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Portugal Tour Packages

Medieval at heart, contemporary in perspective, laid-back in its actions - Portugal is the answer to every traveller’s wanderlust.

What lures millions of international tourists to book their Portugal tour packages is not a question that has a single answer. There’s such a variety in the number of ways in which you can enjoy your Portugal tours that finding the right kind of Portugal travel packages, regardless of the kind of traveller you are, is not at all a hard task. For those who go weak at the knees at the sight of fairy tale castles and cobblestone streets, there’s Sintra. For those who lose themselves in the brush strokes and old artefacts, there’s Lisbon. For the adventure junkies, the place has mountains and cliffs. And for the beach bums, there’s an 800 km long coastline that is dotted with the most bewitching beaches. Package holidays to Portugal truly have everything to offer to visitors.

If the above description is something that interests you a lot, pushing you to start planning your next vacation, head straight to Veena World! Check out the various online Portugal tour packages from India, and search based on the prices and costs involved. Veena World has an array of Portugal tour packages that are cost-effectively priced. These packages are tailor-made to ensure that you can find Portugal tours that guarantee a no-fuss travel experience and cover all the destinations that interest you.

Portugal Travel Packages

Portugal PackagesDay/NightPrice
Spain Portugal Morocco13 Days₹2,90,000

1 Portugal Holiday Packages

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Spain Portugal Morocco

13 Days
3 Country
17 Cities
Flight & Visa
Barcelona (2N)
Madrid (2N)
Porto (1N)


(17 May 2023) Last 2 Seats

per person on twin sharing
13 Days
3 Country
17 Cities
Barcelona (2N)
Madrid (2N)
Porto (1N)
Lisbon (1N)
Seville (2N)
Tangier (1N)
Fes (1N)
Casablanca (2N)
Costa Del Sol

About the Destination

Known officially as the Portuguese Republic, Portugal is a Southern European country located on the Iberian Peninsula. It is also the oldest nation on the Iberian Peninsula. Its capital is Lisbon. Portugal established itself as the world’s first Global Empire and invaded and established colonies far and wide. The Celts, Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and Christians all have left an indelible impression on Portuguese culture, heritage, and architecture, all of which is visible on Portugal travel packages.

The country enjoys a broad spectrum when it comes to geography, ranging from the mountains to the sea, valleys to rolling plains, and plateaus to beaches. The native Portuguese have Iberian ancestry and they comprise 95% of the population. Although Portugal identifies as a secular state, a whopping majority of the people follow Roman Catholicism and there’s no dearth of majestic churches to see on a Portugal tour package.

Experience Portugal

Portugal is one of the most sought-after travel destinations globally. People avail Portugal holiday packages from India online to be a part of a centuries-old culture and heritage. Superbly preserved medieval towns, castles, and palaces offer a sneak peek into a grand era gone by. Veena World’s cost-effectively priced Portugal honeymoon packages available online are getting quite popular as honeymooners fall in love with the exquisite natural beauty of the country and simply can’t wait to have the perfect vacation in the country. Take a hike along the Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês, gaze at the emerald waters of the infinite Atlantic Ocean or dance the night away at a jazzy nightclub in Lisbon; Veena World’s Portugal packages from India offer a heady mix of the old and the new.

Portugal packages from India take you to the hinterlands of the country where the real soul of Portugal is. Gorging on grilled sardines and Arroz de Sarrabulho while sipping on some world-famous Port Wine – it paints quite a picture for your Portugal tours.

Things to do in Portugal

The best thing about availing a Portugal holiday package from India through Veena World is that they are customisable. You have the liberty of planning your Portugal vacation package or Portugal honeymoon package the way you want.

Listed here are some of the most famous Portugal sightseeing destinations that you can include in your itineraries:

• Mosteiro dos Jerónimos:

Located in the Belém suburb of Lisbon, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is a lasting tribute to the great Portuguese navigator and explorer Vasco da Gama. It was commissioned by King Manuel I after Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India in 1498. This majestic monument, one of the country’s most prominent landmarks, is usually the first stop for travellers on Portugal packages from India. Built in the traditional Manueline architecture, this monument was designed by the master architect Diogo de Boitaca. The monastery here is dedicated to the monks of the Order of St Jerome and it continued to be used as a school and orphanage until 1940 after the order was dissolved in 1833. The church here is another highlight of the monument. The interiors are absolutely breath-taking with ornate arches and intricate wood carvings. Vasco da Gama and 16th-century poet Luís Vaz de Camões are buried here. This monument is a must-visit on package holidays to Portugal.

• Palácio Nacional de Sintra:

Sintra was a favoured winter retreat for the Portuguese royals owing to the exquisite scenic beauty of the landscapes in the surrounding areas. Travellers flock to this place on Portugal tour packages from India to embrace its gorgeousness. The area is considered to be so beautiful that it has even earned the status of being a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape. And sitting amidst such gorgeousness is Palácio Nacional de Sintra, located at the central square of the old town of Sintra Velha. The architecture of the palace is a mixture of Moorish and Manueline styles. Among the many attention-grabbing highlights are the Swan Room (Sala dos Cisnes) with a fresco of 27 gold-collared swans, Magpie Room (Sala das Pegas) where the ceiling is decorated with magpies and Sala dos Brasões where shields of 72 prominent 16th-century families are kept.

• Mosteiro de Santa Maria da Vitória:

Be prepared to go speechless at the sight of this humongous monastery built to commemorate the 1385 Battle of Aljubarrota. There’s an interesting story behind this monastery. It so happened that Juan I of Castile came charging with a 30,000 strong army to claim the throne of João d’Avis. In desperation, he invoked the Virgin Mary for help and promised to build a monastery in her name. His prayers were answered when his small army defeated Juan I’s huge army. In return, João d’Avis built this monastery with fabulous limestone exteriors and a Gothic interior that has been decorated with angels, saints, apostles, and other biblical figures. It is a mammoth edifice that leaves visitors on Portugal vacation packages enchanted.

• Serra do Gerês:

The Serra do Gerês mountain range is located in the Minho region of Northern Portugal and is a must-visit for honeymooners who want to spend some quality time on their Portugal honeymoon packages. The remoteness of the place adds to its captivating charm. This is a paradise for outdoor lovers too as the region offers fabulous hiking options. Hike, walk, or just sit down in quiet amazement of the scenery around, as these mountains are contained within the alluring National Park called Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês. Miles and miles of wilderness punctuated by pristine lakes and native flora and fauna; it is one of the best green vestiges of Europe.

• Universidade de Coimbra:

Located in one of Portugal’s most captivating cities, Coimbra, the Universidade de Coimbra is the country’s oldest university, founded in 1290 by King Dinis. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this place is a great inclusion for Portugal tour packages. The buildings of the old Coimbra University are built around a collonaded square. The Sofia and Alta wings of the university were former royal residences. One of the highlights of this place is the beautifully decorated library known as Biblioteca Joanina, installed in 1717 by King João V.

• Museu Calouste Gulbenkian:

When your Portugal travel package takes you to Lisbon, you cannot miss this museum. This museum houses one of the finest art collections in all of Europe. It used to belong to an Armenian oil tycoon named Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian. Upon his death, he bequeathed his possessions to Portugal. The items on display cover a staggering 4000 years and have artefacts ranging from classical and oriental Antiquity to European art of the early 20th century.

Best Time to Visit Portugal

A Portugal tour package from India can be planned for any time of the year. But given a choice, plan your Portugal honeymoon package from March to early June or from mid-September to mid-November. Most attractions are best experienced during these times, so booking Portugal holiday packages from India in these months would let you enjoy a great vacation in this South European country.

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