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The power to travel the world just gets better with Women’s Special tours! A journey of meeting likeminded women, making new friends and creating new stories. Every Veena World Women’s Special tour welcomes women to celebrate their own bonding time! Travel alone or with your grandmother, mother, daughter or even sister-in-law. Enjoy the benefits of Women’s Special tour packages which invites even the single travellers by offering a guaranteed partner without any single occupancy charges.

Meet women from all professional backgrounds from philosophers, doctors to homemakers and all age groups from 7 to 70 and be inspired by this one of a kind journey of life. The handcrafted domestic and international tour packages can take you across every destination you dream of and encourage you to conquer the world. Our Women’s Special tour packages empower you with many fascinating memories to take back and invite you to join our legacy to travel, explore and celebrate life. With so many repeat travellers reaching new heights with every journey, it’s time for you to count how many Women’s Special tours you crossed off your bucket list?

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The incredible idea of tours specially framed and handpicked for women, brought a new hope to women travel enthusiasts! Women are universally known to be the ones who dive in their lives to care for others. For a change, indulge in the journey where you’ll be taken care of and set free to create your own stories. Get ready to explore, experience and have a blast...this is your time! Rejuvenate yourself, and enjoy your “me time”. For all you charming ladies, Veena World brings well-planned tours that include a balance of activities and leisure time along with carefully selected accommodations, knowledgeable guides and a safe travel experience. Be a part of this exclusive women special tour package! Fuse style and passion, walk the ramp, flaunt your style and vie for the crown in special gala nights that are a part of our women’s special tour packages. As the women's special reached out to more and more people and started scaling new heights, the number of destinations also increased. The important thing is that the number of destinations in India started to increase too. Goa, Kerala, Kashmir, Himachal, Rann of Kutch...Women's special also reached up to Leh Ladakh and North East, Nepal were also added to this list. Women's special is already rocking at Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Dubai, Hong Kong Macau Shenzhen, Europe and USA. Now, after having added Australia-New Zealand to this list, we are looking forward to make women travel to Antarctica. Veena World's women's special tour packages makes you create special moments as you learn to celebrate life all over again with our travel mantra! We offer the most interesting domestic and international tour packages for our beautiful ladies. The handcrafted tours provide you non-stop fun and entertainment along with ample time to unwind and soak in the beauty of the destinations that you visit. Our women’s special tour packages are relaxing and carefully planned itineraries. We make sure you have all the fun and entertainment along with plenty of time to relax and soak in the surroundings on tour. Get a chance to travel with Veena Patil and her enthusiastic team of tour managers who promise an extra touch of personal care. Come with us, create special moments and celebrate life all over again.

The Highlights & Experience

With over 50 plus itinerary options, traced specially to celebrate your womanhood along with your fellow women travellers, our women’s special tours are all set to take you on a journey across the world! Choose distinctive options that will redefine your exploration and give you some much-needed time to be spent with yourself! Walk the unknown trails, discover a new culture, pamper your taste buds with exotic cuisine and explore new destinations! We empower you to let you create your own exclusive travel stories outside your comfort zone. Explore our tour options traced in different handpicked locations especially for you!


Navratri Festival Ahmedabad: Experience the festival of Navaratri in the land of Ahmedabad. Visit Manek Chowk where you get an opportunity to shop for the traditional Navaratri attires for traditional Garba night and enjoy some lip-smacking Gujarati snacks at Manek Chowk.

Indore Ujjain Mandu: The popular cities of Madhya Pradesh which witness the religious vigour of devotees along with wholesome sightseeing that highlights cultural and historical significances. Visit the famous riverside temples of Maheshwar and experience local delicacies of Indore.

Udaipur Kumbhalgarh Jaipur: The Land of the Kings welcomes every visitor to walk through their legacy. Time simply turns back here and takes you directly to the heart of the royal era. The world of lavish, chivalrous kings and gorgeous yet fearless queens, reverberates their immortal tales in all of the forts. Explore the rich heritage, opulent palaces and one of the huge fort complexes in India on this tour.

