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Things To Do On Your Sunny Caribbean Getaway

Reading Time: 6 minutes Rum, cigars, music and dance are just few of the things the culture rich Caribbean Islands have to offer. Hundreds of years of colonial history has flourished, intermingled with local elements to create a unique cultural experience. From thrilling adventure to soul-soothing relaxation, gastronomic wonders to exquisite hospitality, the West […]

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Why Take a Family Trip to God’s Own Country, Kerala?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Blessed with breathtakingly beautiful backwaters, a rich assortment of flora and fauna, superb scenic beauty, green-carpeted rolling hills, and serene palm-fringed beaches, Kerala stands out as one of the finest Indian states and tourist destinations in India. Situated in the southern half of the country, this place is a big […]

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Tourist Places To Visit In Goa

Reading Time: 7 minutes Showcasing a perfect blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures, Goa is a traveler’s paradise. It is not just a party destination but a place that has plenty to calm your soul. Get sun-kissed by the beach, eat exotic seafood, sit carefree in the sand with your pals, gain spirituality, or […]

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Tourist Places To Visit In South Africa

Reading Time: 8 minutes Officially referred to as the Republic of South Africa, South Africa is one of the most exotic countries on Earth. Rich in flora and fauna, the country offers some of the most eccentric sights in the world for people to witness. Its landscape is all about dramatic coastlines, golden savannahs, […]

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Into the Wild in East Africa

Reading Time: 7 minutes While its Southern counterpart is known for its glistening beaches and modern beauty, the Eastern region of Africa is all about wildlife and nature trails. East Africa consists of three main regions – Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda – each having its own unique offering. And thanks to this newly introduced […]

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Top Places To Visit In Haridwar and Rishikesh

Reading Time: 7 minutes Haridwar and Rishikesh are fascinating in their own right, and for a multitude of reasons. As a traveler, you’ll generally associate to Haridwar as an out-and-out pilgrim destination, while Rishikesh gets viewed as a place where you can camp and go for rafting. There’s no denying that that’s true, but […]