8 Best Sea View Hotels in Kanyakumari to Make your Stay Worthwhile

8 Best Sea View Hotels in Kanyakumari to Make your Stay Worthwhile

Reading Time: 8 minutes Kanyakumari, also known as Cape Comorin during British rule, is located at India’s southernmost tip. Kanyakumari is a consistently popular travel destination for travellers of all tastes across the world because of its extraordinary combination of natural beauty, spiritual importance, and historical relevance. This coastal town based in Tamil Nadu […]

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Kanyakumari, Resorts

Top 10 Resorts in Kanyakumari

Reading Time: 8 minutes In the southernmost tip of our country lies a town that charms every tourist who visits it. Known as Kanyakumari, this town is named after the goddess who listens to the prayers of young women for a blissful marriage. During the British Raj, it used to be known as Cape […]

8 Pristine Beaches in Kanyakumari Worth Visiting
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8 Pristine Beaches in Kanyakumari Worth Visiting

Reading Time: 9 minutes With the Cardamom Hills of the Western Ghats nearby and the Laccadive Sea on three sides, India’s southernmost tip is a true jewel. Kanyakumari is one of the most frequently visited places in south India due to its unique blend of natural features. The seashore has to be the crown […]

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10 Kanyakumari Temples You Must Visit for Worship

Reading Time: 9 minutes Kanyakumari, known by the name of Cape Comorin during British Rule, is a beautiful coastal town in the state of Tamil Nadu. This southernmost town of the Indian subcontinent has exactly the kind of geography that a travel enthusiast will love to explore. The surrounding mountains, long coastline lined with […]

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Tourist Places to Visit in Kanyakumari

Reading Time: 10 minutes Kanyakumari, a coastal town located in Tamil Nadu, is the southernmost point of the country where the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, and the Indian Ocean meet. At specific times during a year, you can see the moon rise and the sunset over the three seas simultaneously. Housing several important […]