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Top 5 Countries In Europe You Simply Shouldn’t Miss

8 mins. read

A continent brimming with art, culture, history and heritage - Europe, without any doubt, tops the bucket list of numerous tourists and travellers from all across the globe. Travelling to Europe is not simply an adventure; for some, it is more like a rite of passage when it comes to international travel. The fact that there are a lot of things to do in Europe adds to that experience.

Home to some of the oldest civilizations, distinct cultures, dazzling artistry, and culinary diversities, Europe has the potential to leave tourists awestruck with its charm. Walking along the lanes of Europe’s colorful cities is like taking a walk-through history itself. Whether a seasoned traveler or a newbie backpacker, if Europe is your dream travel destination too, then here’s a list of the top 5 countries to visit in Europe. 



One of the most exotic places to visit in Europe, Hungary is a country propertied with low-lying mountains, dense forests of oak, significant folk art, marvelous architecture, and soothing spa scenes. Listed among the top-visited countries in the entire world, Hungary is located in Central Europe, in the Carpathian Basin. For an architecture enthusiast, Hungary is like a treasure trove with its Roman ruins, neoclassical public buildings, medieval townhouses, therapeutic bathhouses, and baroque churches.

Experience – When it comes to a soul-enriching experience, Hungary is not a country to lag behind. The cuisine here is best-known for its sophisticated cooking style, while Hungarian wine too is among the most well-renowned in the world. It is also a nation with the richest folk tradition. So, when in Hungary, don’t forget to revel in some enchanting and rich traditional music and medical baths.

Best time to visit – With the country freezing over during winters, the months between April to October make for the best time to be here.



One of the best European countries to visit, France is another destination that has lovers scattered all across the wide world. Popular as the land of extraordinary writers, philosophers, and artists, France is a country whose attraction is distinct from that of any other. France is greatly diverse when it comes to geography, with its landscape ranging from sunny French Riveria, urban Paris, rugged Celtic Brittany, winter sports resorts of the French Alps, long Atlantic beaches, historic regions of Normandy, and the fantastical castles of Loire Valley.

Experience – Bringing together an incredible mix of spell-binding and richly diverse landscapes, delectable and world-famous food and wine that is to die for, France has its fair share of experiences to offer to tourists. From appreciating top landmarks such as Eiffel Tower or Louvre to strolling across the French countryside and enjoying food and wine, there is a lot for you to see and experience here.

Best time to visit – Spring (April to June) and Fall (September to November) are the best times for travelling to France.



Wide blue skies, spectacular wildlife, historic architecture, lip-smacking seafood, and humble people, is what makes up most of Scotland. Harboring numerous treasures in its compact territory, this European country is best known for its dramatic scenery covering rolling hills, rugged coastlines, high mountains, low valleys, and vast expanses of lush forests and green fields. Located in north-western Europe, Scotland has vistas that promise to influence any traveller gracing its lands. Coming with a history that is multi-layered and a heritage that dates back thousands of years, Scotland is an ideal destination both for story-lovers and the outdoorsy ones.

Experience – The unmatched experiences that this country has to offer is one of the major factors driving travel-lovers to its land. From trying your hand at golf on some of the best courses in the world, exploring castles and fortresses, embarking on hikes to devouring the country’s freshest organic gastronomies and world-famous whisky, you can have some of the fondest experiences in Scotland.

Best time to visit – To see Scotland in its full glory, travel to this country during spring (late March to May) or autumn (September to November).



Another one of the best European countries to visit, Turkey, despite its association with the Greater Middle East region, has a European-oriented culture. Recognized worldwide for its rich history and unmatched cuisine, Turkey is a beautiful amalgam of the East and the West.

The country also has some of the best European cities to visit. From the dome-shaped minarets making up the skyline of Istanbul, the overwhelming coastline against the backdrop of mountainous Lycia, the cold and snowy mountains of the East, the wide and sunny beaches of Pamphylia, the verdant misty mountains of Eastern Black Sea, the wide steppe landscapes of Central Anatolia, the Southeastern Anatolia with its Middle-eastern flavored cities to the crazy foam parties of Bodrum, Turkey has an overwhelming number of destinations for travellers.

Experience – Turkey is where you will find great ruins in a lyrical setting. Whether you like to sit and enjoy the view across mountain encircled lakes or explore the country’s hilly hinterlands, the landscapes will speak to you, leaving an ever-lasting impression on you. To feel the essence of Turkey, don’t forget to take a culinary tour of the delicacies here. Everything from meze to a breakfast prepared from fresh ingredients out of a kitchen garden will direct you to the heart of the Turkish culture.

Best time to visit – Although you can visit Turkey at any time of the year, it is the spring (April to May) and autumn (September to mid-November) months that make for the most pleasant times to visit this European country.



Recognized among the most beautiful countries to visit in Europe as well as the rest of the world, Norway is where you will find some of the most fascinating wonders of nature. Norway is a Scandinavian country known for its rugged landscape that extends across the Arctic Ocean. However, it is also one of the safest countries to be in. It is the presence of deep and complex Norwegian fjord-indented coastlines, grand glaciers, vast lakes, and dense woods that make this country so mesmerizing and peaceful. Furthermore, the Northern lights and the Midnight sun phenomena make Norway one of the hottest destinations with tourists and adventure-seekers around the world.

Experience – Norway is one of the best and most diverse adventure-tourism places to visit in Europe. Feasting in Norway’s natural aesthetics is very much a dynamic pursuit. If you love the adrenaline rush, there is a lot for you to experience here, right from world-class hiking and white-water rafting to exciting snow-sports like dog-sledding and snowmobiling. Besides, you can always take a leisurely stroll across its towns to scout their Arctic-inspired architectural icons. Also, try to take a peek into Norway’s heartfelt traditions and its love for food, when here.

Best time to visit - Early summer is usually the best time for visiting Norway, especially in the months of June or July. This is the time of the Midnight Sun, so the days are long, and the weather is warm and comfortable. The months between May to September are also ideal for traveling to Norway. The weather is mild, and the time is right for sightseeing and adventure activities.

If planning a trip to Europe is something that overwhelms you, do the smart thing and go for a Europe holiday package from India that is well-planned, and covers all these places in its itinerary. Explore this continent and its ways, and don’t miss out on the diversity that Europe has to offer.


June 17, 2019


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