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5 Coffee Plantation Places in India Every Coffee Lover Must Visit scaled
Coffee, India

5 Coffee Plantation Places in India Every Coffee Lover Must Visit

Reading Time: 8 minutes Just as Americans, South Indians are head over heels in love with their coffee. Coffee was introduced to India, particularly to the hills of Chikmagalur in Karnataka, back in 1670, thanks to an Indian Sufi saint Baba Budan, who carried the coffee beans along with him from Yemen. Since then […]

Tea types and their origin Every chai lover needs to know this scaled

Tea types and their origin: Every chai lover needs to know this

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s certainly impossible for a country as vast and diverse as India to have a national dish. But when it comes to a particular beverage that’s simply loved by almost all of the country, it unarguably acquires the position of being its national drink. No marks for guessing it right…Tea, […]

Hinidi Diwas

Hindi Diwas: Know the roots of this incredible language

Reading Time: 7 minutes Apart from Bollywood, Cricket and English the next big thing that binds India together is the Hindi language. Well, this could be a subject of argument, however, of late, you would hardly find a person in India, except in the remote parts of the country who doesn’t know or understand […]

Mana The Last Indian Village Near Indo China Border scaled
Mana, Uttrakhand

Mana: The Last Indian Village Near Indo-China Border

Reading Time: 11 minutes Borders between any two countries have always been a subject of attraction and intrigue for both citizens of the countries as well as travellers and tourists visiting them. Borders are in fact the end and beginning of many things, that define the countries divided by them. Moreover, the places, towns, […]

Festival Tours, India

10 Unusual Festivals Around India that You Should Know About

Reading Time: 12 minutes How would you define a country as vast and diverse as India?! Tough job, isn’t it? However, even if the culture, food, language, and the way of living differs in various parts of India, the one thing that binds our country together in the spirit of celebrating life which manifests […]