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Tawang Tour Packages

Experience the spiritual beauty of Tawang as you traverse through the picturesque town, wrapped in the natural beauty of the East.

A trip to Tawang takes you to the western forefront of the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Nestled in the eastern foothills of the Himalayas, the town overlooks the grandeur and beauty of the great mountain range. Gorgeous mountains, breath-taking views, and an abundance of nature are only a few of the things that you can experience on your Tawang trip that will leave you mesmerized.

The town is located at a towering altitude of about 10000 feet and is considered an area of religious significance for the Buddhists. Buddhists from across the world visit Tawang for a spiritual experience. Owing to this the cost of a Tawang tour is kept very affordable, making it very easy for everyone to find the right Tawang package to fulfill a soulful journey. To explore the town completely and with ease, a cost-effectively priced Tawang tour package available online at Veena World is your best bet. Trip planning becomes the least of your worries and you can concentrate on just enjoying the destination when you opt for an online Tawang tour package from Veena World! Check the inclusive costs and overall prices of the Tawang tour itinerary that suits you best online at Veena World to find a package that is perfect for your next vacation. You can even visit the city on your honeymoon as it serves as the perfect romantic getaway because of its breath-taking views and serene atmosphere. The Tawang honeymoon packages available online are tailor-made exactly for this purpose and can be chosen as per your preferences.

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Tawang Frequently Asked Questions

We help you prepare for your trip and ensure an effortless and enjoyable travel experience.

Yes, we provide customized holiday packages to Tawang. We ensure planning a vacation according to the requirements and preferences of our customers. The trip packages to Tawang with their costs are mentioned in detail above. With Veena World, you can cover most of the destinations on your trip to Tawang. You can contact us if you want to include any destination of your choice in the package. We will customize the tour package as per your preference. Please get in touch with our travel adviser for queries like Tawang trip cost, sightseeings, covid19 restrictions, etc.

Tawang is located in a remote part of India amongst the eastern Himalayan range. It is famous for its postcard-perfect views of beautiful landscapes. It is one of the closest towns towards the Line of Actual Control with China. Another remarkable place in Tawang is a magnificent monastery that is 400 years old and is an abode to 300 monks today. It is the second-largest monastery worldwide and the biggest in the country. It has played a big role in boosting Tawang tourism. The festivals inside the monastery, with great fanfare, are icing on the cake. Frozen lakes, waterfalls, thrilling sports, hospitable people, relaxing environment, etc. are what a visitor can expect on visiting Tawang.

Yes. Tawang is safe for travellers of all ages and genders. If you are travelling in winters, the temperature can go as low as -12°C, and it is wise to carry sufficient warm clothes. Additionally, the oxygen levels are slightly lower as you cross Tezpur, but nothing worrisome. Initially, you may take time to adjust to a lower oxygen level, but you will be fine as you acclimatize. If you are planning to visit Tawang, you can check out Tawang tour packages for better safety and convenience. We also provide Tawang honeymoon packages and group packages that you can check.

Tawang, like other border towns in India, usually requires the procurement of an ILP (Inner Line Permit). Getting an ILP is easy and usually takes 1-2 hours after submitting your details online. An ILP is mandatory for all Indian nationals outside Arunachal Pradesh visiting Tawang. For non-Indian citizens, a Protected Area Permit (PAP) is required in addition to the usual Indian visa stamp on their passports. Remember to have ILP or PAP before booking a Tawang tour package so that you can enjoy your visit to this beautiful country without any hassle.

Tawang is a famous town in Arunachal Pradesh, located at an elevation of 3025 meters above sea level. It is 448 km northwest of the state capital, Itanagar. The town lies in the north of the famous Tawang Chu river valley and is a mere 16 Km south of the Line of actual control in China. It is a beautiful town with scenic habitat and solitude. You can find many mesmerizing glacial lakes with crystal blue waters in and around Tawang. These lakes stay frozen in the winter and become a retreat for migrating birds in the summer. If you are planning to visit this town, make sure to include a visit to these lakes in your Tawang tour itinerary.

