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Agartala Tour Packages

Get closer to the majestic heritage of Agartala – the city that houses Eastern India’s only lake palace.

Agartala is a tiny paradise located in the Indian state of Tripura. If you wish to discover an offbeat, exciting location in India, Agartala offers the perfect setting for it. Apart from being an extremely friendly city that houses structures of historical significance, Agartala is also famous for its tranquil environs that offer nothing short of immaculate views of nature. The temples of the city are also visited by many people across the country to seek the blessing of Hindu gods.

If you want to plan an Agartala tour in your holidays, you can go for an online Agartala tour package at Veena World and choose the price/costing according to the budget you have in mind for the trip. A tour package will help you tour the city without missing out on any place that forms an important part of Agartala tourism.

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Get to know more about Agartala before booking your tour packages

Tourism in Agartala is marked by a lot of interesting places waiting to be explored. Gear up for serene experience during your Agartala vacation as you start to discover these places bit by bit.

The capital city of the Indian state of Tripura, Agartala is a laidback city that will look more like a tiny town to anyone visiting it. It is home to several temples, a remarkable palace, and other places of interest that form a significant part of Agartala tourism. The city is a must-visit destination when you set out to explore the unexplored bits of northeastern India. Agartala offers an interesting sneak into Tripura’s tribal cultures through its museum, and a chance to admire the architectural brilliance it houses. Seeing the pristine views of nature is another reason for visiting the understated city of Agartala.

Experience Agartala

Agartala gives you more than one reason to visit – it has a myriad of experiences on offer that you won’t forget anytime soon. Be it the culture, the royalty, or the tranquil environs of the city, all are worth witnessing on your trip to the unhurried city. Here is what you can do in this remarkable city:

  • Ujjayanta Palace

Situated in the heart of Agartala, Ujjayanta Palace sees the regular hustle-bustle of Agartala. Constructed in 1901, the splendid doors, the brilliantly tiled floors, and beautifully curved wooden roof can allure any traveller. The palace got its name from Rabindranath Tagore who visited Tripura on a regular basis. On entering the palace, you see public halls, library, the Throned Room, the Reception Hall, Durbar Hall, and the Chinese room. Being one of the famous places of Agartala, the Ujjayanta Palace was once the place where the Tripura Legislative Assembly met until the year 2011. Situated on the banks of a serene lake, the palace has lush greening wrapped around it, offering a peaceful setting to the tourists.

  • Chittagong Hills

The Chittagong hills are nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to the amazing spectacle they have on offer. Every passerby is mesmerized by the view of the Miniature Mountains that have several valleys complete with a tiny canyon. You will also find seven rivers twisting and turning across the valleys, offering a sight to behold. Being one of the famous tourist spots of Agartala, one can visit the hills for spending some laid-back time in the beguiling hills.

  • Tripura State Tribal Museum

If you wish to know about the 19 tribal cultures of Tripura, a visit to the Tripura State Tribal Museum will provide you with some interesting insights. The well-kept museum showcases a remarkable display of handicrafts, tribal costumes, utensils, instruments, and other objects that shed knowledge of these cultures. A history lover’s paradise, the museum plays an important role in Agartala tourism.

  • Jagannath Temple

Whether you seek blessings or want to know more about its history, the Jagannath Temple in Agartala must form an important part of your Agartala tour with Veena World. The Jagannath Temple is located on the grounds of Ujjayanta Palace and is dedicated to three Hindu gods namely Subhadra, Balabhadra, and Jagannath. You can’t help but stare in awe at the gorgeous architecture of the temple. The octagonal orange-coloured base further adds to the glory of the magnificent temple.

If you stop by the temple, do attend the aarti that makes the temple resonate with peace and offers an entirely serene experience altogether. You can also plan your Agartala tour around the time when the vibrant Ratha Yatra takes place at the temple. Being an annual festival of the temple, hundreds of devotees throng to the place and celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

Things to do in Agartala

Agartala sightseeing does not end here as there are still many things to do on your Agartala tour to uncover the hidden gems in the city. Here is a closer look:

  • Akhaura Integrated Check Post

The Agartala-Akhaura check post was created to promote relations between India and Bangladesh. Built for the smooth movement of both passengers and goods across the border, the integrated check-post is one of the famous places to visit in Agartala. A huge trading point between Bangladesh and India, the check-post is a place that is visited by tourists to view the flag-lowering ceremony of both the countries.

  • Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Sightseeing in Agartala will be incomplete without a visit to the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary. Spanning 18 square kilometres, Sepahijala is a forested patch of land that also houses a scenic lake. A popular boating spot, the lake attracts many tourists for an impromptu picnic. The highlight of Sepahijala is the open-air zoo where you get to catch glimpses of Himalayan black bears and Indian felines. In a section of the wildlife sanctuary, you can also find the Clouded Leopard National Park where clouded leopards prowl about in their massive enclosures and disappear into the trees every now and then.

  • Sri Laxminarayan Mandir

Being one of Agartala’s significant Hindu temple, the Sri Laxminarayan Mandir is dedicated to Goddess Laxmi and an avatar of Lord Vishnu called Narayan. Flanking the entrance of the Ujjayanta Palace, the mandir is one of the famous places of Agartala. When you visit the temple, you get a great view of both the palace and a lake from there, making for an interesting trip to the temple.

Best time to visit Agartala

The best time to visit Agartala is during the winters i.e. in the months between December to March. During the winter season, the climate is pleasant for exploring the many tourist spots of Agartala. You can always plan your tour in the monsoon season (July to September) as the weather is generally cool and you get to travel the city with ease. However, the summer season is what you must watch out for as the summers are extremely hot and long in Agartala.

Before you choose your online Agartala tour package at Veena World according to the price/costing you have in mind, you should also consider the best time to visit the city so that you do not face any unforeseen hindrances during your trip.

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