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Nagaland Tour Packages

In the misty region of north-east India, snuggled among the clouds is the beautiful state of Nagaland. Come visit this mesmeric land of the Nagas!

Nagaland tour packages will take you to one of the most beautiful north-eastern states in India which are filled with mesmerizing views and green backdrops. The hypnotic exquisiteness of the state has been very well-preserved by the Nagaland Tourism Department. The state reflects the rich heritage, culture, and traditions that are still very diligently followed by the residents. Although the ancient history of the state is a bit unclear, it is said that tribes migrated to this area during different time periods and set up their respective autonomous elevated landscapes and villages. 

As per the myths, the origin of the Naga people is from the east of India, which is backed by historical records that reflect stories about the Naga people settling in the northeastern region before the arrival of the Ahoms in 1228 AD. Nagaland is a mountainous region where the Naga Hills rise from the mighty Brahmaputra Valley in Assam up to an elevation of 2,000 ft. and further rise in the south-eastern area up to an elevation of about 6,000 ft. Mount Saramati is the highest peak in the state, with an approximate elevation of 12,601.70 ft. This is also where the Naga Hills unite with the Patkai Range, which forms the boundary with Burma. It is the beauty of the hills that makes Nagaland a sightseeing destination worth visiting.

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Get to know more about Nagaland before booking your tour packages

Nagaland is one of the most recent among emerging tourist destinations in India as more and more people are finally taking note of the lush green ambience that the region offers. With the cost-friendly Nagaland tourism packages that are available online, it is becoming easier for people to visit the state and enjoy the wondrous beauty of Mother Nature. Nagaland also houses rivers such as the Doyang and Diphu towards the north and the Barak River towards the southwest, which dissects the entire state. In addition to this, as you will be able to explore with affordably priced Nagaland tour packages, almost 20% of the state’s total land area is covered with wooded forests, which are a shelter for a variety of flora and fauna. The evergreen tropical and sub-tropical forests can be seen in some of the most tactical pockets of the state.

The Nagaland Tourism department has received a lot of applaud for their constant work towards preserving the state’s natural aura and magnificent beauty. Booking Nagaland tour packages will take you on a tour with a serene view that will soothe your mind and rejuvenate your body. Nagaland Tourism will also take across a lot of different species of flora and fauna, like the Great Indian Hornbill, Blyth’s Tragopan, Amur Falcons, and many more, which are rarely seen in other parts of the country. The Blyth’s Tragopan is also the state bird of Nagaland and can be spotted in places like Mount Japfu and the Dzukou Valley of Kohima district (the capital city of Nagaland). For the most relaxing vacations, book Nagaland holiday packages online at price-friendly rates from Veena World. 

Experience Nagaland

There is no doubt to the fact that Nagaland is one of those places in India that is bestowed with an abundance of greenery and natural beauty, which is one of the prime reasons behind the popularity of tourism in Nagaland. However, this is not to say that the tradition and culture of the state are not an attraction for tourists as well. Known as the Land of Festivals, Nagaland showcases its culture and heritage with a number of extravagant festivals and celebrations held almost all throughout the year. It doesn’t matter when you book your Nagaland travel package; a trip here will always be worth the visit. Since the state has an amalgamation of 17 different tribes, the culture here is also very diverse. Each of the tribes has its own set of traditions, which are followed and respected throughout the state. If an approximate number of festivals is to be counted, the state has 28 different celebrations all through the year. Now, with the availability of Nagaland tour packages at competitive prices, you can visit the state at any time and experience the magnificent culture of the Naga people.

Nagaland is also very famous for the Hornbill Festival, which was launched by the Government of Nagaland in the year 2000 and makes for a popular attraction in several Nagaland tourism packages. The main aim of this festival was to increase the inter-tribal interactions and to promote the cultural legacy of the state. The festival is organized by the Nagaland Tourism and Art & Culture Departments and is held in the Naga Heritage Village, Kimasa. Named after the Great Hornbill Bird, which is showcased in most of the folklores of the state, it is a 10-day festival of history, tradition, and cultural extravaganza. In the year 2017, the honourable President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, graced the first day of the Hornbill Festival to mark the opening of the festival. Since most of the online Nagaland tour packages are customizable, make sure that you include this cultural gala in your Naga tour itinerary.

In addition to this, Nagaland is also the home to one of the hottest chillies in the world – The Ghost Pepper. Also known as Bhut Jolokia, the smallest piece of this chilli can bring tears to your eyes. However, for the Naga people, this is quite a treat, as they make yummy pickles with the Ghost Peppers, that you would definitely be able to try when you visit with your Nagaland travel packages. The tribes residing in Nagaland have their own cuisine, which is quite mouth-watering. Right from meat, fish, dry fish (Shutki Mach) to fermented products and many other fares, Nagaland offers comprehensive packages for all who travel here.

Things to Do in Nagaland

If you are booking online Nagaland tourism packages, here are some of the places and activities that you would love to add to your Naga tour itinerary for your next vacations: –

  • A Trek to the Dzukou Valley: One of the must-include activities in your Nagaland holiday packages is a trek to the Dzukou Valley. Located at a height of 2,462m above sea level, this valley offers a picturesque view to visitors. The pristine beauty, accompanied by some rare and exotic species of lilies, gives you a time to cherish for a lifetime and makes for a perfect activity for couples on Nagaland honeymoon packages.
  • Japfu Peak: Another activity that must be there in your Nagaland sightseeing plan is a hike to Japfu Peak. This place offers you an enchantingly beautiful view of the Dzukou Valley. The hike is always filled with adventure and fun combined with the misty beauty of Nagaland.
  • Kachari Ruins: One of the most interesting places that you will see added in most cost-friendly Nagaland tour packages are the Kachari Ruins. It reflects the bygone history of the state, which is basically about the 10th Century Kachari Civilization.
  • Visit the Tumpeha Village: Yet another destination that you must visit during your Nagaland sightseeing trip is the Tumpeha Village. Known to showcase the best essence of the traditional Naga life, a visit to this place will give you a clearer picture of the traditions that the state upholds.
  • Bird Watching in Khonoma: Last but not the least, since Nagaland is a state that houses some of the rarest bird species, this activity is not to be missed. Bird watching in Khonoma is a highly recommended activity for honeymooning couples as well because of the splendid weather and romantic views. So, if you are a newly-wed couple going for a honeymoon in this beautiful North-Eastern state, make sure that your Nagaland honeymoon package includes this activity.

Best Time to Visit Nagaland

Being located in the hills of north-east India, which is surrounded by dense lush greens, Nagaland has pleasant weather throughout the year. This is one of the reasons why honeymooning couples prefer this state nowadays and it has become even easier to visit because of the price-friendly Nagaland honeymoon packages. The summer season witnesses temperatures between 16° C and 31° C and during the winter season, the state experiences temperatures between 4° C and 24° C. So, depending on your preferences, you can book Nagaland holiday packages for your next vacations.

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