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Kyoto Tour Packages

This is a land of mystique where Japanese legends were born and old Japanese religion and traditions are still kept alive.

Kyoto is a study in contrast when compared to other Japanese cities. This erstwhile capital of Japan has painstakingly preserved, protected, and withheld Japanese traditions, albeit with just the right amount of modernism. Feel the air reverberating with the monks chanting in 2000 or so temples and shrines. Feel a sense of spiritual awakening while walking through the Zen gardens. Feel the streets and alleys still engaged in business the ancient way, exhibiting centuries-old arts and surprisingly refreshing cuisines. A Kyoto tour transports you into another world, a simpler time. A tour package to Kyoto takes you to a discovery of the ancient Japanese traditions where the people still love to live life the old school way.

Veena World’s online Kyoto holiday packages are designed for you to explore this spiritual heart of Japan. All the information regarding Kyoto travel packages and Kyoto vacation packages (including prices) is available online on the Veena World website. Put your worries to rest, as we curate just the perfect Kyoto sightseeing tour for you.

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Get to know more about Kyoto before booking your tour packages

Kyoto city is the capital of Kyoto Prefecture in Japan and is located in the Kansai region on the island of Honshu. Kyoto served as Japan's capital and the emperor's residence from 794 until 1868. Over the ages, this city was targeted by many wars, but it survived the atomic catastrophe during World War II due to its historical importance. And these historical landmarks and relics are actively promoted by Kyoto tours and Kyoto holiday packages.

Kyoto city is part of the Yamashiro Basin and is surrounded by Higashiyama, Kitayama, and Nishiyama mountains. The valley and the mountains together make for one of the most scenic regions in Japan, and millions of visitors flock here on Kyoto vacation packages. You will be amazed to know that the original city was planned according to the tenets of Feng Shui. The majority of Kyoto’s population follows Buddhism and the remaining are Shinto followers. The traditional Japanese drink-Sake brewing has been the traditional industry of this city. Do not forget to sample some on your Kyoto tour.

Kyoto is also considered as the cultural and academic epicentre of Japan with as many as 40 educational institutions. This city holds so much historical and cultural importance that 20% of Japan's natural treasures and 14% of important cultural properties exist here.

Experience Kyoto

A Kyoto tour package is like a slice of the paradise of some unknown and unspoiled world. While most of the other Japanese cities have embraced modernity with gay abandon, Kyoto was very careful about preserving the past without foregoing the luxuries of urbanism. On your Kyoto tour, you will still find traditional Japanese inns called Ryokans used by visitors. These buildings are replete with tatami mat floors to sleep on. Or if you want a full building for a family Kyoto vacation package, you can rent a 'machiya,' which is also known as a Japanese townhouse. There are many museums and art galleries for visitors to get lost for hours in the embracement of a rich tradition and cultural legacy. But the real enticement of this city is in its spirituality. The many Buddhist and Shinto shrines blanket you with a serenity and tranquility that we often miss in our hectic lives.

This city is not just about history as you will find out on your Kyoto tour package. Go walking, cycling or hiking on some of the most stunning landscapes in the whole of Japan. Drool over some of the most sought-after handicrafts and artefacts, made the traditional way, passed from generation to generation. The Nishijin textile district is known for its speciality shops that sell anything from tofu to handcrafted artisanal pieces. A tour to Kyoto is incomplete if you didn’t make time for some gastronomic indulgences at the local izakayas (Japanese style pubs). And at the end of some frenetic sightseeing in Kyoto, let those tense muscles relax with a cup of Japanese green tea-matcha.

Things to do in Kyoto

Veena World’s Kyoto tour itinerary is designed in such a way that the inherent magnetism of this city is not lost. You can customize your own Kyoto holiday package online, at your preferred price/cost, just at the click of a button.

• Nijo Castle:

The Nijo Castle is one of the finest examples of the dedication of the people of Kyoto in preserving historical relics. This mega-complex houses many buildings as well as important pieces of art. The ornately done walls of this castle attest to the skills of the Japanese craftsmen. The Ninomaru Palace in the complex consists of five different buildings that are linked by corridors. Get blown over by the exquisite interiors painted by the master Kano Tanyu. One of the many reasons that visitors include the Nijo castle in their Kyoto sightseeing tour is because of the ‘nightingale floors’, named thus because the wooden floorboards are designed in such a way that the squeaking mimicked the chirping of nightingales. Make sure your Kyoto tour package has this place included.

• Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine:

Built in the 8th century, this shrine dedicated to the goddess of rice-growing, Ukanomitama-no-Mikoto, and is one of the most famous shrines in Japan. People still pray here for their prosperity and well-being. It boasts of a staggering 32,000 arches and fox sculptures that are believed to be messengers of the gods. If you can, try to visit the shrine at night when it is brilliantly illuminated, and its beauty is enhanced manifold and can be a great inclusion in your Kyoto travel package.

• Kinkaku-Ji-The Golden Pavilion:

Although there’s no dearth of jaw-dropping sceneries in Kyoto, The Golden Pavilion is truly the crowning glory. Now a Zen Buddhist temple, this building was originally built as a retirement villa for Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. What attracts the most is the gold leaf on the top two floors. The pavilion complex is built over a pond which adds an ethereal charm to the place. Spectacular grounds, a stone pagoda, and a traditional tea house make it a must-visit on your Kyoto tour itinerary. So, when you plan to visit the city, do include this place in your Kyoto tour.

• Kiyomizudera Temple:

This temple is not only renowned for its gorgeous lattice-supported deck, but also for offering one of the most beautiful views of the city. The bewitching image of the temple, nestled amidst lush scenery, captivates you when you climb up the steep steps to the temple. The most famous feature is the verandah, which is supported by traditional Japanese wooden construction, without the use of any nails. To get an amazing experience, make sure you include this place in your Kyoto tour itinerary.

• Kyoto Imperial Palace:

This 8th-century palace is a huge royal complex that tells the story of this erstwhile capital of Japan. It houses the former royal residence of the Emperor called Seiryo-den, Shishinden (Hall for State Ceremonies) and the Imperial Library.

• The Kyoto National Museum and Municipal Museum of Art:

Kyoto is considered the cultural and artistic capital of Japan. The Municipal Museum of Art houses many art collections, most notably by one of Japan’s most famous modern artist Takeuchi Seihō. The Kyoto National Museum is known for some of Japan’s most important historical artefacts, focusing predominantly on pre-modern Asian art. Include both in your Kyoto sightseeing tour for a glimpse into the essence of the city.

Best Time to visit Kyoto

Because of its temperate climate, Kyoto is a year-round destination. But given a choice, the best times to plan for a Kyoto travel package from Veena World are October/November (fall) and March/April/May (spring).

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