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Silchar Tour Packages

Amongst lush greens of North-East India lies the beautiful town of Silchar, which, by its literal translation, means “Bank of Stone”.

A politically stable town in the state of Assam, Silchar is located 343 kilometres south-east of Guwahati. Quite interestingly, the town has earned the title ‘Island of Peace’ from Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India. The town has an average elevation of 25 metres i.e. 82 feet with a total area of 257.5 sq km. Silchar belongs to the Cachar district of Assam, and under the rule of the Kachari, it was more of a village. Having said this, the town offers some naturally breath-taking tourist destinations that the Silchar tourism department has very well preserved.

However, during the British rule, the ships were docked at the bank of the Barak River, which led to the development of a market at the bank. Gradually, this turned out to be a major place for economic activity. Since the bank of Barak River was covered with stones, the residents started to refer to the place as Shiler Chor, which means the ‘Bank of Stones’. As time passed by, Shiler Chor was further simplified to Silchar. It was during this time that the British officials started to use the name in their official documents to mention the surroundings of the market. The history of the place can be explored through one of the Silchar travel packages offered by travel companies.

Silchar Travel Packages

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Get to know more about Silchar before booking your tour packages

Silchar is a beautiful quaint town with a history that cannot be ignored. Now, you can get closer this majestic place with cost-effective online Silchar vacation packages by Veena World – who will make your travel to Silchar even more incredible.

The history of Silchar is an intriguing one, which the residents of the town proudly boast of. You will feel the vibe, the struggle that the town has gone through during your Silchar tour. The ruler of the Cachar district, Maharaja Gobinda Chandra was cruelly assassinated in the year 1830. It was after his death that British East India Company took over the place. Very interestingly, Silchar houses the first Polo club in the world. In the year 1850, the British tea planters re-discovered the game along the Burmese border in Manipur, and the first-ever Polo competition was held in Silchar.

Adding to its history, the town witnessed a movement which is known as Language Movement in the Barak Valley. This movement was a revolution favouring the Bengali language. It occurred during the early months of the year 1961, when the then chief minister of Assam, Bimala Prasad Chaliha passed a circular to make Assamese an obligatory language. To counter this circular, the Bengali residents of the town started the movement, which led to a fierce revolt. On 19 May 1961, the police opened fire on the unarmed protestors, in which as many as eleven people were killed. Ultimately, the Assam government had to withdraw the circular, and Bengali was declared to be the official language in three districts of the Barak Valley, including Silchar from the Cachar district.

Experience Silchar

Apart from its history, a trip to Silchar for a vacation will connect you to the amazing culture that the town offers. The population is largely dominated by Bengalis, but at the same time, you will find a varied mixture of people like Assamese, Manipuri, Dimasa Kachari, Meitei, Bishnupriya, and so on who live in peace and harmony. Adding to this, Silchar is also said to be the second home of the Naga tribes. The women of Silchar adorn in saree and Mekhala Chador as their traditional attire, whereas the men adorn in the famous Dhoti Gamosa.

Silchar has an amazing culture that predates from the time it was under the Kachari rulers. Now, with the cost-effective online Silchar holiday packages available, it has become easier for tourists to experience and enjoy the culture of this town. Every year in mid-April, the residents of the town come together to celebrate Rongali Bihu and Poila Boishak (the Bengali New Year) after the annual harvest, where you can see a group of men and women dance to the tunes of Bihu songs. If you are planning on visiting the town around this time, make sure that the Silchar tour packages you are considering include a visit to the Bihu celebration as it is something that you will cherish. Adding to this, the town also celebrates Durga Puja with great fervour. Interestingly, the residents also celebrate the Debaddhani Festival which is dedicated to Goddess Manasa – the Snake Goddess. When it comes to the cuisine of Silchar, here again, you will find a variety of options. However, one dish that every resident of the town relishes is the Shutki Mach Chutney – which is basically a paste of dried fish cooked with lots of green chilli, onion, garlic, and tomato. Though there are other variants to this dish too, the chutney is a must-have dish during your Silchar tour. Another dish is the sweet savoury Chunga-r-Peetha, which is rice cakes cooked in bamboo shoots.

Things to Do in Silchar

There a lot of beautiful tourist spots in Silchar which one needs to definitely explore during their visit. The Silchar tourism department has received accolades from the government for successfully preserving the natural beauty of the town. If you are looking for vacation packages to Silchar, make sure you don’t miss out on the following places:

  • Khaspur

Located around 20 km from the main Silchar town, this place will take you back to the history of the Dimasa Kingdom. The place is surrounded by lush greenery, where you can find the ruins of the kingdom. Few of the famous attractions are the Lion Gate, Sun Gate, and Old Kings Temple.

  • Badarpur Fort

Yet another destination for sightseeing in Silchar, Badarpur Fort is an important historical place in the town. It is located near the banks of Barak River where you can spend some quality and quiet time with your loved ones.

  • Dolu Lake

If you are picking tour packages to Silchar, make sure that this place is on the list of Silchar sightseeing destinations. Surrounded by lush green shrubs and trees, Dolu Lake is considered to be a photographer’s delight. One of the most beautiful tourist spots in Silchar, this place will connect you to nature like no other.

  • Maniharan Tunnel

Your travel to Silchar will be incomplete if you don’t visit this place. Located only a few kilometres from the main town, Maniharan Tunnel has a history associated with it. According to the residents of the town, this tunnel was constructed during the days of Lord Krishna. The Maniharan Tunnel consists of small temples that are dedicated to Lord Garuda, Lord Rama, Lord Lakshmana, and Lord Hanuman.

  • Salganga

Another place that your Silchar holiday packages must include is Salganga. It is a temple of Lord Vishnu which is located 22 km away from the main town of Silchar. Surrounded by the greenery around, the temple gives you a feel of a quaint structure.

Best Time to Visit Silchar

Since the town is located in the embrace of North-East India, the climate there is mostly pleasant. However, to help you select the best and price-friendly online vacation packages to Silchar, here is an overview of the weather in the town:

  • March to June: Summer

If you are someone who loves to enjoy moderate summer, plan a trip to Silchar for your vacation to experience this amazingly pleasant weather. The town experiences a temperature of 25 to 35 degrees Celsius during summers here. So, exploring the town becomes even more amazing. You can find customised Silchar travel packages for summer at competitive costs.

  • July to September: Monsoon

Silchar promises a beautiful time to its tourists who visit the town during the monsoon season. The climate is cool and calm, and the greenery becomes even more prominent with plants and trees taking beautiful hues. Interestingly, since monsoon is considered to be off-season, Silchar tour packages can be availed at pretty affordable prices at this time.

  • October to February: Winter

If you want to experience the winters of North-East in Silchar, select a few holiday packages online that offer you a wonderful time amid the wintry nature. The temperature goes as low as 10 degree Celsius, but the weather and view are not to be missed.

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