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Jaisalmer Fort: Defining the Glory of Rajputana Royalty

Reading Time: 11 minutes One of the most popular tourist places in Jaisalmer is the Sonar Kella (Sonar Killa). The sandstone walls of the imposing structure tend to shine bright yellow under the radiance of the morning sun and turn into an enchanting shade of honey-gold, earning the Jaisalmer Fort the name – Sone […]

Top 10 Historical Forts to Explore in North South Goa scaled
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Top 10 Historical Forts to Explore in North & South Goa

Reading Time: 10 minutes Cover Photo by Vector Aim Probably the most popular holiday destination in India, the thought of a trip to Goa brings lazy beaches, happening parties and shacks, and nice tropical weather to top it all off. However, this is not all that Goa tour packages have to offer. While the varied […]

Allahabad Fort History Timings Architecture How to Visit
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Allahabad Fort: History, Timings, Architecture, How to Visit

Reading Time: 9 minutes Allahabad is a city with a history that can make other popular metropolitan areas blush with modesty. This is because it has been the oldest living city in the Indian subcontinent with stories that make tourists feel awe, horror, and proud all at the same time. While most people give […]

Junagarh Fort Bikaner Major Attractions and Other Details
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Junagarh Fort, Bikaner: Major Attractions and Other Details

Reading Time: 9 minutes Junagarh Fort is one of the most well-known forts in Bikaner having magnificent architecture and deep historical significance. The fort has an array of temples, museums, and palaces within it such as Karan Mahal, Anup Mahal, Phool Mahal, Chandra Mahal, and many havelis. It was called ‘Chintamani Durg’ until the […]