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8 Pristine Beaches in Kanyakumari Worth Visiting

9 mins. read

With the Cardamom Hills of the Western Ghats nearby and the Laccadive Sea on three sides, India's southernmost tip is a true jewel. Kanyakumari is one of the most frequently visited places in south India due to its unique blend of natural features. The seashore has to be the crown gem of all the town's attractions - and there are plenty! Whether you like the tranquilly of a less touristy beach or the excitement of a throng, Kanyakumari's beaches provide something for everyone.

Apart from the beaches, it includes several historical structures, churches and temples in Kanyakumari and is known as Cape Comorin for its tourism sites. Kanyakumari knows how to charm its visitors, bordered by beautiful sea beaches, flanked with coconut trees and paddy fields. It's the only spot you can witness the sunset and sunrise from the same beach in the country.

8 Pristine Beaches in Kanyakumari: 

Take a look at the 8 surreal beaches in Kanyakumari and see which one appeals to you the most.

1. Kanyakumari Beach 

It is one of the most famous spots in every Kanyakumari sightseeing tour as many people gather here to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset and sunrise at the Kanyakumari Beach. It's a stunning location, with waves crashing against craggy cliffs. While it is one of Kanyakumari's greatest beaches and visited by countless people each day, don't anticipate swimming and surfing as the sea is harsh. Instead, spend time looking at the waves and wait for the sun to be gloriously set on the horizon till the evening. It is the confluence of the three major bodies of water, namely the Bay of Bengal, the Arabic Sea, and the Indian Ocean, that sets Kanyakumari Beach distinct. Painters and photographers would be able to explore their artistic side with ease. To enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and the sky, you may go up to the lighthouse.

Weather- 30 ° C

Location- The beach is 2 km from the bus station, while the Kanyakumari city centre is 3 km distant. Taxis and auto-rickshaws may be found in plenty.

Entry Fee- No entrance fee

Timings- 24 hours

2. Muttom Beach

Muttom Beach is one of Kanyakumari's most well-known beaches, it is recognised for its dramatic beauty. The picturesque is clean and beautiful, with big boulders breaking up the waves. You may climb to the top of these rocky outcrops for a magnificent view of the sea.

Weather- 30 ° C

Location- Muttom Beach is situated in the Kanyakumari district

Entry Fee- No entrance fee

Timings- 24 hours

3. Sanguthurai Beach

Sanguthurai Beach, in contrast to Kanyakumari Beach, is a pretty tranquil place and offers lots of opportunities for swimming and relaxation under the cover of trees where children's play area and food booths are also available. It is about 9 km from Nagercoil town and is notable for a large conch monument originating from the Chola period. The beautiful white sand beaches provide an ideal backdrop for the coastline. From here, you can also see the Vivekananda Rock Memorial on the Sanguthurai Beach shoreline. If you look closely, you may see a white pillar jutting from the sea at Sanguthurai Beach.

Weather-  30 ° C

Location-  Sanguthurai Beach is around 9 km from Nagercoil town.

Entry Fee- No entrance fee

Timings- 24 hours

4. Sothavilai Beach

Among the best places to visit in Kanyakumari, Sothavilai Beach happens to be one of the state's longest beaches that is located near Sanguthurai Beach and about 10 km away from Kanyakumari. It runs about four kilometres and features various places to rest and enjoy the fresh sea wind. It was one of Kanyakumari's beaches that was hit by the tsunami in 2004, although you wouldn't know it now. It has been renovated to the point that it still appears welcoming today. It lacks appropriate amenities, but if you're looking for peace, this is the place to go. The beach has shallow water in some areas, making it suitable for swimming. There's a park nearby where kids may play, as well as a tiny tower from which you can take in the scenery.

Weather-  30 ° C

Location- 10km away from Kanyakumari

Entry Fee- No entrance fee

Timings- 24 hours

5. Thengapattinam Beach 

Thengapattinam Beach is a beautiful beach with lush coconut palms. It's a popular tourist destination that may be congested during the peak of the season. To get the most out of your visit, go during the off-season. Keep in mind that you'll need to drive a long distance from Kanyakumari since it's around 50 kilometres away. It is definitely worth the visit as it is one of the most famous beaches in Kanyakumari.

The beach is where the Tamiraparani River meets the Arabian Sea, and it has a unique beauty that you won't find anywhere else. Catamarans, which are readily accessible, may be used to explore the beach in more depth. Don't forget to pay a visit to the neighbouring mosque, which is hundreds of years old.

Weather-  30 ° C

Location-  50km away from Kanyakumari

Entry Fee- No entrance fee

Timings- 24 hours

6. Hidden Twin Beach

A ravishing beachfront awaits you for a relaxing and laid back vacation in Kanyakumari. Relish the magnificent sunset view while walking barefoot and feeling the silky sand caressing your toes. The best time to visit Hidden Twin Beach is in the morning where you can meditate while the morning rays brush against your face and the cool breeze tousles your hair. This tranquil beach is close to Bhagavathy Amman Temple, and it is well worth a visit during your visit. Make sure to cover this beach if you are choosing the Kanyakumari tour package.

Weather-  30 ° C

Location-  Near Bhagavathy Amman Temple, Kanyakumari

Entry Fee- No entrance fee

Timings- 24 hours

7. Kovalam Beach

One of the most renowned beaches in South India, the iconic crescent of the Kovalam Beach is made up of three beaches separated by rocky outcroppings along Kovalam's 17-kilometre shoreline.

  • Lighthouse Beach

The southernmost beach, Lighthouse Beach, is the most popular among visitors. It was named after the ancient Vizhinjam Lighthouse, which stood 35 metres high on top of the Kurumkal hilltop. The lighthouse is made of stones, with red and white bands, and stands at a height of 118 feet. Its nighttime intermittent rays give the beach an otherworldly allure.

  • Hawa Beach

Eve's Beach, also known as Hawa Beach, ranked second as it is a hive of activity in the early morning, with fishermen going out to sea. On moonlit evenings, this beach paradise with a towering rock promontory and a tranquil bay of blue seas creates a beautiful aquarelle.

  • Samudra Beach

A segment is separated from the southern side by a huge point. Samudra Beach does not have a large number of tourists or a thriving company. This is where the local fishermen make their living.

Weather-  30 ° C

Location-  25km from Trivandrum City in Kerala

Entry Fee- No entrance fee

Timings- 5am to 10pm

8. Lemur Beach 

Located at a distance of 32km from Kanyakumari, Lemur Beach is one of the most beautiful and clean beaches. This is one of the beaches where the water from Pechiparai Dam flows in the Arabian Sea after irrigating many fields. It is one of the famous beaches for shooting movies.

Weather-  30 ° C

Location-  32 km from Kanyakumari

Entry Fee- No entrance fee

Timings- 24 hours

Beaches in Kanyakumari: Dos and Don'ts


To unfrequented beaches, bring drinks and food, as well as sun protection and a camera.


Please do not litter. On rocky beaches, avoid walking into the sea.

When it comes to magnificent beaches, Kanyakumari is one of the greatest destinations in India. Rest assured, the places we’ve recommended will live up to their reputation. Head out and enjoy the blissful vibe!

June 18, 2021


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