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Things to do in Seoul Recommended by Veena World

Reading Time: 8 minutes Brimming with mouth-watering food, unforgettable shopping spots and exciting attractions, Seoul is an incredible city that offers unique experiences at every corner. If this is your first time heading to the exciting city of Seoul, know that you are in for a one-of-a-kind adventure. Although, if you are unsure as […]

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Tourist Places to visit in Abu Dhabi

Reading Time: 8 minutes Situated on the island of Persian Gulf, Abu Dhabi, the multicultural and progressive capital of the United Arab Emirates, is an interesting medley of majestic architecture, glorious cultural monuments, glistening beaches, ultramodern shopping complexes, and much more. Abu Dhabi, with its traditional character and modern culture, serves as a paradise […]

Why Japan's the place to be during Cherry Blossom!
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Why Japan’s the place to be during Cherry Blossom!

Reading Time: 8 minutes Time to learn some interesting Japanese words related to the Cherry Blossom Festival! There are three words that are extremely important when it comes to the Cherry Blossom Festival. First one is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers: Hanami Hana being the translation of flower The […]