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Tourist Places to Visit in Agartala

7 mins. read

The beauty of the northeastern states of India is beyond compare. A lot of their natural splendour lies unexplored, piquing the interest of many travellers to discover this magnificent corner of the country. One such place in the northeast is Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. Exuding magnificence, Agartala seems to move at an unhurried pace. Enter Agartala, and people greet you with a smile in a state capital that seems more like a laid-back town. Sharing western borders with Bangladesh, Agartala lies on the bank of Haora River.

Interestingly, Agartala is quite different from the other six capitals in a way that it is not largely hilly. The city shares a lot of its language, cuisine, and culture from Bangladesh and lies on the western tip of the mighty Ganga-Brahmaputra plains. With fascinating temples, museums, scenic beauty, majestic palaces, and tranquil lakes, Agartala is truly a traveller’s tiny retreat. Also, from bamboo handicrafts to hand-woven shawls, you find fascinating things to shop from when in the city.

If you wish to see the famous tourist spots in Agartala, here is a list of best places to visit: -

1. Ujjayanta Palace and Tripura State Museum

Among the top places to see in Agartala, the splendid Ujjayanta Palace is a marvellous palace with two lakes to its front. Upon entering the palace, you find the massive Tripura State Museum that has nicely-showcased galleries that depict the monuments, history, cultures, crafts, and the arts of Tripura and other parts of Northeast. Inside the museum, you also find a room dedicated to the Bangladesh War of Independence, an interesting spot for tourism and sightseeing in Agartala.

The palace was made in a way that it amalgamated Mughal, Roman, and Greek styles.  Maharaja Radha Kishore and his successors governed from this very palace at different points in history. Exuding magnificence from all its corners, the Ujjayanta Palace is a tourist place in Agartala that you absolutely must check out.

Extra bit: If you wish to see the extraordinary display of handicrafts, tribal costumes, utensils, instruments, and many other objects, then you must visit a museum called the State Tribal Museum. Being one of the best places to see in Agartala, the museum showcases different objects of 19 tribal cultures of Tripura which form one-third of the population of the state. When you visit this museum, you get to know about the ethnicity in Tripura with the help of diorama and videos.


2. Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

To the south of Agartala is an 18 square kilometer forest patch called Sepahijala. Popular among travellers as a boating and picnic spot, the wildlife sanctuary should definitely be on your list of tourist places to visit in Agartala. Another reason people visit this place is for the remarkable open-air zoo from where one can spot the Himalayan black bears and Indian felines in small enclosures. To reach the zoo, you would need to drive through the beautiful forest. A section of the wildlife sanctuary is called the Clouded Leopard National Park where you find numerous clouded leopards prowling about in their enlarged enclosures, making for a majestic sight!


3. The pristine temples

One of the most beautiful temples in Agartala, the Jagannath Mandir has been declared sacred to Lord Vishnu’s incarnation. Very colourful in nature, the temple is made in a distinctive, alluring architectural style. There are sculpted beasts on the front of the temple, which further add to the imagination of the tourists.

Another temple that you can visit is the Sri Laxminarayan Mandir that is a significant Hindu temple in Agartala. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu’s avatar by the name Narayan, the towering structure is on the side of the Ujjayanta Palace from where you get picturesque views. Lastly, do not forget to visit the Ummaneshwar Kali Mandir. Located on the eastern road of the lakes of Ujjayanta Palace, the temple sees pilgrims coming over from all the parts of the country. These three temples should definitely fall in your list of places to visit in Agartala.

There are also many other temples in Agartala that you can visit if time permits.


4. Heritage Park

Located at the Raj Bhavan’s north in Agartala, the Heritage Park puts on a superb display of the tribal, cultural, and ancient heritage of Tripura. Also, do not miss a visit to the park as you get to smell gorgeous flowers and spot gorgeous trees around you. Being the best place to visit in Agartala, the park sees tourists from around the world. For those looking for some peace and respite, the park is an ideal place to be, given its tranquil and soothing environs.


5. Akhaura Integrated Check Post

Being the 2nd largest trading center with Bangladesh, the Akhaura-Agartala Check Post is one of the best places to see in Agartala. People throng the place to witness a ceremony in which flags of both countries are lowered with a coordinated performance by the security personnel. The check post was inaugurated in 2013 and is created with an aim to enhance relations between Bangladesh and India. The check post should not be missed while you tour the city of Agartala.


6. Neer Mahal

If you are wishing to extend your Agartala trip, you can visit Neer Mahal which is located 53 kms away from Agartala in Melaghar. The Mahal is a red and white multiple dome palace which lies on an island situated on the Rudra Sagar Lake. It is built in a way that it acted as a summer palace for Tripura’s royal families. It is made with a concoction of both Islamic and Hindu styles. Inaugurated in 1930 by Rabindranath Tagore, the palace looks serene amidst the blue waters and is one of the best places to visit near Agartala. Do not forget to catch a glimpse of this palace to witness the opulence in which Tripura royals once lived.


This exhaustive list of tourist spots in Agartala will help you to explore the city in its entirety. A good way to discover the city will be by opting for a suitable Agartala tour package. Offering a unique concoction of experiences, this city offers so much to discover in terms of places, culture, and picturesque beauty.

June 18, 2019


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