The best season for planning your Tawang Trip is the summer season that falls starting March till June to bring monsoon. Summers are pleasant in Tawang, and you don't need large woollens or thermals. Besides, this season allows you to cherish all-natural wonders like National Parks, waterfalls, mountain trails, etc. However, those looking for snow should consider visiting in October-February as the temperature dips, plus you get to enjoy a lot of music festivals at this time during your Tawang trip.

Located amidst the lush greenery of nature and snowcapped mountains, there is a lot to explore in Tawang for travellers. For first-time visitors, book a Tawang holiday package that promises a wholesome experience to you. For backpackers travelling with a limited budget and time, it is best to get your Tawang holiday packages customised as per your preferences. The major tourist attractions in Tawang are Bum la Pass, Pangateng Tso Lake, Tawang war memorial, and Monachestry. You can also indulge in some local shopping at the place and get a taste of the local delicacies. Let our expert travel advisors at Veena World handle all your planning for a memorable trip to Tawang.

The number of days for Tawang depends on your travel plans and the places you want to visit. Ideally, 7 to 10 days are enough to cover major tourist locations in Tawang. For utmost convenience, you can check and choose from a range of Tawang packages on our website, according to your travel date and plans. Tawang is a town in Arunachal Pradesh covered with mesmerizing mountain ranges, gorgeous landscapes, and the best scenic views. At Veena World, we ensure you get the most out of your trips as we keep your preferences, safety, and fun on top of our priority list.

Yes. You can stay in the second-largest Buddhist Monastery in the world, that is, the Tawang monastery. It will be no less than a lifetime experience to spend some time in the abode of over 300 monks today. Also known as Golden Namgyal Lhatse, it is one of the best places to learn Buddhism. You can read some valuable old scriptures in the library, be mesmerized by the artwork inside the main temple, Dukhang, or simply bask under an 8-meter long statue of Lord Buddha. It is one of the must-visit places to include in your tour package that has no entry fee. You can check the Tawang tour package cost and other details on our official website.

Yes, Tawang is open for tourists post-covid19 lockdown and within the SOPs laid down by the local authorities. Since this district is situated in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, an ILP (Inner Line Permit) is essential for all travellers. 

Veena World ensures that our patrons have the required documents in order to visit beautiful tourist destinations in the North East. We have several low-cost tour packages to Tawang to cater to different travel preferences. Moreover, we provide the option to customise these travel packages, so you have the luxury of visiting new places according to your preferences. You can check the cost of a sightseeing tour in Tawang and other such details on our website.  

You should also read the latest destination-wise travel guidelines here that pertain to COVID-specific protocols that tourists must follow. Since these guidelines are subject to change, we would recommend you to check our Travel Guidelines page every time before you travel so that you are in the know-how about the latest changes.

Get to know more about Tawang before booking your tour packages

Tawang has historically been a part of the Tibetan region, thus the culture of the region is heavily influenced by Tibetan practices. A majority of the population of Tawang follows Buddhist beliefs and are devout followers of the Dalai Lama. Tawang is particularly famous for being the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama and is thus celebrated as a hub for Buddhist culture. There are a large number of people who book Tawang holiday packages to experience this serene destination. The best part is that the cost of your Tawang trip would be quite affordable for such a fulfilling vacation. The town and its vicinity are also famous for the natural beauty they showcase. The town is connected to the rest of India only via the narrow Sela Pass and a large number of nature enthusiasts find the town quite enticing to visit. For a wholesome and complete experience of Tawang, one should book a Tawang package that encompasses all the important destinations of the region. Veena World does exactly that for you, where you can choose from a variety of Tawang tour packages at cost-effective prices and book one with ease.

Experience Tawang

Located at an altitude of 10000 feet, the chilly wind, a scarce crowd, and spiritual atmosphere are the key experiences of Tawang Tourism. The crown jewel of the town is the Tawang Monastery, which is the birthplace of His Holiness, the 6th Dalai Lama. Along with the monastery, the town is known for the Tipi Orchid Sanctuary where you can experience true nature and become one with it.

