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Dawki Tour Packages

Nestled in the hills of Meghalaya, offering breathtaking views of lush green hills and crystal-clear waters, this is not just a destination, but an experience that will leave you breathless.

Located in the heart of Meghalaya, Dawki is a destination that is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and abundance of natural beauty. A paradise for nature lovers and adventure lovers alike, Dawki is a quaint little village nestled at the bottom of the Jaintia Hills in northeast India. You too can plan a trip to Dawki for sightseeing and experience the beauty of its lush green hills, and refreshing environment, and even enjoy some adrenaline-pumping activities at the village. Although the opportunity to witness the extraordinarily clear waters of the Umngot River is the most popular reason behind booking Dawki tour packages, the trip becomes even more memorable thanks to the warmth and hospitality of the locals. Tucked between India and Bangladesh, Dawki isn’t just known for its abundance of natural beauty, as the small village is also rich in minerals, coal mines, and limestone, making it an international trading point of India. 

Plan a sightseeing tour of Dawki with Veena World. We offer a range of specially curated, cost-effectively priced Dawki tour packages where the itinerary can also be customised according to your travel plans and preferences. Visit Dawki for a sightseeing tour to unwind amidst the serenity of natural vistas and discover all the amazing hidden gems that are just waiting to be explored. 

Dawki Travel Packages

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All of Meghalaya8 Days₹75,000
Women's Special All of Meghalaya8 Days₹77,000

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About Dawki: The Hidden Gem of Meghalaya

The small village of Dawki sits nestled in the West Jaintia Hill district of Meghalaya, right on the border between India and Bangladesh. The quaint destination boasts of a serene ambience, pristine natural beauty, as well as a pleasant climate, which is more than enough to explain the immense popularity of Dawki as a sightseeing destination. However, the biggest reason why so many people today are rushing to book their tour of Dawki is the limpid waters of the river, on the banks of which the village is located. The Umngot River is a popular fishing spot for both, India and Bangladesh, and is one of the cleanest rivers that you will ever see. The crystal-clear turquoise waters of the river allow people sitting in boats to see the rock bed underneath the river and at times are so calm that they create an illusion where the boat seems to be floating in the air. Offering a variety of adventure activities, a plethora of spell-binding natural vistas, delicious food, and amazing shopping opportunities, a trip to Dawki can be the perfect getaway for you! 

Top Places to Visit in Dawki

Dawki has something to offer for everyone and some of the top places to visit that you can consider adding to the itinerary of your Dawki package include:

Umngot River

Umngot River, also known as Dawki River, is a major highlight of almost every tour package for Dawki. Taking a boat ride on this river is one of the best experiences you can have as the limpid waters allow for extremely clear visibility into the depths of the river, allowing you to clearly see the rock bed underneath and the fish that swim past. However, this is not all that the river has to offer, as it is also a hotspot for several activities like kayaking, snorkelling, hiking, scuba diving, and much more. The water here at this river is clear enough for you to spot rocks beneath. The beauty of this place is so unique that it can’t be captured but can only be seen by the naked eye. On top of this, the river shares a shore with Bangladesh, enabling you to spot armies from both countries. This adds to the allure of the Umngot River, giving a thrilling experience of observing two nationalities together.

Jingmaham Living Root Bridge

Living root bridges are a popular attraction of the entire state of Meghalaya, grown by the Khasi and Jaintia tribes, who nurture them for years and years before they can be used.  A visit to the 500-year-old Jingmaham Living Root Bridge can be included in your sightseeing trip to Dawki to see this marvel of nature. These bridges are created naturally by entwining the roots of rubber and beetle trees to create walkways.

India-Bangladesh Friendship Gate

The India-Bangladesh Friendship Gate was inaugurated in 2018, connecting the village of Dawki in India and Tamabil in Bangladesh. A popular spot for sightseeing in Dawki, the India-Bangladesh Friendship Gate is a beautiful structure that is adorned with symbols of both countries, proudly commemorating the friendship between India and Bangladesh.

Mawshun Cave

The Mawshun cave is a newly found cave system in Dawki that was opened to the public in 2017 and instantly became popular a tourist attraction being included in almost every Dawki tour. The river cave acts as a drain for the Lelad village, with the water flow creating several ponds within the caves that are even inhabited by fish. The limestone cave system is visually very appealing, with stalagmite and stalactite formations adding to its beauty, and has numerous interesting passageways to explore.

Krang Suri Falls

The southern part of Meghalaya is dotted all over with waterfalls, most of which are cliff-hugging cascades of water that plunge down from great heights. The Krang Suri Falls however boast of a completely different aesthetic, where a calm river drops suddenly over a cave, creating a curtain of flowing water. The waterfall is a great spot for relaxing and unwinding in peace, serenaded by rippling waters.

Best Time to Visit Dawki

Dawki does not experience extreme temperatures and has a pleasant weather for tourists all-year-round. The summer and winter months, from November to May, are perfect for travelling to Dawki as the weather and temperatures remain pleasant, ideal for sightseeing and exploring the city comfortably.

During the summers, some may find the afternoons feeling a bit sweaty, but for those who plan to attend regional festivals like Chad Sukra, Shad Suk Mynsiem, etc., the summers are the perfect time to visit. The winters are also amazing for sightseeing, with pleasant days and chilly nights. The winter months are also when a majority of the Meghalaya festivals, like food fests, music festivals, kite flying festival, etc., are organised.

While the monsoons are the best months for booking extremely cost-effectively priced Dawki tour packages, they may not be the best-suited months for sightseeing. Meghalaya receives a good amount of rainfall during the months of June to October. While it cannot be denied that the entire landscape of the Dawki village undergoes a magical transformation as it is refreshed by the rains, the unpredictable downpours can also significantly affect any sightseeing plans you may have.

Book the Best Tour Package to Dawki with Veena World

Veena World has a wide range of cost-effectively priced Dawki tour packages for you to explore. The all-inclusive packages have been specially curated to suit the needs of all kinds of travellers and are designed for planning perfect, memorable vacations. Veena World is dedicated to helping you turn your travel bucket list into your next vacation itinerary. Whether you are travelling in a group, searching for a group tour, or are on your honeymoon, you can find the perfect holiday package for Dawki at Veena World.

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