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5 National Parks You Must Visit In Himachal Pradesh

Reading Time: 10 minutes Himachal Pradesh is a picture-perfect state with picturesque hill stations, charming towns, snow-covered mountains, lush valleys, rich flora and fauna, untainted environment, and many trekking paths. It’s a paradise for nature lovers, explorers, and travellers. The gorgeous national parks of India may be found in this lovely hill state. The […]

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
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6 Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in Kerala for a Thrilling Time

Reading Time: 10 minutes Known for its beaches, picturesque views, and relaxing ayurvedic massages – Kerala is known as God’s Own Country. Located on the Malabar Coast of Southern India, the state is rich in its cultural heritage. We have all been mesmerised by the colourful dance forms, gorgeous lagoons, and beguiling waterfalls in Kerala; […]

International Tiger Day How I Spotted Tigers In National Parks In India
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आंतरराष्ट्रीय व्याघ्र दिन: भारतातील राष्ट्रीय उद्यानांत मला घडलेलं व्याघ्र-दर्शन

Reading Time: 8 minutes मी त्याला आयुष्यात पहिल्यांदा बघितलं ते सुमारे पंचवीस वर्षांपूर्वी. त्या आधी त्याच्या विषयी बरंच काही वाचलं होतं, खूप काही ऐकलं होतं पण त्याला बघण्याचा योग आला नव्हता, अर्थात त्याला बघायचं तर त्याच्याच ‘टेरिटरीत’ जावं लागतं म्हणा. बरं तुम्ही गेलात तरी तो लगेच दिसेल याचीही खात्री नसते, तसा तो एकदम सावध, […]

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Sunderban Tour: A Must Visit Tourist Spot in India

Reading Time: 7 minutes India is known for its exotic range of wildlife species. With a plethora of wildlife sanctuaries into its periphery, the country offers some of the most breathtaking natural gifts to the ones visiting these wildlife places. And one such example is the Sunderban National Park. It is one of the […]