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Tourist Places to Visit in Muscat

Reading Time: 8 minutes With a history dating back to 1000 BCE, Muscat is the capital and the most important city in the Sultanate of Oman. Having served as a major trading port on the Maritime Silk Road for centuries, Muscat features a multicultural society and is responsible for drawing in the largest number […]

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Best Tourist Places to Visit in Pachmarhi

Reading Time: 8 minutes With a plethora of beautiful places and ‘off-the-beaten’ trails that Pachmarhi offers, it is hard to put into words the allure that this hill station has. Pachmarhi has a gorgeously rich history and geography and is famously known as the “Satpura ki Rani” (Queen of Satpura). You can find the […]

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Tourist Places to Visit in Shillong

Reading Time: 8 minutes The most romantic city in the North East, Shillong is one of the standout tourist destinations in India. Often referred to as the “Scotland of the East” for its highlands and charming natural beauty, tourists from India and abroad get attracted to Shillong’s cascading waterfalls, tranquil lakes, winding roads, precarious […]

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9 Tourist Places That You Must Visit In Puri

Reading Time: 8 minutes The grandeur of India is one-of-a-kind owing to the religious glory that the country boasts of, and which has been known and admired all across the globe. The spiritual capital of Orissa, Puri is an epitome of this existential truth, and among the most popular tourist places in India. Known […]

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Family Holiday Ideas to Jordan and Petra

Reading Time: 6 minutes Known all over the world for its cultural grandeur, natural glory, sightseeing, and the old-times vibe, Jordan is a quintessential Arab nation in the Middle East. From intriguing biblical tales to real-life stories, the country has a lot to offer for travel enthusiasts. If you are looking for the best […]