top with some great local cuisines.

On your Azerbaijan tour package, you’ll come to realize that it is an affordable country in general. The stays and the local food won’t make a hole in your pocket. Make sure to try Ayran(yoghurt-infused drink) and feijoa juice (juice made from fresh local fruits). There are a lot of vegan options for vegetarian travellers such as veg dolmas(with an option of non-veg as well), vegetarian piti (soup), and Mangal Salaty (fresh salad with a mix of local vegetables). However, if meat is what you like, try the local speciality - Lule kebabs, Saj ichi (popularly known as Barbeque of Azerbaijan). A very famous cuisine, because of its cooking style is “Dashrasi kebab” as it is cooked between stones with local spices offering a very unique taste.

The Countryside

The mud volcanoes are a staple in rural Azerbaijan, the density fluctuates depending on the terrain. However, the majority of them are located on the banks of the Caspian Sea. Furthermore, another milestone to conquer is the petroglyphs in Gobustan, these are ancient inscriptions on the rocks depicting the ancient civilization (similar to the Ellora caves in India with a multi-religious rock-cut cave complex). A thorough exploration of these artefacts will spark your interest full region during your Azerbaijan tour package.

Explore Lahij

The village Lahij/Lahich is a hill station located on the sloped of the great Caucasus and is a highly recommended place for anyone visiting Azerbaijan, as the beautiful village has been fabricated with cobblestone streets, offering a resemblance to the medieval Roman period. The village is famous for its craftsmanship for leatherwork, handcrafting carpets and creating unique pieces of copperware. A hike is perfect to explore the rich culture, with friendly and welcoming people. One of the major parts of Lahij represents the interpretation of Islam, folk rites, pre-Islamic faith, and Zoroastrianism. 

Other Places to Visit in Azerbaijan

  • Gabala - The first thing to observe is the “Diri baba mausoleum” which is said to have spiritual effects of eliminating catastrophes and diseases. Upon arrival in Gabala, enjoy the scenery surrounding Nohurgol Lake, with a very calming and soothing aura around it. Since the landscape is hilly, take a cable car tour and climb up the mountaintop to appreciate the stunning mountains covered with snow.
  • Sheki - It is one of the nearby towns (3hr drive). Upon visit, the welcoming element is the palace of Sheki Khan, with dazzling and colourful glass known as “Shebeke”. Further heading down the road is the upper and lower caravanserai, this happens to be a check post on the ancient Silk Road. An hour or two of stroll around the streets will lead to an old Albanian church in the village of Kish, just before lunch.
  • Lake Goygol – Situated in the lower Caucasus mountain range, it is one of the best places to visit in Azerbaijan. It is covered with dense forest from all directions and attracts many visitors who come to explore its beauty.
  • Absheron National Park – Home to around 50 types of flora and fauna, it is a diverse wildlife reserve which attracts many tourists.

Best time to Visit

Azerbaijan has a moderately warm climate with dry winters. It is an ideal destination throughout the year. Having said that, the most ideal time-frames are: -

  • April-May-June

It’s an end to the chilly winters and the autumn season has just arrived. So, starting from April till June you will have a chance to witness blooming flowers in the lowlands of Azerbaijan.

  • July-August

If you are a mountain person, July is the perfect time for you to visit Azerbaijan. You’ll get an option of adventure sports, hiking/trekking, which might be included in the Azerbaijan travel package.

  • October-November

If you love winters and wish to avoid humid weather, October-November is the best time to visit Azerbaijan as the weather is ideal to venture out comfortably.

Many individuals start pondering whether Azerbaijan is in Asia or Europe, as it has cultural elements of the middle east, cuisine from Europe and architecture offering a resemblance to that in Turkey, mesmerizing every tourist upon visit. The truth is transcontinental geography represents the country as it straddles east and west, offering an experience of a lifetime.

Book The Best Azerbaijan Tour Packages with Veena World

At Veena World, you can select from a range of Azerbaijan holiday packages, including family and women’s special group tours as well as customised holidays. See the best that this destination has to offer in the company of like-minded individuals. Our professional tour managers will always be present with you in case of any difficulties and problems. Get ready for ample joy, happiness and enjoyment for any of the tours you decide to go on with Veena World.

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