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Famous Festivals in the Land of Blue Mountains: Mizoram

Reading Time: 10 minutes The country with 28 states, India, is known for its rich culture, heritage, and diverse range of people. One such state situated in the northeastern part of the country is Mizoram. The Land of Blue Mountains, Mizoram encapsulates some of the most beautiful and exotic landscapes that make the state […]

A Complete Travel Guide To The Seven Sister States Of India 3
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A Complete Travel Guide to the Seven Sister States of India

Reading Time: 10 minutes Cover Photo by Matt Alex The mesmerising scenic beauty, the serene landscape, and quirky markets make northeast India a great escapade. While all the seven states have a peculiar resemblance, each one is striking in its own way. Moreover, the cultural diversity in these regions is truly impeccable. The interdependence […]

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Reasons You Should Opt for Meghalaya Sightseeing with Family

Reading Time: 9 minutes Meghalaya, the hilly state in the Northeastern region of India, is known for its breathtaking landscapes, root bridges, and rainfall. The state has plenty to offer when it comes to new and exciting experiences for tourists. Meghalaya sightseeing destinations include places that bring you close to nature and history, and […]

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Nagaland Tourism: 7 Popular Tourist Places to Visit in Nagaland

Reading Time: 9 minutes If you long for immaculate nature’s views and a tranquil abode to appreciate it, then Nagaland (also referred to as the ‘Wild East’) is the place you should visit. A north-eastern Indian state laden with scintillating valleys and hills, Nagaland hands you a mirror to witness the tribal culture that […]

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8 Places to Visit in Tawang for an Offbeat Vacation

Reading Time: 7 minutes Tawang, a quaint town in Arunachal Pradesh, offers a picture-perfect escape to every traveller. Bestowed with unique natural beauty and perched at 10,000 feet in the ranges of the Himalayas, Tawang is often referred to as the ‘New Ladakh’. A destination that offers a lot of serenity, a trip to […]

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5 Eco Resorts near Guwahati That Are Truly Underrated!

Reading Time: 6 minutes North-East is an emotion in itself, one that everyone wants to experience at least once in their lifetime. Whether it is because of the cool ambience, scenic views, cultural galas, or delicious food, the reasons are almost never-ending. Interestingly, North-East has derived its sobriquet as the Land of Seven Sisters […]