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The Journey Through The Koh Tao Island Continue
Koh Tao, Thailand

The Journey Through The Koh Tao Island Continues…

Reading Time: 13 minutes I’m pretty sure, last week we just couldn’t get enough of Koh Tao – an idyllic tropical island paradise and one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets. This week, we bring to you a sequel to Shreya Ashtekar’s story, wherein we have Tanmayi Gokhale who walks us through their Koh Tao diaries […]

My Last Trip Before Lockdown To Koh Tao Island
Koh Tao, Thailand

My Journey through the Koh Tao Island

Reading Time: 11 minutes We all have realised the value of freedom, only when we lost it completely over the last couple of months. Things that were taken for granted earlier came in the forefront and indeed made us introspect. Resultantly, we have also come to realise the importance of travel, more than ever […]