Rann of Kutch Gujarat: Located in the colourful and cultural state of Gujarat, the wonderful irony here is the beautiful contrast of the white salt desert against the incredibly colourful Rann Utsav that takes place in the flat desert land every year.

Rajasthan Mewad Marwad: Architectural wonders, exquisite handicrafts, colourful culture and tempting cuisine are few of the many highlights of this magnificent state. Set amidst a vast desert, the magical land of Rajasthan is synonymous with romance and chivalry.

North East: With a wonderful kaleidoscope of Himalayan culture, spectacular scenery, mountain ranges interspersed with passes and an unbelievable array of flora and fauna, these mystical lands cherish the enthusiasm of every traveller! The cultural folk dances that bring smiles and a spirit of celebrating life, can be experienced in our North East tour.

Leh Ladakh Kargil Pangong: The divine time lapsed experience of a lifetime is the gift of this duo, Leh Ladakh! The picture perfect destinations of India are still untapped and pristine to its core. The spectacular landscapes, the chilling snow blankets and metaphorically, a paradise land have so much to content every mind and every soul.

Andaman: These mysterious islands are blessed with a heavenly climate that soothes the body completely. Superb, near-deserted beaches, incredible corals and marine life and an intriguing colonial past, lure travellers to these incredibly beautiful and scenic islands.

Shimla Manali: A beautiful blend of blissful nature with the aura of mythology! Shimla Manali have been ruling the hearts of many travellers since decades making them two of the most perfect vacation destinations in India.

Kerala: God’s Own Country, Kerala, leaves so many visitors spellbound. With the classic backwaters and leisurely feels of the destination, it has always been the traveller’s favourite choice to travel, explore and celebrate life!


Nepal: The holy, mystical land of Nepal that holds the mysteries of nature, mankind and mountains is a land-locked nation between Tibet and India. Being the birthplace of Buddha and the shrine of holy temples, helps build a significant aura around this country

Bhutan: Bhutan is a land of tradition, culture and mythological mysteries! One of the most memorable factors of this land are its people that leave a mark right in the heart, merely by a soft stroke of warm smiles.

Singapore Thailand Malaysia: The epicentres of the Asian continent in their own way and fast growing developed nations, Singapore Thailand Malaysia are remarkable travel choices, all known for being vastly dynamic countries. The melting pot of different cultures, cuisines and architectural styles; amazing amusement and wildlife parks; wonderful shopping avenues and outlying neighbourhoods; unmatched cleanliness; they are truly global cities of Southeast Asia!

Mauritius: Sounds of ocean on the rhythm of waves, the symphony of Mauritius is ready to resonate an unforgettable music for your unique getaway! Relaxing ambience and authentic resort getaways, this home away from home awaits you in all its turquoise blue glory.

Dubai: Dubai is a very futuristic city with innovations and developments cropping up on the basis of ideas, which are quite ahead of their time. This land which seems to appear straight out of a magic lamp and is often considered to be the first international trip option for many Indian travellers.

USA: America is known to welcome humans from all over the world! The diversity of America is even reflected in the continent’s natural significances. Blend of all seasons and the shrine of vibrant wonders, it always has been an explorers triggering passion.

Europe: Every child grows up reading stories and tales, that Europe shares a reputation for bringing colours and reality to their fantasy. The fantasy land popping straight out of your favourite storybook as a child has successfully grasped the world’s attention since the beginning of the time.

Scandinavia Russia: The three dreamland kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden form the legendary region of Scandinavia! With a quirky reputation of being the dream destination of every traveller alive, this region is often observed to be at the top of the bucket list of every explorer!

Veena World’s unique women’s special tour packages, especially handcrafted for women, are irresistible choices to choose from! If you’re looking for a perfect getaway, the world awaits to surprise you with its holiday options. Lift up the spirit of exploration and a heart-warming symphony awaits to give you a perfect vacation to be selected from our specially crafted itinerary options. We use our passionate unrivalled knowledge to gift you a perfect trip to be cherished all your life! We empower you to make the most fascinating memories with us and invite you to relish our legacy of travel, explore and celebrate life.

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