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Kenya Jungle Safari: Vacation into the Wild

Reading Time: 6 minutes Known to be a birthplace of Safari travel, Kenya is a world-famous inhabiting place for cheetahs, buffalos, lions, rhinoceroses, elephants, etc. There are numerous Kenya safari packages offering exciting experiences, including wildebeest migration against the breathtaking backdrop of Kilimanjaro, bush safari, camping in the national park region, game viewing, and […]

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Best Tourist Places to Visit in North India

Reading Time: 9 minutes Home to ancient kingdoms, cosmopolitan cities, scenic landscapes, lush valleys, and old towns, the northern part of India is a mystery that you have to explore at least once in your life. Nestling towns and cities with diverse yet fascinating characteristics, North India has been attracting people from different corners […]

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Tourist Places to Visit in Bijapur

Reading Time: 6 minutes The city of Bijapur, earlier known as “Vijaypura” or the city of victory was founded by the Chalukyas between the 10th and 11th centuries. The change in name occurred during the reign of the Adil Shah dynasty in the 14th century during which the city’s most treasured monuments were built. […]

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Honeymoon Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

Reading Time: 7 minutes Honeymoon, for many couples, is the most exciting and memorable trip in their life. One thing that every couple wishes for while getting married is to begin their new life on a great note, and a honeymoon done right is a good step in that direction. Celebrating love in the […]

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Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Chicago

Reading Time: 8 minutes Located in the United States, Chicago is a lively city housing some of the best tourist destinations within the USA. Interesting museums, steel skyscrapers,  Millennium Park, and the iconic Navy Pier are among the list of marvellous things that make Chicago a traveller’s delight. Known as the Windy City, Chicago […]

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Tourist Places to Visit in Brazil

Reading Time: 12 minutes Search for elusive wildlife in virgin forests and waterways in the Amazon, Pantanal or Iguazu, lose yourself in cobblestone laneways in towns of yesteryear and shake to the samba rhythms at fabulous restaurants and bars in the cities. You could also find your own paradise along the 8,000 kilometres of […]