The complete experience of the town would be incomplete if you don’t count the journey to it. The zig-zag winding roads on the plains of the Brahmaputra that lead you here are a pivotal part of any Tawang tour plan. A Tawang tour package booked for the months of summer allows you to experience the calm and green pastures of Tawang, but it is in the winters when the town really flourishes under the pristine blanket of white snow that it experiences. Snow-sports are quite popular among people opting for a Tawang holiday package. Madhuri Lake, among several other attractions, is a prime example of the scenic beauty one can experience; you may even say that the main attractions covered in the town with their sheer beauty more than make up for the cost of your Tawang tour. Tawang is popularly known as the Land of Monpas, as the Monpa people are the indigenous population of the region. The town also has played an important role in the histories of great civilizations as it falls on the silk route. Since the history of the region is embedded with religion and folklore, the town very aptly is considered as a central peg for the region's culture. Tawang honeymoon packages too are quite popular among newlyweds. There are a variety of experiences that you can enjoy in Tawang, which makes the cost of any Tawang tour package completely worth it.

Things to Do in Tawang

The tour cost for a trip to Tawang is quite affordable when you travel with Veena World. Here, you can avail the best cost for a Tawang tour package and head out to explore and experience the true essence of the destination. If you are planning your Tawang tour itinerary, here are some of the best destinations in the region that are a must-visit. To enhance your already enchanting Tawang tourism experience, you can add these destinations to your plan:

  • Sela Pass

Sela Pass is the narrow high road region through which the rest of the Indian subcontinent is connected to Arunachal Pradesh, and Tawang happens to be the gateway to this north-eastern paradise. Due to its strategic importance, the pass is known as the lifeline of Arunachal Pradesh. The region is one of the most spectacular vistas of the Himalayas and is definitely an experience of a lifetime. The pass is situated at an altitude of 4170 meters and thus is covered in snow all throughout the year. The Sela Pass is the only way to get to Tawang by land, thus a visit is of course included in the cost of your Tawang trip.

  • Tawang Monastery

The Tawang monastery is one of the primary destinations in Tawang; it may even be said that Tawang Tourism revolves around this monastery. The Buddhist temple is believed to be around 400 years old and is often also referred to as the Golden Namgyal Lhatse. The monastery is the second largest Buddhist shrine in the world, the first largest being the one in Lhasa. Located at a height of 3000 meters, the monastery is perched on the towering ranges of the Himalayas. It is built in a typical form of Buddhist architecture and is home to over 300 monks.

  • Madhuri Lake

The spellbinding Madhuri Lake is located at a tremendous height of 12000 feet above sea level. It is one of the remotest lakes in the Indian subcontinent and probably even the world. It is a place of prayer for the Buddhists from India and Tibet alike. When visiting the lake, one can witness the marvellous mountains that overlook the pristine water all throughout the year. No matter the cost of your Tawang tour package, a well crafted Tawang package will always include a visit to this natural wonder. The lake is also a famous spot for honeymooners thanks to the serene ambience it has to offer and is often covered in Tawang honeymoon trips.

  •  Nuranang Falls

Nestled deep in the forests of Tawang, the Nuranang Waterfall is a natural wonder that can surely be counted as one of the most spectacular waterfalls in India. Parts of the Nuranang River originate at Sela Pass and meet the rocky ridges in the form of a phenomenal misty waterfall. As the falls are not often visited, the water is crystal clear and can be enjoyed by travellers that visit the destination. The other name for the falls is BTK, which is an abbreviation of Bap Ten Kang.

One can find lush greenery in the surroundings of the waterfall which exhibits the natural beauty of the Tawang region. The falls are a great stopover from Tawang to Sela, as one can rejuvenate and experience this wonder at the same time.

Best Time to Visit Tawang

The weather in Tawang is cool throughout the year due to its high altitude. During the summer months, the town can be experienced at its best. With spring in its full effect, all the greenery and nature blooms and it is the perfect season to visit Tawang. During the months of summer, the temperatures are cool and chilly at about 20-21 degree Celsius.

Whereas during the monsoon season, Tawang tends to be cooler and has regular rainfall.

During winters, the region turns extremely cold and the connectivity to the town is severely hampered due to heavy snowfall. During this period, temperatures in the town stoop to sub-zero levels. The temperature is known to drop to -6 degree Celsius.

If the extreme weather of the year are avoided, Tawang is the perfect destination to experience. It is a place that has something for everybody.

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