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Cherry Blossom

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Cherry Blossom, Destination Wedding

Cherry Blossom themed Destination Wedding!

Reading Time: 6 minutes A wedding has become a vital phase in most people’s life. All of them are getting innovative every passing year. Think about the weddings you possibly attended in the last 5 years. They have completely changed in all possible ways. Every year a new hype is observed. While everyone dreams […]

Why Japan's the place to be during Cherry Blossom!
Cherry Blossom, Far East Asia, Japan

Why Japan’s the place to be during Cherry Blossom!

Reading Time: 8 minutes Time to learn some interesting Japanese words related to the Cherry Blossom Festival! There are three words that are extremely important when it comes to the Cherry Blossom Festival. First one is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers: Hanami Hana being the translation of flower The […]