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Switzerland Travel Quiz: Let’s see how well you know Switzerland

Reading Time: < 1 minute Switzerland needs no introduction. It is called the ‘Heaven on Earth’. It continues to attract hordes of crowds to its majestic mountains, stunning landscapes, serene lakes, delicious cheese and chocolates and more. But do you think you know Switzerland? Take this quiz and let’s see how well you know Switzerland. […]

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French Food Quiz: Let’s see how well you know this cuisine

Reading Time: 2 minutes France is known worldwide for its cuisine and lifestyle. Since 2010, the French gastronomy and its rituals are on UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage list. French food is certainly very unique and France’s greatest national pride. From the traditional dishes like crème brulee and cassoulet to more exotic fare such as escargot […]

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Maldives Quiz: Let’s see how much you know about Maldives

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Maldives is a tropical paradise and a favourite for all beach lovers. The pristine waters, luxurious resorts and sheer beauty make the Maldives an experience of a lifetime. Now, we all know that the Maldives is popular but, how much do we know about it? Only one way to […]