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Top 10 Places to Celebrate New Year 2020 Party in Goa

7 mins. read

Goa - one of those places in India which the entire world is crazy about. The state houses some of the best party zones where you can have a gala of a time. Quite interestingly, Goa is on everyone’s bucket list but in reality, that ‘Trip to Goa’ materializes for very few. While the aura in the state is always vibrant, the time during Christmas and New Year is not to be missed. This little state of India adorns the colours of vibrancy and vividness, the hues of white and red in all its glory. Right from the churches to the food, the richness of merry colours can be seen everywhere. So, if you are planning to spend your New Year in Goa, here are some of the best party places where you can have a blast and ring in the new year: –

1. SinQ

One of the most popular clubs and party destinations of Goa, SinQ hosts the most amazing New Year party in Goa. The club offers an adrenaline-pumping ambience, poolside cabanas, and specially curated menu for the New Year, the flavours of which will melt in your mouth. Lip-smacking, we tell you.

2. Club Cabana

One of the newest additions to the list of New Year party zones in Goa is Club Cabana. Located in the Arpora Hilltop near the Arpora Beach in North Goa, this place has been making its mark in every heart. The neon-lit nightclub, with its happening environment, offers a crazy time to its visitors. Adding to this, there is a Night Market located near the club, so before attending the party if you want to get your hands on to some quirky stuff, you can easily do so.

3. Club LPK - Love Passion Karma

Oh well, Love Passion Karma – the name itself is enough to intrigue party-goers. It is one of the most visited clubs in the North Goa area, located right next to Candolim Beach. The amazing décor, pepping ambience, and groovy music transcend you to a whole new world. The LPK, as the locals call it, throws one of the best New Year parties in Goa.

4. Baga Beach

You are in Goa for New Year celebration and you don’t go partying at Baga?! Now that would be a shame. Baga Beach is where the New Year celebrations are simply mind-blowing! The beach gets dressed up in beautiful hues of orange, red, green, etc. that gives the ambience a peppy and funky vibe. The beach hosts an extravaganza of events and shows during the last week of December with the finale of 31st December being the craziest New Year party in Goa.

 5. Leopard Valley Club

If the lively North Goa has LPK, the vivid South Goa has LVC. Well, we are referring to the Leopard Valley Club located between the Agonda and Palolem route which is yet another best party zone in Goa for New Year. Very interestingly, this club is one of the largest open-air party stadiums in India. With a 7-metre-high DJ stage, pyrotechnics, laser shows, the Leopard Valley Club is a high-octane nightclub which has a forest pit setup. Believe it or not, the Leopard Valley Club welcomes an array of visitors every single day, and those numbers just burgeon during New Year in Goa.

6. The Deltin Royale Cruise

Now, after beaches, what’s the next thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions Goa? Guess, guess? Well, it’s “the casino cruise”. Owned by The Deltin Group, the Deltin Royale mini cruise is the pride of Goa. Now wouldn’t you love to celebrate the New Year party in Goa in the embrace of the river? The casino cruise ships rule the blue waters of the Mandovi River and during the evenings when the cruise gets lit up, the sight is simply breathtaking. The Deltin Group hosts Goa’s most kickass New Year party in its most sought after cruise ‘The Deltin Royale’. You can go for special New Year packages to get a hold of the entry pass.

7. Tito’s

If there is one place that defines the meaning of what a party zone should be like, it is Tito’s nightclub. One of the oldest and most popular nightclubs in Baga, Tito’s has been a favourite shooting destination for many Bollywood movies. This place serves the most affordable alcohol in the entire Goa, even during New Year celebrations – one of the reasons why people love going here. With vibrant interiors and groovy ambience, Tito’s nightclub is where you can dance your heart out.

8. Calangute

When New Year beach parties in Goa are spoken of, Calangute beach doesn’t stay behind. This is second most sought-after beaches in the state after Baga. From adventurous activities in the morning to bang-on cultural performances in the evening, Calangute Beach will hypnotize you with its party ambience.

9. Anjuna Beach

Remember the scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Ross asks Chandler “Are you ready to Partaayyy?” Well, that’s exactly what you will ask your folks before stepping near the Anjuna beach. One of the biggest New Year parties in Goa takes place in the Anjuna Beach and it is the yearly ritual – the only thing is that it gets more awesome every year. Right from live performances by rock artists to the best DJ’s playing; Anjuna Beach satiates the party lover in you.

10. Café Lilliput

Lastly, one of the oldest restaurants in the state, the Lilliput café is yet another place that hosts one of the best New Year parties in Goa. It is located on the borders of Anjuna and is well-known for international cuisine, lively ambience, and outstanding DJ performances. In other words, Lilliput Café is one of the best places to visit in Goa at night for partying during New Year.

Goa is known as the party hub of India, and why wouldn’t it be?! The sights, the ambience, the climate, and the food during the months of December and January are so lively and vibrant that it makes everything around you jollier and merrier. So, with few days remaining to ring in the New Year, don’t forget to check out the Goa tour packages for a fun-filled New Year.

December 20, 2019


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