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10 Famous Places to Eat in Amritsar That Every Foodie Must Try

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Food is one of the foremost aspects of culture and tradition when we speak of Punjab. That’s because Punjabis are known to be passionate about their lassi and sarson da saag but that’s just the popular ones. Every meal in a true Punjabi household feels like a celebration of lavish proportions.

The same spirit is endowed by the streets of Amritsar that have become pilgrimage points for foodies. This city is reputed to be amongst the most sought-after regions in the whole of Punjab where food is the apex for the local population. Owing to this, Amritsar tour packages always ensure that tourists get a taste of this city in the literal sense! History has it that Amritsari women used to prepare only rotis at home while the men brought dal, chicken curry, and other dishes from restaurants nearby. This was done because people trusted the chefs who prepared fresh food that was not expensive for the common man. This culture can still be observed across the city that has now turned into a huge metropolis with its roots intact.

Come along with us and discover the 10 best restaurants in Amritsar:

1. Marvel at vegetarian delights at Kesar Da Dhaba 

When we talk about the best places to eat in Amritsar, Kesar Da Dhaba is synonymous with this line of thought. Standing tall in one of the busy lanes near Chowk Passian, this eatery has become a tourist attraction in the city. Serving only north Indian vegetarian fare, there hasn’t been a foodie who hasn’t raved about Kesar Da Dhaba. Achieving legendary status in the city, numerous food magazines, journals, and influencers are convinced that it is, indeed, amongst the top restaurants in Amritsar even after nine decades.

If you are a don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover kind of individual, then this place is right for you. Highly recommended dishes by Panditji, who takes care of guests at this food joint, are dal makhani, malai kofta, Punjabi chole and laccha paratha.

2. Fall in love with non-vegetarian food at Beera Chicken House

Majitha Road is popular in Amritsar because the best non-veg restaurants are located here. Tourists and locals can be found walking around sparkly-eyed and drooling mouths looking for the most mouth-watering chicken and mutton dishes. Beera Chicken House, a local favourite, is situated right opposite Bhandari Hospital. The chicken tikka, keema naan, and tandoori chicken have become so popular that many travellers plan out their itinerary of places to visit Amritsar in such a way that this restaurant comes along the way. Make sure you build up an appetite before you got here!

3. Make non-vegetarian dreams come true at Crystal Restaurant 

If there is one eatery in Amritsar that has made a mark in the city in the best way possible, it is Crystal Restaurant. So much so that an entire chowk has been named after this landmark of a food joint. Located in Maharaja Ranjit Singh Nagar near Company Bagh, it is easy to spot this place. If you speak to the locals, most of them consider it to be one of the best non-veg restaurants in Amritsar.

Crystal offers a wide range of delicacies that have the finesse to them, for instance, the murg tawa frontier is a unique blend of spices that cannot be found anywhere else in the city. In the early 2000s, sizzlers were popular across all metropolitan cities in the country, however, the trend has lost its charm. But at this restaurant, these sizzling hot plates of meat and veggies continue to bring in hundreds of customers every day.

4. Turn into a pescatarian at Makhan Fish and Chicken Corner

Another treasure found at Majitha Road is a restaurant that has solely made Amritsaris crave for fish. There used to be a time when it was a small food joint, however, with its magical delicacies served round the clock, it has now transformed into an air-conditioned restaurant today. Termed as one of the top places to eat in Amritsar, Makhan’s fish dishes are simply beyond comparison. Ever heard of fish do pyaza before? We bet you haven’t! The sheer dedication to creating unique delicacies that are priced reasonably is what sets apart this restaurant.

5. Make your foodie soul happy at Kulcha Land 

Kulchas in Amritsar’s best restaurants can anyone go weak in the knees. The maida-based bread, kulcha, which is flavoured with white butter, herbs, and several spices, is one of the greatest inventions in Punjab. While there are several food places in Amritsar serving kulchas, the one that stands out is Kulcha Land. The menu at this eatery on Ranjit Avenue is very simple. They only serve two types of kulchas, namely, potato and paneer. Accompanied by a tall glass of lassi, these kulchas can make food critiques salivate! Once you have visited Kulcha Land, there’s a good chance that you will be recommending it as one of the best places to eat in Amritsar.

6. Gorge on local favourites at Surjit Food Plaza

Lawrence Road houses several famous restaurants in Amritsar, but the one that cannot be missed out on is Surjit Food Plaza. Revered as the ideal place for mutton kebabs and curries, it is a paradise for non-vegetarians and vegetarians alike. Let’s be real, if Vogue Magazine is beating the drum for a food joint, then there has to be something special about it. Preparation of tikkas at Surjit Food Plaza is very unique as they tend to cook them inside the tandoor first and then tawa-fry with spoonsful of ghee and a secret blend of species. Yes, we know that you are drooling already.

7. Try multi-cuisine delicacies at Sakhis Watz Kukin 

Vacationing in a new city often includes trying out food items that we are not used to. So, the first thing we tend to do is find authentic places to eat in. Amritsar as a city is known for its traditional foods, but there are restaurants that are serving amazing multi-cuisine fare with a touch of Amritsar in it. Sakhis Watz Kukin is a highly recommended restaurant by the locals as it offers Italian, Chinese, Afghani, and Mediterranean dishes as well.

If you are keen on enjoying deliciously prepared cheese nachos, tandoori machli, or honey chilli potatoes, this one’s for you.

8. Treat your taste buds at Grand Trunk, Taj Swarna

In the city of Amritsar, the best restaurants share a common factor - love. Every dish that is prepared by trained chefs or humble halwais, paying attention to detail is taken very seriously. Offering this sincerity along with an opulence that is unparalleled, Grand Trunk is a fine-dining restaurant situated inside Taj Swarna. Dishing out traditional food items such as aloo wadi, gobi paratha, and paneer kulchas, this luxury restaurant is worth every penny. Perhaps this is why it is part of the famous food places in Amritsar list for foodies across the globe.

9. Relish pre-independence food at Kava Grill and Lounge 

Travellers who seek the best eating places in Amritsar sometimes end up going to restaurants that are just promoted by people with limited knowledge of the city. If you ask a food connoisseur living in this city, s/he would suggest you give ‘Kava Grill and Lounge’ a go. This is mainly due to the fact that this particular fine-dining experience celebrates the love between two long lost siblings - Amritsar and Lahore. The history shared between these two cities can be witnessed on each plate of food at this luxury restaurant set inside Fairfield by Marriott. Dahi kebabs, dhaba gosht, Amritsari jalfrezi, and dal kava are the most popular dishes here.

10. Indulge your palate at Punjab Province, Hyatt Regency 

Fine-dining in Amritsar can be the best food experience if places like Punjab Provence are chosen by travellers. Nestled inside the swanky five-star hotel, Hyatt Regency, this restaurant is an undisputed pioneer in Amritsar’s list of places to eat in style. Top chefs of the country make every dish a piece of art at Punjab Provence.

For this reason, taking out some time from your hectic itinerary and unwinding at this luxury restaurant is a must. Appetisers that can make your heart race include kala kukkad, lamb chapli with anda, and paneer tikka. In the main course, trying out the Patiala rum masala raan, sarson da saag, and papad paneer ki sabzi will help you feel a sense of nirvana for sure.

Now that you are well-versed with the best restaurants in Amritsar, book your travel package and get ready to hog! Your palate is in for the treat of its life!

September 15, 2020


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